Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Guest Blogger - JT Schultz

It's In His Kiss. Or is it?

Wow, here I am at Lucy's blog. Very cool. Thanks so much to Lucy for having me today. When Lucy came up with the idea I should be one of her guests, I have to admit, I had a minor fan girl moment. Once the excitement passed, I pondered the age-old question, what am I going to blog about?

With the release of my seventh full-length book this week, Bombshell 2 Boardroom, I soon had an answer. Kissing, one of the best parts and a major plot point in any great romantic book or movie. Only they are always pretty much perfect in fiction and on screen, which isn't always the way in real life.

The best kiss in my humble opinion is the first kiss the hero and heroine share. In Bombshell 2 Boardroom, my heroine Candace pushes Randal the delicious hero to the point he couldn't decide if he should wring her neck, or kiss her. Well like a good hero, he ends up kissing her out of frustration. Ah, a happy moment in their world and of course in that case since Randal's frustration was also sexual; things went past the point of kissing. That though, is another post **wicked grin**

In Lying Eyes & Alibis, the kiss had completely different origins of how it came to be. An innocent water fight, an undying attraction and a hero and heroine left staring into each other's eyes. The conversation became whispered and breathless while temptation played a hand and won. The mutual kiss, the slow, both inching their faces closer until the first thing that touches the lips is hot breath then the gentle brush of the mouth. Sigh, ah the sweetness.

As a romance writer, I always have new and interesting characters with different personalities and of course, kisses. I have had the characters bring their lips together for a variety of reasons. In All That Ice, it was the only way Craven the yummy Alaskan male hero, could keep the heroine Amber quiet and stop her from arguing. However, that kiss ended with her in a snow bank alone and her temper in full swing. Things only heated up from there both in and out of the bedroom.

So for research sake and general curiosity, because not only is the legendary lip locking interesting it's a great pastime. What do you think is the best kiss in a book or movie? Can you name one you've read or saw that made you sigh or laugh? What is your favorite kind of kiss? The slow burn or the hot passionate "take me now!" type kiss? Go ahead and give me some insight here and I will have my own Teen Drama Queen pick a winner for a PDF of Bombshell 2 Boardroom, which comes out on the 15th as well as a winner for a PDF of Lying Eyes & Alibis.

Thanks again to Lucy for having me!

JT Schultz


Cryna said...

Welcome to Lucy's blog.

I think I like the slow kisses myself, but that is just me. And I can't remember a book or movie - LOL - must be my age showing.

Anonymous said...

Movies... the kiss between Buttercup and Wesley in Princess Bride comes to mind. Books... drawing a blank.

For a favorite kind of kiss, I'm torn between a first kiss and the kiss when one (or both characters) finally realize they are in love.

Susan said...

When Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis kiss for the first time in Top Gun. I can't come up with a book. :(

I like the slow kisses, too.

Barb V. said...

Hi JT. Nice to see you blogging here. I have given your question considerable thought, and have to say there is something about a first kiss between a couple who have long been anticipating that moment. It's like: FINALLY!!

Jane said...

Hi JT,
I've always loved the upside kiss in the rain from Spiderman. It's not realistic, but it still gets to me. The beach kiss from From Here to Eternity was pretty hot, especially for that time.

Amy said...

I like all types of Kisses depending on my mood. Favorite Kiss in a book or movie. I love the movie Never Been Kissed so I would go with the Hero and heroines kiss on the foot ball field at the end of the movie. The heroine is 25 and it is her first real kiss. There is just something special about that first kiss.

flchen1 said...

Hi, JT! Hmm... I love the long, slow kisses, I think. I don't tend to watch too many movies, but did like the Han Solo-Princess Leia kiss right before he's imprisoned in carbonite...

Brandy said...

In my all time favorite movie (yes, I'm weird) Sixteen Candles at the very end when the hero has taken her to his home and has a birthday cake for her they both lean over and meet in the middle for a kiss. To me, that's my favorite movie kiss. It has the tentative touch and then the "softness" of a first kiss. *G*

Bunny B said...

Come to think of it, I don't have a fave movie kiss. Hmmm... But I do love slow and sensual kisses. One that sends tingles everywhere! Awesome :)

bunnybox9 at gmail dot com

acdaisy95 said...

Hi - In a movie, there are some, but I can't think of the title of the movies.

My favorite kind of kiss would be the kind that is passionate and sexy. I like the slow kind too.

cas2ajs said...

My favorite kiss in a movie has to be the one between Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock at the end of Speed.

Cheryl S.

Donna Michaels said...

Hi JT,

I loved the first kisses between all your characters. But JC and Josh did have the best...so far.:)

Movies...ok, you know what a movie buff I am. I'll try to keep it short. I love all that have been mentioned, and a few more.

The first kiss between Indy and Marion in Raiders of the Lost Ark. When he's pointing to the parts of his body that don't hurt and she kisses them, eventually pointing to his lips, they kiss...and he passes out. lol Too funny.

First kiss between Corbin and Lelu in 5th Element, where she's sleeping and he leans down and brushes his lips across hers and promplty gets his gun shoved under his chin...love it! hehe But at the end he has to say and show he loves her and that kiss rocked!!

Between Keanu and Sandra in 'Lake House'. Between Sandra and Bill Pullman in 'While You Were Sleeping'. And in 'How To Loose A Guy in Ten Days', when Andy and Ben actually start to fall for each other at his parent's house. You can 'see' a difference in their kiss.

I do like the slow, sensual first kiss the best and have to honestly say I haven't seen it portrayed on screen better than in books. Yet.

Great question, JT!

JT Schultz said...

Wow! Ladies these are great comments and great movies.

Jen - The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies of all time. It's all about the rodents of unusual size, but I always thought "as you wish" was sweet. Great kisses there.

Susan - As soon as I read Top Gun the song "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" raan through my mind.

Jane - Oh, I love when MJ kisses Spidy upside down, how she peels back his mask just enough. yeah, that kiss is up there in my faves too.

Amy - Never Been Kissed is on my shelf of all time faves.

flchen - You know it's really odd you mention that kiss between Princess Leah and Han Solo, I think that particular kiss left a lasting impresion on me. Really romantic as a kid and even now as an adult. I think it's because of the emotion behind the moment.

Brandy - Oh yeah the table scene from Sixteen Candles, I love that one too. The movie sits next too, Pretty in Pink on my keeper shelf. In pretty in pink, its the kiss in the parking lot at the end of the movie.

Cas2ajs - Speed, there are so many reasons I loved that movie, but the kiss at the end is really a good one.

The movies I haven't seen are From Here to Eternity, Lake House and The 5th element, I will need to remedy that now that I know there is kissing in these movies. **grin**

Slow kisses seem to be popular, which is cool. I think they are my favorite too. I always think of Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany's

These are great. Keep the comments coming! I will be back in a bit.

flchen1 said...

Excellent point, JT--I think the emotion driving the kiss is definitely an extremely important component! And I think maybe part of the reason I remember the Han Solo/Princess Leia kiss is that I, too, watched it first when I was much younger--young and impressionable, maybe? :)

JT Schultz said...

Hey all! Yep, I'm back.

I just wanted to announce the winners to the draw for the PDF books of Lying Eyes & Alibis and Bombshell 2 Boardroom. I actually pinned down my own Teen Drama Queen long enough to draw names, only for Bombshell 2 Boardroom she grabbed two names by accident and said, "oops". So I have two winners for that book.

(Drum roll goes here)

The winners are...

flchen1 - Lying Eyes & Alibis

Brandy - Bombshell 2 Boardroom
Jen in WA - Bombshell 2 Boardroom

Ladies go ahead and scoot me an email at jt4writing@yahoo.com and I will email those out.

Everyone thank you so much for your comments. And again, special thanks to Lucy for having me.

Have a great weekend all.