Saturday, May 31, 2008

Serial Saturday - Part 2

Marek lifted the little thing and threw the "boy" over his shoulder, before turning to leave the tavern. She'd looked like a boy from several feet away. Hell, she looked like one close up - with her hair cut in a way no woman with any vanity would do and wearing woolen breeches fit for a stablelad. But as soon as Marek had scented her and her alone, he'd known that scent was not of a male. Not even close.

One slovenly and clearly drunk human lurched to his feet. "Here now, you ain't going to take the tasty morsel and keep him fer yourself, are you?"

Marek's only answer was a snarl.

The drunk's eyes widened but he didn't get out of the bigger man's way. "That ain't right. We could all have us some fun here tonight."

Fury at the idiot's words rushed through Marek, tempting him to make the change and rip out the bastard's throat. Only the presence of the small burden on his shoulder stopped him. He had to get the "boy" to safety.

That didn't mean he had to resort to words like a human man might. Marek was a male of action, not verbosity. He backhanded the drunk, sending him flying into a nearby table, causing curses and shouts to errupt. He ignored them all and swept out of the tavern, his grip firmly on the thighs of his captive.

A stallion, the color of the obsidian and tall enough that most men would need a ladder to mount him, stood outside the pub. Marek jumped onto his back with no effort before sliding the wee shifter from his shoulder to his lap, and then kneeing the horse into movement.

What would the pack think of this latest acquisition?


Michelle B said...

Serial stories are such a test of my patience! I missed the first installment and had to go back and read it, but I can't wait for the next part! I just have to be patient :-)

Chantal said...

Ohhhh, Marek sounds yummy! I love big Hero's like that.

It's torture having to wait another whole week for the next installment.

Amy said...

Oh, this is so good. Like Chantel I love the big strapping Alpha heros. I can hardly wait until next week.

Jane said...

Marek is my kind of hero.

Cryna said...

This serial is so good, and I so want to know what happens. I am like the rest, these try your patience, and as those who know me know I am not a patient

Thanks for another part - Lucy.

limecello said...

Whoops! My comment got lost! I love this- but like everyone else, I'm so impatient. :X

Brandy said...

Again I type, More, More, More! *G* Love the serial, again. Thanks Lucy.

Susan said...

I'm loving this! Could you send Marek to my house when you aren't busy with him? ;-)

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks! Sorry to be a tease, but I'm writing as I go. :)