Saturday, May 24, 2008

Serial Saturday

Man...I want to do a scene connected to my next Brava, but it's not even out until January '09, so the scene won't make any sense. Aargh! LOL

Maybe it's time to start the online serial?


Jenna scooted deeper into the corner shadows as an ale tankard slammed into the wall not three inches from her head. The hour grew late and the pub's patrons, a tough lot to begin with, had grown rowdy with drink. She desperately wanted to leave, but had nowhere to go. Nowhere anyone would accept her for who and what she was.

The door to the pub crashed against the wall, drawing the attention of every person inside - from drunken, brawling patron to the slatternly barkeep. Dark outside and barely more lit by the meager candles in the cheap pub, even she could not make out the features of the man who stood in the doorway, but she had no problem discerning his size.


A giant, he had to duck under the doorframe while his broud shoulders brushed it on both sides as he entered.

Who was he? Why had he come?

He tilted his if sniffing, but how he could smell anything in this dank place filled with unwashed bodies, she could not imagine. She was grateful that her extra senses, those spurred by her animal side - the side that had her running from all that she'd ever known - gave her better eye-sight, but not an improved ability to smell.

The big man made his way through the other patrons, ignoring them as if they did not exist. If she did not know better, she would think he was headed toward her. But that would be rediculous. No one here knew her. She had nothing of value to steal.

Nevertheless, he stopped mere inches from her, his body blocking out those around them, his scent something amazing - making her lean toward him without realizing what she was doing.

A huge hand landed on her shoulder. "I've come for you, boy."

The realization that he had not seen through her disguise was her last coherant thought as the world around her went black.


What do you think? Should I keep going? Anybody have a clue what world these might inhabit?


Chantal said...

Yes, do keep going!
I get a Children of the Moon vibe.

Kate Davies said...

Chantal, I thought exactly the same thing! Dare we hope? :)

And yes, Lucy, keep going!

Amy said...

I agree, It sounds like part of the Children of the moon. Please keep going, I can hardly wait to see what comes next!

Brandy said...

Oooh, more! More! *G* It does indeed sound like a Children of the Moon story.

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL You all are too smart! I'm glad you are enjoying the story. :)

Chantal, it's great to see you here! You've been missed. :)

Mega hugs to all,

Who is getting ready to sweep Hubcap off for an all day celebration of his birthday - doing all his favorite things (the kids will be there - stop thinking I meant *that*). LOL

Judy F said...

Pretty Please continue.....

Oh Children of the moon. I can't wait

Amy said...

Lucy, After you finish the online sserial are you going to put a link to it up on your website so we can go back and re-read the entire story at one time?

Cryna said...

I would like to see you continue with the story. It has ones heart pounding already....which is good.

Hope you had a good time with hubcap in celebrating his birthday.

Jane said...

Keep them coming.

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks, everyone!

Amy - I can't honestly say. It could be that I'll end up expanding it and selling it as a novella, or not. I'm not even sure how long it's going to be, but I do know I'll finish it. :)

Lettetia said...

Please, please continue, now that you have teased us relentlessly. I can't wait to see where this goes...

Love ya!