Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thinking Thursday - Indiana Jones: Behind the Fedora

Nothing uber deep today - just some fun. :)

I thought this was hysterical - for fans of Indiana Jones and those disappointed by the latest installment in his adventures, maybe this explains it. LOL

And this gentleman has written a FanFic of Indiana Jones - perhaps you'll enjoy it more than the movie - maybe it will just make you want to see the movie more? I haven't read it, but he commented on a review of the latest IJ that he enjoyed the movie for what it was, but if someone wanted a better story - they could write it - which is what he'd done. Loved his can-do attitude, even if the world of FanFic isn't a place I visit often. :)

And one final vid that is too adorable for words, not to mention funny!

Maybe you have to have geek tendencies like me, but I found both videos particularly entertaining. I was just in the mood to smile today. I hope you are too!

And so we have something to chat about - what makes *you* smile?




chrisfiore5 said...

Hello Lucy,

Thank you for the link to my site. Writing Indiana Jones and the Dance of Aldebaran was great fun for me and it is always nice to find an appreciative audience for your work.

I hope all is well with you and I hope you have continued success in all your endeavors, especially writing.

Hope to see you again soon.


Amy said...

Hi Lucy, I loved both video's. Thanks for sharing them

Different things make me smile. Watching my pets play, watching my nieces, books, movies etc....

Brandy said...

My Son absolutely loved the 2nd video! Too, too cute!
As for what makes me smile? A good book, my kids, my kitties and my hubs. And I won't say I don't smile whenever we visit my favorite bakery. *G*
Have a wonderful day!

Cryna said...

Loved both videos Lucy, thanks for the smiles.

I am going to wait until Indiana Jones comes out on DVD before seeing it, which is what I normally do with movies.

As for what makes me smile - there are lots of things, a good book, a blog, a joke or some incident shared with friends.

Stacy~ said...

As someone who's seen (and didn't like) the latest IJ movie, I found this very amusing. I wish it could make up for the disappointment I felt in watching it on the big screen.

flchen1 said...

Just to be shallow, seeing my name in the title of your post made me smile ;) And my kids loved watching the Lego Indy video :)

limecello said...

Hi Lucy,
Hehe - fun post. One thing that makes me smile is lolcats -

Lucy Monroe said...

You bet, Chris. :)

Amy - oh, me's the regular stuff in life that brings ongoing joy, yes?

Brandy - I know I've said it before, but you are definitely a woman after my own heart. :) And my son loved the second video too - and he's 17! LOL

Flchen1 - LOL Not shallow at all. :)

Limecello - Hubcap and Noob both love the LOLCATS. I need to visit the website. Thanks for posting it. :)