Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hubcap vs the Hot Springs

Greetings one and all, Hubcap here. Just wanted to let you know that the Missus and I celebrated a fabulous 20 years of marrytude last week! This time was different from previous anniversaries as I was kept in the dark as to what the festivities would be. "It's a SURPRISE!" Lucy said with glee!

Now mind you, I'm all for surprises. But I did run through my head real quick, trying to remember all the stupid things I said or did over the past two decades. Was it going to be a lovefest, all romantic and wonderful? Or was it going to be a drive to a "remote location", with a bump on the head and concrete shoes? I figured it was the, um, former. After all, I've been good, right? RIGHT?

Well the Big Day came, and off we went.

As we went further and further from town, things were looking....well, remotely located.

"Turn here," Lucy said. Then she gave further directions. All said and done, we pulled up to......THE BONNEVILLE HOT SPRINGS RESORT.

Holy Smokes, what an incredible place! And I wasn't going to die!

I just want to go on record and thank everyone (and the Academy) for their suggestions and input for where to spend our Anniversary. It was, I must say, the best time we've ever had. A huge suite, a balcony almost as large, WITH a hot tub filled with mineral waters. We used that hot tub like crazy!

The place is super peaceful, and built like a lodge, very beautiful (yeah I said it, the B word). As soon as we arrive, we had our first appointment, a eucalyptus mineral bath with follow-up body wrap. Now, I've never sat in rockwater, and have never had my body wrapped in towels. At least, not by a man. But there's always a first time.

That bath was amazing (at least when I turned the water temperature from "Stir Fry" to "Comfortably Hot"). I was totally relaxed, eating grapes, feeling....well, a bit feminine...WAIT A GOLDARN MINUTE, THAT AIN'T RIGHT! I promptly leaped into the other bath, which was filled with.....freezing water. Yes sir, that's a bath a real man would take! And yes, I promptly leapt back into the comfy hot eucalyptus bath, having made my shriveled point. I'm glad you agree.

The body wrap, of course, had me thinking odd references, like "The Geek Mummy" and "Indiana Jones and the Body Wrap of Doom". Soft music playing, I really enjoyed it, save those brief times when the guy would come in and ask, "Are you warm enough?" Well, YOU'RE not gonna find out! Now go replace that chamomile compress on my forehead, I'm not feeling manly enough...

The next day, Lucy had set up full body massages for the two of us. The two guys walk into our suite, set up the tables, and as we get on the tables, they ask, "Now, do you like a lot of pressure? Not everyone does." Heck, we do great under pressure! Do your worst! We're thinking, "We can handle THIS!"

Well, I got a word for you: Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. They found muscles we didn't even think we had...then promptly massaged them into oblivion. We fought back tears the whole time, finally we had to cry Uncle, and they quickly lightened the pressure. Now don't get me wrong: Those guys did a terrific job; upon reflection, we should've got the lighter setting off the get go. Oh, and mentioned that my feet and legs are ticklish. I'm just saying hypothetically, because as a man, I'm not ticklish. You'll never know of course, because I won't let anyone near me.

Every meal was, as Lucy put it, "Gourmet!". Even when we visited the nearby town of Stevenson, a small cafe, their lunch and salads were exotic....excellent! A hummus plate with goat cheese and fancy olives, pulled pork sandwiches that had smoked all day. Incredible.
And on the actual Anniversary date, in a historic hotel in Columbia Gorge; to-die-for salmon and steak meals that were literally too good to eat! And in all of this, beautiful (there's that word) scenery, watching Kitesurfers on the Columbia, a great museum with petroglyphs in it. Fun, sun, peace. Surrounded by the sounds and sights of Nature.

And might I add, on top of all this, my Gorgeous Lucy, we never were apart! We talked, laughed, loved, relaxed 24-7. We remembered all the wonderful times we've had over the years, how much in love we still are with each other, and how we were going to continue this great ride God Blessed us with. An amazingly loving time. And no: I WOULDN'T rather be fishing. Honest.

Well, that's it for now, thanks again folx, and I'll catch up to you next time.

Spinning off,


Denysé said...

What a wonderful telling of something so special. Sounds like the stuff of dreams, with a fond dose of real-life joy and love as part of the mix. You guys obviously adore each other, and that's the real beauty in this life, to share it with the one you love and cherish!!

Love & Hugs to you both - Always!! And thanks for sharing a special part of your life with those of us who adore Lucy, too!!


flchen1 said...

Thanks so much for the trip report, Hubcap! So delighted that you and Lucy had a fabulous time being together and celebrating that :) Wishing you many more years of happy anniversaries to come!

Stefanie said...

That was wonderful to read! The way you two love each other... It's awsome to see.
I don't have a boyfriend yet, but when I do I hope our love will be as strong and everlasting as yours!

Lucy Monroe said...

He is something special, isn't he? :)

limecello said...

Awwweee - what a wonderful post! This made me feel all melty and smiley :) So glad you two had a terrific time!

Jane said...

Aww, you guys are such a cute couple.

Brandy said...

Awww, how sweet and fun(ny) your trip sounds! Glad y'all had a wonderful time!

Cryna said...

What a nice post. Thank you so much for sharing with us your special time. Sounds like a good time, lots of rest and relaxation, just what you needed. Wishing you many more years and trips like this.

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing your story about your anniversary trip with us. I am glad you both had such a wonderful time!
Lucy is right you really should write a book hubcap. Your writing is very entertaining. All the stories about your trips would make a fantastic book.

Virginia said...

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time. I am really glad to here that. I wish my anniversaries would be like that.

Kelley Nyrae said...

Okay, I had to send the link to this blog post to two of my friends. So sweet. You guys are such an inspiring couple. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful anniversary. Here's to many more!

lidia said...

You and Lucy are such a fabulous couple. Are you sure that you are not an author also? I loved reading your description of the weekend.

Lucy, he's a "keeper."

Wishing you many, many more happy years together!

Stacy~ said...

Wow, now that was quite a commentary on your anniversary trip. Funny, touching, romantic, and grateful. You've got quite a way with words Hubcap, and it sums up the wonderful relationship both you and Lucy have. It's one thing to hear it from her and sigh, but to hear you say the same thing is just lovely. You two are a wonderful couple, and thank you for sharing your time with us :)

Hubcap said...

Thanks folx, I really appreciate all your compliments! I gotta admit, I wouldn't be who I am today without Lucy; she's so AMAZING! We just like to have fun in life. Why trudge through life, when you can dance through it? :)

I have been approached a couple times (by stalkers and aliens) and have gotten similar suggestions (many thanks!) to write a book or column. Sounds like fun, but bloggin' from the hip is a LOT of fun. It may be tough to switch over to something with a routine.

We'll see; I'm keeping the possibility open. It's got to be more fun than that time I combined high voltage, Jello and....but that's a different story, isn't it?

Kate Davies said...

Hey, Hubcap, it's good to know you survived the trip with your manliness intact. :) Seriously, I'm thrilled you two had such a wonderful time. It couldn't happen to a nicer couple!

Here's to another fabulous twenty years -- and beyond!

Judy F said...

what a sweet and wonderful post... Glad you had such an awesome time.