Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guest w/ an Excerpt :)

I’m going to let you all in on a little secret… I have an undeniable crush on the Beast. I know, it’s not much of a secret if you’ve read any of my books, but there’s just something about a tall, strong, furry man with a hint of vulnerability that does it for me. I even have a figure of the Beast that sits on the shelf beside my computer! He loves hanging out with Corin, the inspiration for my faun in Rookery Cove: Faun of a Time available from Changeling Press.

Seriously, was I the only one that was disappointed the Beast had to turn back into a human at the end? I mean, Belle fell in love with him as a Beast, yet the poor Beast had to become human to get his Happily Ever After. It kind of sucked in my opinion. Recently, my sister took me to see Beauty and the Beast performed on stage for my birthday, and we giggled the entire way through the “turning into human” part because she shares my opinion that the Beast was always better looking as a Beast!!!

As writers, we all have inspirations while we write. I know a lot of friends who can’t start writing until they’ve found the perfect picture of the hero or heroine to use as inspiration. I can’t deny it; the Beast was definitely my inspiration in writing about gorgeous Laithe and his siblings. The Felidae are a race of catpeople that are descended from an ancestor that resembled the big cats on earth. The Lion-like Leo’s rule, the Tiger-like Tigris are dangerous but solitary, the panther-like Pardus are born to be protectors, and the Lynx would prefer just to be left alone.

Felidae 1: Laithe’s Pride starts off the fun when an unknowing human runs into two furry men she can’t stop thinking about. Poor Rowan has her work cut out for her trying to decide what to do with Laithe, the burly Leo who intrigues her, and Fahd, Laithe’s black Pardus second in command who ties her up in knots… figuratively, at least for now! Laithe and Fahd have their own decision to make, since they’ve been in love with each other for years. Can these three very different people find love and a future together?

The rest of the Felidae series focuses on Laithe’s siblings and the men they fall in love with. The Pridelands series picks up where the Felidae left off and continues to tell the adventures of various other Felidae… all in their Beasty glory. The next book in the series is Pridelands 4: Griffin’s Joy which will tell the story of Joy Coleman, a completely unsuspecting woman who gets caught between two Pardus twins!

Thanks, Lucy, for letting me and my Felidae come to hang out with you! I heard a rumor that Catan, the Lynx, has a bit of a crush on you!


Felidae 1: Laithe's Pride by Jade Buchanan
Genre: Paranormal, Sci Fi
Theme: Ménage, Gay/Bisexual
Length: Novella
Price: $3.99
Rowan Brandt needs a life…

Rowan is a plain Jane and she's tired of drawing the short stick when it comes to luck and love. She needs a change of pace, but she definitely isn't expecting a seven-foot tall, fur-covered man to walk into her life. Not only does he get hair on everything, he also informs her that he will be sharing her with his pride.

Laithe Gatti needs a mate…

With males outnumbering females 10 to 1, his odds are poor that he will find her among his people, the Felidae. His pride is depending upon him to find the one woman that completes them, and the seven men are more than ready to make a few changes among the status quo… particularly when it comes to the sleeping arrangements among them.

And then there's Fahd…

Fahd has been trying to change his position in the pride for years. He has always been in love with his pride leader, but Laithe's position and Fahd's temperament ensured they could never be together.

Will the addition of the lovely Rowan change that, especially when she makes it clear that she is more than interested in having them both?


Turning, Rowan saw one of the trees in the holograph shimmer before a door suddenly appeared in its place. Sliding into the wall beside it, the door opened for a massive beast who stalked through the space into the room with her. It was the man from last night.

He was unlike anything she'd ever seen before. Standing head and shoulders above her, he looked close to seven feet tall. His entire body was covered in short, tawny hair. A thick, chocolate brown mane flared out around his head and over his shoulders before trailing a thick line down his chest. The line of dark hair ended at his belly, and Rowan quickly looked away before sliding her eyes back to glance between his legs. Blushing at the fact that she was eyeing up some stranger's package, she darted her gaze upward.

His body was long and stocky. His legs were incredibly broad, the muscles bulging in them even as he stood still. A thick tail swung with a slow swish behind his legs, the tufted end resting on the floor between the heavy pads of his feet. Rowan moved her gaze up his long length, stopping to run her eyes over his thick powerful arms and hands -- paws? -- that looked more like human hands than the animal he resembled. His fingers were long and tipped with short, black nails.

His head reminded her of a cat's. His amber eyes were set back amidst the fur on his face. His nose was wide and topped off by a spot of pink. The fur around his muzzle lightened, making it look like he had a white beard. His long, thin whiskers twitched before he advanced into the room.

He moved at a snail's pace, stepping carefully when he neared her. Almost as if he was afraid of scaring her. Rowan knew she should be terrified, but she was so fascinated by him she was frozen in place.

“Forgive me, Nawra. I did not have any choice but to stun you. I was afraid the journey back to our ship would have been a poor one for you and I did not want you to be sick.”

Rowan stared up at the talking cat man. He can talk? She didn't realize she'd said the words out loud until he answered her.

“Of course I can talk, Nawra. Are you feeling any effects from the stun?”

“You mean besides the fact that I'm standing in a room that can't possibly exist, talking to a cat? No, I think I'm just hunky dory, thanks. Wait, how is it possible that I can understand you. What, you talking cat people actually speak English?”

"We all have translators inserted into our heads when we are young, so we can communicate with any other species we encounter in our travels. It allows us to speak your language to you.” He paused. His tail started to jerk, swinging back and forth while he drew closer to her. “We tried to get you out as soon as we could. You must believe me.”

The look he gave her was so beseeching she felt her heart turn over once before settling back in her chest. She couldn't figure out how she was able to discern any expression amongst all that hair. The only thing she could see was his eyes, but -- wait a minute -- his eyes… those eyes…

“You… I… I know you…” Rowan stepped closer to the giant, lifting a trembling hand to place it against the fur on his face. Looking into his deep, amber eyes, she felt an unbelievable pull toward him. She was compelled to move closer to him, which was utterly crazy! She was positive she'd never met him before.

He remained silent, unmoving, while she ran a slow hand down his face. Reaching up again, she placed her fingers against the fine, silky hairs covering his nose. When she ran a thumb down his nose, he drew in a deep breath, letting it out with a rumbling purr. His ears swiveled toward her as he pushed into her touch.

Rowan giggled at the chuffing sound coming from his barrel chest. It wasn't at all like a cat's purr. It was louder, but he only purred when he exhaled, making her hand tingle from the force of the vibration.

Moving her other hand up, Rowan fisted it in his mane, feeling how soft the hair was. She wove her fingers through it, reaching in to cup the back of his head when he leaned down to allow her room to touch him. A curious melting in her stomach alerted her to the fact that she found the silky threads to be incredibly erotic to the touch. This can't be happening. He wasn't even human. Yet she couldn't catch her breath when he rubbed his head against her hand.

Rowan couldn't figure out if this was actually happening or if it was just a dream, but if it was a dream, then no harm could come to her. If it was reality, then there wasn't much she could do anyway. She could only hope that he wouldn't hurt her. But for some reason, she didn't fear him. Looking into his eyes, a switch flipped somewhere in her mind and she knew he wouldn't hurt her.

“I would never hurt you, Nawra. You must believe that.”

“What does that mean? That word you keep calling me. Wait, how did you know that was what I was thinking about?”

He pushed his face into her palm again, batting his head against the hand that had stopped moving.

“Your face is incredibly expressive, Nawra. It is very easy to tell what thoughts are running through your head.” He shifted his eyes down while he spoke. Somehow, the words didn't quite ring true, but she shook off the feeling that he was hiding something more.

“The nawra flower grows in the fields by my home. They are beautiful and possess the most wonderful scent. When you walk among the grasslands the little nawra flowers are hidden until you press against them. Then they release their fragrance and bewitch you with their smell.”

“Oh.” Rowan couldn't breathe when she looked up at his face. Her heart pounded in her chest.

“May I touch you?” The question was accompanied by another hard press of his head into her hands.

“O-okay,” she whispered.

He crowded her backward until her thighs hit the edge of the bed. Lifting both her arms, he methodically raised them, keeping his gaze on her face. When he pulled her into his body, she gasped at his strength. His entire body was corded with muscle. It was like hugging a wall.


flchen1 said...

Jade, I sort of felt that way about the Beast, too! He was a bit of a let-down in human form ;) Thanks for blogging today, and for the yummy excerpts!

Amy said...

The Beast is one of my favorite characters as well. I really enjoyed reading the excerpt.

Jade Buchanan said...

Thanks to you both! I don't know what it was, but I was seriously dissapointed when the Beast had to change. Maybe it's because you end up falling in love with him in all his Beastly glory throughout the movie only to realize that he must change back to human to have his true love.

I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt!!


Brandy said...

Beauty and the Beast was always my favorite. The Beast, well, I always felt bad that he had to change back as well.

Jade Buchanan said...

Beauty and the Beast is definitely one of my favorites, as well, it's such an amazing romance tale :)


Jane said...

I love Beauty and the Beast, too. I thought the gruff demeanor of Beast was pretty sexy.

Melinda Barron said...

Beauty and the Beast has always been one of my favorites. I love watching the tortured hero find his way in life, with the heroine's help, of course.
And of course I love Jade's books, too! Good job.

Stacy~ said...

Oh, it's so nice to know I'm not the only one who felt that way about the Beast. Here Belle connects with a dynamic and alpha male, gruff yet vulnerable, only to have him turn into a milksop. I much preferred the Beast. At least he was real.

Lucy Monroe said...

Oh, yes! Jade was the first author that identified that issue outright and verbalized what I'd always felt. I loved the beast. :)

Catan's story is my favorite of the series, though I love them all - so um, he can have a crush any old time he wants. LOLOL

Sorry it took me so long to check in and get the final pictures up. We just got home from a night away as a family and the hotel's computer was WONKY!!!


Cryna said...

I always loved the Beast just the way he was and was disappointed that he turned human. It is one of my all time favourrites of the stories.

Thanks for sharing your stories and excerpts with us Jade.

Jade Buchanan said...

LOL, thanks for the comments Jane, Cryna and Stacy!

Mel, you're definitely right. The Beast wouldn't be half as great if it hadn't been for Belle believing in him. Thanks for the sweet words :)

Lucy, I'm still tickled that you read my books so thank you thank you thank you!!

I honestly think Kate Douglas' anthropomorphic lions were what attracted me to the idea of a Beast-like catman in an erotic romance. Of course, Stephanie Burke did it extremely well, and there have been one or two others.

I think the Beast is just a universal hero, whether you prefer him more as a human or a beast. He's romantic, tortured, redeemable. Perfect hero material!

Good to know I'm not the only Beauty and the Beast lover out there(ummm... in a completely non-weird way LOL!)


Caffey said...

Hi Jade!! That beast is adorable :) Maybe not the best word for him! But cute! I love reading a bunch of different beasts, like those that shapeshift too! Its been forever since I seen Beauty and The Beast and wished I still had that huge book of Fairy Tales but i do remember when he had to change back!

How many books do you have in the Felidae series? I enjoyed this one and I bet I missed lots!

Is there any other fairy tale stories that the theme of or similar you'd like to write? I was once reading about Grimm's Fairy Tales and one of my favorites were The Seven Ravens. They all brothers and a curse and all. Its a short story, but loved reading those and of course loved Cinderella.

Jade Buchanan said...

Thank you so much Caffey! I'm so glad I tempted you with Laithe's Pride. There are actually five novella's in the Felidae series, all revolving around Laithe and his brothers. Rowan, Laithe and Fahd are revisited in Rowan's Men, a short story that came out at Christmas and Rowan has a little surprise in store for her men!!

The Felidae are continued in the Pridelands series, which features a few familiar characters from Laithe's family but mostly introduces a whole new set of catmen and women :)

I admit shapeshifters have always been a huge fascination of mine. I love the idea of being able to change into something entirely different. I have a few werewolf stories I've penned, and of course, I have a quirky sense of humor so you know they aren't going to be normal werewolf type stories LOL! My last werewolf book paired a big bad wolf with a shy little tabby cat shifter. It's available right now at Aspen Mountain Press and is called Del Fantasma: Black Wolf.

Hmmm... good question about the fairy tales. I used to love the Little Mermaid, and Cinderella was definitely a great read!! Loved that one. Maybe I'll have to go back to a few of my childhood books and see if I find something I can write about next :) Maybe a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Jade-style is in order!!