Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Teaser Tuesday - Name that Book

Hey, Peeps...as LF would say. :)

You all did so well last time, I thought we'd have a little fun again and do a NAME THAT BOOK teaser. You're hint? This is a picture of the heroine's namesake (the one in front) on the catwalk during a bridal show.

So, here's the teaser:

She was halfway down the catwalk when her gaze snagged on a pair of green eyes. The color of new grass, they were set in a face as hard as granite and as sexy as sin.

The look in those eyes caught her as effectively as if the man’s hands had closed over her shoulders and halted her mid-step. She did in fact stop, her body freezing with a blast of sensations totally alien to her. Sensations that belied every one of the nasty headlines.

Her pause lasted only a second, but she felt the first blush she’d had in years crawling hotly up her skin.

The man’s thin lips quirked in a knowing smile.

Obviously aware that he was the cause of her hesitation, his expression reflected a mixture of mocking humor and blatant male approval.

She’d spent years learning to ignore the masculine admiration her body elicited. For her, the perfectly proportioned curves were a tool of her trade, nothing more, but this man’s look went zinging to the very heart of her.

Frissons of awareness skittered along her nerve endings, leaving goose bumps of sensation in unlikely places.

She stopped at the end of the stage, which happened to be right in front of his table while two other models wearing eveningwear came down the catwalk to flank her.

His eyes flared with pleasure as she stood in a mannequin still pose before him and his dark blonde head tilted slightly, as if he was adjusting his angle to look at her better.

An electric current vibrated across the space between them, inexorably connecting them.

Unbelievably, her nipples grew hard and her breasts felt tight while her thighs trembled with the effort it took to maintain her pose.

She’d never reacted during a show this way. Not ever.

Only years of practice and discipline made it possible for her to move through her choreographed routine with the other two models. However, no matter which direction she turned, she felt that amazing connection.

It was scary.


I'll draw a winner from the comments on this post to receive the book. :) And if you already have it? You can do a book of choice instead.


anne said...

Merry Christmas baby! What a great excerpt and I can just picture it.

Brandy said...

The excerpt is from Silver Bella a short in the anthology 'Merry Christmas, Baby'.
I loved this story and have the wonderful book on my keeper shelf! *G*

robynl said...

Merry Christmas, Baby with Silver Bella.
I, too, love the excerpt teaser.

Jane said...

It's from "Silver Bella" from Merry Christmas, Baby.

Amy said...

Yep it is Jake and Bella from Silver Bella in the Merry Christmas anthology. One of my favorites

Lucy Monroe said...

You are all so right...does anyone know who Bella's namesake is? I'll give you a hint, we are related. :)

Cryna said...

This is from the anthology Merry Christmas Baby and is Jake and Bella's story from Silver Bella. I loved the story and remember it so clearly.

Amy said...

I have no idea who Bella's name sake is. Could it be one of your sisters?

lidia said...


Bella's namesake if one of your "darling daughter's."

Lidia :-)

Lucy Monroe said...

You are absolutely right, Lidia. And if you click on the picture so you can see the larger version, you will also see my other daughter standing in the back of the line on the runway (this was pre-pregnancy of course). LOL

And Lidia - did you see my teaser from last week? I think you'll recognize the name of my secondary hero for this book. Once you read it, you're going to find several names familiar. :)

Cryna said...

Hi Lucy

I see that we posted at the same time earlier.

I thought that it was M2B which was the namesake.

Cryna said...

Okay Lucy, I seem to be one step behind you here, our timing is the same...........LOL

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Cryna...it's DQ. :)

Virginia said...

Great excerpt, it was from Merry Christmas Baby. I haven't read the book but would love to.

Stefanie said...

It's Bella from Merry Christmas Baby!!
Great excerpt.:D

limecello said...

LOL Yay - this one I not only knew ass soon as I began reading, but I knew the book and title too! "Silver Bella" from Merry Christmas, Baby. :) Loved it. And how it ties with Ready, Willing, and Able!

Lucy Monroe said...

Okay...so, our winner is...Stephanie! You can thank DQ for drawing your name. :) Just email me off my website with your info and if you want MCB, or a different book.

Thanks, everyone, for participating!