Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thinking Thursday

There's a mouse in my house and her name is M2B. I was shopping the other day and walked by a display of Cheez-Its. They were on sale, so I bought four boxes. (Yes, with as many teens living in my house as I have, I always buy more than one of anything!) So, last night, I'm craving a Cheez-It (or two) and ask my son to bring me some. Only he can't find any but the oversized crackers I bought for cheese and cracker trays. I'm thinking the teens must have loved the Cheez-Its. I was right...obout the pregnant one anyway. LOL

Hubcap and I bought a new bed to celebrate our 20th Anniversary and gave our current bed to M2B (she's been begging us for it for almost a year - dropped several heavy hints about us buying a new bed ::wink::). Hubcap is moving the beds around and what does he find in M2B's room? Nothing but multiple boxes of crackers, the Cheez-Its included. I guess we all know what my darling pregnant daughter has been craving. LOL

We all know you don't have to be pregnant to crave certain types of food. What's your weirdest or most common craving?


Amy said...

I have never been pregnant and I really don't have any weird food cravings. I do crave sweets etc.. but I do have a weird thing when eating my food. I put the different food on my plate but only eat one item at a time until it is completely gone and then I move to the next item. Saving my favorite item for last.

Bunny B said...

I'm always craving for Japanese food or Thai cuisine! Yum!! :)

Kate Davies said...

Hmmmm... nothing current, if you don't count chocolate (which is pretty much a constant in my life) -- but when I was pregnant, I had a different craving with each child. Child #1, it was red meat. Steak, hamburger, didn't matter. Child #2, KFC mashed potatoes and gravy. And Child #3, anything sweet.

robynl said...

my constant craving is for plain potato chips with Kraft Dill Pickle Dip. Love it!!!! I also love sweets and I crave pasta often.

Stacy~ said...

Never been pregnant, and I can't think of any really weird food, but I love Baja Fresh's chips w/ black beans. I could eat that at every meal.

Cryna said...

I have no really weird cravings that I can think of, even when I was pregnant. But M&M Peanuts are not safe around me, doesn't matter how small or big the bag is - they are gone when left around

flchen1 said...

I usually enjoy a good burger or steak, but REALLY enjoyed them while pregnant. And oddly, I usually LOVE chocolate but while I was pregnant, it didn't do a thing for me. Afterwards was a whole different story though :)

Jane said...

When it's that time of the month, I crave chocolate and potato chips.

Brandy said...

When I was pregnant with my Daughter I craved mashed potatos and gravy from KFC. And strawberries. Guess who loves those? *G*
When I was pregnant with my Son I craved hamburgers constantly. Guess who won't TOUCH meat? *G*

Lately I have been craving salads. I think it's because the weather is warming up. *G*

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Amy, my baby sister does the exact same thing and I tease her, 'cuz what if she gets full before her favorite food?, I love Thai food, but my son is a much bigger fan of Japanese food than I.

Kate...chocolate? Definitely, that's an any time craving.

Robyn...I've never tried that dip, it sounds yummy. Wonder if my local grocers carries it?

Stacy...isn't Baja Fresh's food fantastic? I was so glad when one opened up fairly close to my house. and me, babe. I'm also a total fiend for the Almond M&Ms.

Flchen...I gave up chocolate for both pregnancies because of the caffeine content. Man, did I love the box of Signature Whitman's my hubby brought to the room after delivery both times. LOL

Jane...I have exactly the same cravings. I've always wondered if it was that endorphin thing with chocolate, but I don't understand the potato chip thing. :)

Oooh, Brandy...doesn't Asian chicken salad sound good right now? Hubcap ordered me one from Jack-in-the-Box for lunch, but they forgot to put it in the bag with everyone else's food. Aargh!

Hugs to you all!

Judy F said...

Never been pregnant but do have times when I am on a food kick. Lately its been double stuff Oreos. LOL

And I am in love with the Deluxe Buritto from Skyline Chili... Yummy.

How much longer does M2b have?

Susan said...

I have never been pregnant but I when I have a cravening it is always for something with salt. Usually I reach for Frito's Original Corn Chips.