Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Teaser Tuesday - Meagan's Chance

I thought it only fitting that since it is Release Day for the print edition of my LC Monroe Christian romance, Meagan's Chance, I post an excerpt from it. But to make it extra-special :), I'm posting an excerpt that can't be found anywhere else on the web.

Meagan's Chance
An LC Monroe contemporary Christian romance
2008 EPPIE Winner
Samhain Publishing - May 27, 2008
Print Release

Can a free-spirited woman teach an uptight professor what he needs to know about love and faith—outside the classroom?

The perfectly manicured lawn stretched out invitingly. Slipping off her sandals, Meagan rubbed her toes into the lush green grass. Where were Jason and Mandy? Had Adam told them she was staying? She searched the yard, looking for them. Maybe they were playing with their water blasters in the front yard. Jason said there were better trees to hide behind in the front. Smiling to herself, Meagan wandered around the house. She didn't see them, but the barkdust flowerbeds caught her attention.
Something was missing.
There were no flowers in the beds.
Meagan went in search of Adam. She tracked him and the children down in the barn. He was busy talking to the farm manager and Jason and Mandy were busy talking to the cow. Meagan laughed.
Adam stiffened and whipped his head around. Catching his eye, she motioned that she'd like to talk to him. He nodded and turned back to the farm manager. After another brief spate of conversation, Adam dismissed the other man. Jason and Mandy abandoned the cow.
"Miss Meagan, Daddy said you're staying!" Mandy hugged her fiercely.
Hugging her back, Meagan agreed. "Yep. I'm staying. I'm going to teach you and take care of you and maybe even squeeze a little fun in there somewhere."
Adam raised his brows. "Are you sure there will be time for fun with my exacting schedule?"
"I'm creative. I'll manage." She winked at him. Her heart constricted when he winked back. She almost forgot what she wanted.
"I looked over the curriculum and I'll need some things for class tomorrow."
"Sure. Whatever you need."
"Great. Where's the closest nursery?"
Adam's eyes widened. "What exactly is it that you need?"
She shifted her glance to Jason. He was petting the cow. "Oh, just a few seedlings. They're for science."
"I'll take you. I have to drop the children off for a birthday party and then we can go."
"Why don't you just give me directions? I don't want to impose on your time." And she wasn't sure she wanted Adam along to question her purchases either.
"It wouldn't be an imposition at all. Besides, I don't want to risk you getting lost and ending up as someone else's nanny."
Meagan felt her face heating. "I'm sure I can find my way, provided you give better directions than Jake."
"I can't guarantee it, so I'll just have to take you. Can you be ready in fifteen minutes?"
Defeated, Meagan nodded.
The nursery exceeded Meagan's expectations. Grower's tables full of seedlings stretched at least fifty feet to the back wall. Above them hung baskets of blooming fuchsias in purple, white and magenta. One entire wall was covered with rose bushes in two-gallon buckets. Meagan was drawn to their heady fragrance. Putting her hand out, she caressed one velvet crimson petal.
"They're beautiful."
"Yes. They are." Adam's voice so close to her ear, he startled her. She looked up and was arrested by the way he intently gazed at the roses. "I wanted to plant roses along the front of the house. They were my mother's favorite flower."
"Why don't you?"
Adam cleared his throat and said something she couldn't quite hear.
"What did you say?"
"I said, I don't know how."
"But, Adam, you're a farmer. It shouldn't be that much of a stretch to grow roses."
"I'm not a farmer. I'm a math professor."
"The semantics are not important. You live on a working farm, you're a farmer."
"I don’t know anything about farming. That's why I hired Eduardo."
"I don't understand. Why did you buy a farm when you know nothing about farming?"
"For Mandy and Jason." He turned away, but not before she saw the look of pain in his eyes. "I wanted them to have an environment they could explore and experience while growing up. They need room to run and play without their next door neighbor hearing every time they flush the toilet."
Adam's voice had take on a bitter edge.
"Did you grow up in an apartment?"
He grimaced. "You could say that."
She remained silent, waiting for him to go on.
"I grew up in a series of dingy, run-down buildings. Half the time our hot water didn't work, or the heat, you get my drift."
Meagan ached for the child Adam had been. "It must have been tough, but you've given Jason and Mandy a wonderful environment to grow up in."
"There's no reason you can't have the roses now. I'll teach you all you need to know. I'll even help you plant them."
"You don't have to do that, Meagan. Gardening is not in your job description."
"I'll consider it one of my perks."
Adam turned his intense gaze to her. "It's my turn to ask a question."
"Ask away."
"How did you take care of your garden working sixty hours a week?"
Meagan turned back to the roses, bending down to sniff a large yellow blossom. "The garden went with the house and the house went to Brian."
"You can't be serious. What judge in his right mind would award Brian the house when he was caught in adultery?" Adam's voice was harsh with anger.
"The judge didn't award him the house. I gave it to him. He needed the room for his new family." Would Adam understand, or would he question her sanity like her family had?
Meagan felt the gentle pressure of Adam's hand on her shoulder, pulling her back around to face him. He placed his finger under her chin and lifted until her eyes met his. Their warm brown depths were void of condemnation and filled with sympathy.
"You did it for the child, didn't you?"
He let her go. "You have a very tender heart." Adam didn't say it like her family did, like it was a weakness. Adam made her tender heart sound like a strength. Meagan smiled.
"Okay, about those rose bushes."
They finally agreed on ten plants after a vigorous argument. Adam wanted them all to be the same color for uniformity. Meagan thought a rainbow of colors would look prettier. They compromised by choosing three of the crimson roses, three Queen Elizabeth's which were a lovely soft shade of pink and four plants with white blooms. Adam wasn't thrilled, but he had agreed after Meagan reminded him that she was the expert on roses.
Adam didn't exactly stomp off to arrange delivery of the new bushes, but he came close. She wanted to laugh. She headed toward a grower's table heavy with petunia seedlings in every imaginable shade. They would be perfect for the science class she planned tomorrow. Carefully examining each plant, Meagan had selected twenty by the time Adam returned.
"What are all of these for?"
Adam wasn't done being angry that she'd dared to disagree with him over the rose bushes. "Our science class tomorrow. We're doing a lesson on plants."
"You may not have noticed, but you only have two students."
Adam's sarcastic tone grated on Meagan's nerves. "Of course I noticed, but I want to do things right."
"I see." His tone of voice said that he clearly didn't. "Wouldn't vegetables have more long term teaching potential?"
"Not necessarily. Besides, if we need to study the growth habits of vegetables, we have acres of corn."
"Yes. Right. It looks like I'll have to get something to put these in."
Meagan wanted to laugh. He was definitely used to getting his own way. It was time he learned more about variety and compromise. Adam had the look of a man whose carefully laid plans were crumbling around his feet.
He hadn't seen anything yet.


Stacy~ said...

I've been waiting for the print version! Woo hoo, today's the day :)

Amy said...

I am thrilled that Megan's Chance is finally in print. I have the ebook version but it gives me a headach to read on the computer for a long period of time so I have only read it once. I am ready to get my print copy so I can re-read it

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks to both of you! I'm pretty jazzed about the print release myself. LOL Now, my mom can read it. :)

Cryna said...

Loved the excerpt and trailer. I have the ebook version and just loved the story. Looking forward to getting the print book. I hope that the sales of this just rock!!


Virginia said...

Great excerpt, I have not read the books, but it sounds like a great read.