Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Website :)

I just did some updates to my website and sent some others off to my designers to accomplish. I was wondering if you feel like browsing a bit? Just check around my website for dead links or glaring errors and post them here. I've got a lollipop and signed bookmark for everyone who finds an error.

Then, in a couple of days, I'll draw a name from all the comments to this post and that winner will receive a book of choice from me. :)

Speaking of winners, DQ told me she has posted the winner to the comment section on her blog. I'm still waiting to hear from the lucky poster. :)

Hugs and thanks!

Lucy :)


Amy said...

Lucy, for some reason DQ's post about the winner is not showing up.

Amy said...

I did a quick look around the website. I found a couple of things.

1. Under Frequently asked questions no matter which option you clique on it takes you back to the main page of the site

2. Under Articles for writers when the post ON GOOD WRITING is cliqued on it show's Susan Andersons of Settings: An Interview

:Candice: said...

So the websites looking good and although I won't get a lollipop, I couldn't really find anything wrong. And The Spy cover is sooo yummmmmmmmmmy ;)

Jane said...

I did some browsing and I haven't seen any errors.

Cryna said...

Hi Lucy

I did a quick look around the website, and I think Amy has nailed the two things I could come up with. Things look great. Amy did a great job of tracking things.....**smiling**

Connie said...

I went to the Upcoming Releases, Recent Releases and some of the Complete Book List. I found some links that didn't work from the review sections. I hope you wanted these as well.

*Ready - We Write Romance Reviews, Blue Ribbon Reviews, Cataromance Reviews & Janice Maynard

*Willing - Blue Ribbon Reviews (both links)

*And Able - Blue Ribbon Reviews, & Romance Reviews Today

*Annabelle's Courtship - Joyfully Reviewed

*Miss Fix-It - JT Schultz

*Three Brides for Three Bad Boys - Romance Reviews Today, Romance Junkies & Cataromance

*The Greek Tycoon's Ultimatum - Alane's complete review, Dawn's complete review, Sondrea's complete review & Tracey's complete review

*The Sicilian's Marriage Arrangement - Blue Ribbon Reviews & Cataromance Reviews

*Blackmailed Into Marriage - Blue Ribbon Reviews, Cataromance Reviews & Romance Reviews Today

*Pregnancy of Passion - CataRomance Reviews

*The Billionaire's Pregnant Mistress - Romantic Times, Cataromance & Blue Ribbon Reviews

*The Italian's Suitable Wife - The Road to Romance, Blue Ribbon Reviews, CataRomance Reviews, Fallen Angel Reviews, CataRomance Reviews, CataRomance Reviews & Blue Ribbon Reviews (I typed these in the order I found them)

Brandy said...

I thought it all looked very nice! *G* I guess I'm not obsevant today.

Michele L. said...

Hi Lucy,

I loved your website! I tried out the hangman game, and it worked! Had fun playing it too! I looked at the guest map and that worked. Wow! You have a lot of fans from all over the world! How awesome!

I signed up for your monthly contest also. Wow! What a fantastic prize! Hey, everybody, check out Lucy's monthly contest! Your contest page checked out fine.

I haven't found anything yet but I will look again when I get more time.

I have to agree with Amy, I didn't see the winner posted on DQ's blog anywhere either. Is it hiding?


Virginia said...

Hi Lucy, I checked out your website and didn't find anything wrong but what Amy found. I really do like your site. It looks great!

kim h said...

no errors
idon t see the blog of DQ winner? is there a winner for the lotions and anniversrey blog

robynl said...

I could not even find a word spelled wrong; did find what amy said in #1 though.

Nathalie said...

On the Aus/NZ page, the link for the Ever After bookstore is not working.

Lucy Monroe said...

Thank you all SO much! Anyone who tried can have a lollipop and signed bookmark. Just send me your name and address (email me from my website at and I'll make sure those get out to you. :) And THANK YOU to those of you who *did* find errors. I plan to get them all taken care of when I get back from the Anniversary Getaway!

I spoke to DQ and she swears she posted, but has promised to try it again. I believe her...Blogger has been a bit of a bug the last few days and I've had trouble getting my own posts to show up. Aargh!