Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Vid for my Royal Brides

So, what do you all think?


Amy said...

Hay Lucy, I love the trailer.
I just finished reading The Sheikh's Secretary Mistress this past week. It was fantastic but no surprise there, all your books are wonderful. The chemistry between Amir and Grace was sizzling. It was great hearing about Jade and Khalil. Now please tell me you have plans to write Zahir's story!!!
I loved the dedication you put in the front of the book. (I won't tell what it is because I know not everyone has the book yet) But I will say, We all feel the same way about you.

Cryna said...

Hi Lucy

I like your trailer, and it makes you want to pick up the books and find out more about the couples. Great job.

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks, Amy! I do hope to write Zahir's story - maybe for 2010 - as my 2009 books are already plotted and approaching finished. :)

Thanks, Cryna! I thought COS did an amazing job!

Denysé said...

This is wonderful, Lucy!! LOVE the pulsing, funky music, too... really grabs the senses on all levels. Of course, the books are going to be superb - you've written them, after all!! If you want me to post this to my sites, I'd love to!!

Love & Hugs,
always ~~ Denyse

Lucy Monroe said... are always so supportive and it's such a blessing! I'd love it if you posted the vid to your site and you know if you've got one you want to share - I'm always happy to reciprocate. :) Happy belated birthday, by the way!

Denysé said...

Hi again, Lucy. Thank you for the birthday wishes, from my heart. I've posted the new vid on MySpace, and it's currently the top post on my blog. I'm sending it to my webmaster, too, so it will soon be on my official site with the other one we put there for you!! Always happy to help and spread the word - I posted to a number of lists today, as well, telling everyone to check out the trailer!!

The only trailer I have for anything is the one for my fantasy novel, As Fate Decrees, and it's a beauty, but not really so much romance as the Greek Mythological fantasy angle of the Eternal Champion. It's very cool to see it in the bookstore, though, I have to admit!!

Much Love to you,
BIG hugs, too~~

Jane said...

I love the trailer and I really like the song. Who sings it?

Lucy Monroe said...

I like the song too...but I don't know who sings it. The designer picked it out from the music they have rights to use. :)