Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Guest Blogger - Erin McCarthy

Thanks to Lucy for inviting me to her blog. :) I’m happy to be here chatting, especially since it’s cold, rainy, and gloomy in Ohio, where I live. It’s one of those days that has me longing for the warmth of New Orleans, where my latest release FALLEN is set. I love the city and Southern Louisiana. The sights, the architecture, the food, the music, the people… it is a city that truly inspires me. I am thrilled to be setting my Seven Deadly Sins series there, and I hope if you read FALLEN, you get a true sense of the French Quarter and my love for it.

If you’re ever in the Big Easy, there are some things you just have to do. Here’s my personal list of the top ten things to do in New Orleans:

1) Eat a beignet. It’s fried dough. Enough said.

2) Go on a swamp tour. Watching alligators jump into the air to snag raw chicken is quite a sight. Plus there is something amazingly peaceful about the swamp.

3) Try the infamous drink, the Hurricane, at Pat O’Briens. They have a beautiful courtyard and you get to keep the glass. If you remember to take it with you after you’ve reached the bottom of the Hurricane. ;-)

4) Dine al fresco. Napoleon House and The Court of Two Sisters are favs of mine.

5) Stay in a haunted hotel. I’ve never seen anything yet, but I’m trying.

6) Visit the Cities of the Dead. The cemeteries in New Orleans are striking, serene, crumbling, and fascinating.

7) Explore voodoo. Separate fact from fiction at authentic voodoo shops.

8) Visit River Road Plantations. Step back in time at plantations like Oak Alley, where Interview With The Vampire was filmed.

9) Have your tea leaves read. How they see anything in the mess in your cup is beyond me, but it’s definitely interesting.

10) Visit my favorite musicians playing on Bourbon Street.

Do you have a city you absolutely love? Or a city you’d like to see someday? I’m giving away a copy of FALLEN to a random person who comments today (Tuesday). I’ll let Lucy pick the winner.

Lucy, thanks again for having me visit!



Stacy~ said...

Please don't enter me in the contest as I already have a copy of the book.

Favorite city? Don't know. I love American cities (they are so close to home) but there are a ton of international ones I'd love to visit. I just find the world to be a fascinating place.

Virginia said...

I would love to visit London England and Belfast Irland, I have always wanted to visit that part of the world. Maybe some day I will get there.

Bunny B said...

I love London and Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur and Singapore! LOL. So many!! I would love to go to Rome and Paris! Thanks for the chance :)
bunnybox9 at gmail dot com

Susan said...

Since I have only been in small towns all my life any big city would be wonderful! I love stories set in New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

I've been fortunate to do a lot of traveling in my life (I can thank my military father for that). I'd love to go back to either London (for a longer visit... a week wasn't enough) or to Venice (I was there when I was around 10 years old and couldn't appreciate it).

Jane said...

After reading Heather Graham, I've always wanted to visit New Orleans. I also want to visit Egypt. I love watching all those shows about Ancient Egypt and mummies. I want to see all the archaeological sites in the Valley of the Kings and Abu Simbel.

Amy said...

I have alway's wanted to visit Greece. I really can't think of a favorite City. I don't travel much and have only been to things in my home state of AL, Also to TN and to FL and GA.

Kelley Nyrae said...

I already bought and read Fallen. I loved it. One of the best books I've read in a while. Kept me enthralled. Very creative, compelling read.

I'm not really sure what is my favorite city. I haven't done tons of traveling. My husband and I really want to go to Italy some day.

Judy F said...

Hey Erin. I just picked this up the other day. Can't wait to start it.

Favorite City. I haven't traveled very much but I did enjoy a vacation to San Diego years ago.

Cherie J said...

What a great setting for a book. I love New Orleans. It is such a fun city. Hubby is half Cajun so we go to visit his mother in Slidell often and have been to New Orleans a few times. I love this area and the bayous of Louisiana for settings. Add in a hunk with a sexy Cajun accent and I am so there.

flchen1 said...

There are so many excellent cities around the world to visit! I loved Paris and London, and would love to go back. Also Tokyo, and some in China. Closer to home, New York's got lots going on, but I guess my favorite cities are ones I can visit with my family or close friends--the company makes all the difference! :)

Stacy S said...

I love reading stories set in New Orleans. Hoping to get there someday.

Brandy said...

One of my favorite cities, is in fact New Orleans! There's always something to do or see there. Another favorite is Grass Valley, CA. It's slow paced, friendly and very small but charming.

Tonya said...

Erin, I'm a new fan of your writing!! I've read two books and one of your anthology stories. You are such a funny writer...ok at least you are in the books I've read so far. I'm looking forward to reading many more!!

Of all the places I've ever been Victoria, Canada would be my favorite....San Francisco would be the second....and there is a long list of where I would want to travel too. Just a few would be any Australian city, all of Greece, Europe and New York City!!!

acdaisy95 said...

There are couple of cities I would like to visit. One international location is Hong Kong. Some of the U.S. locations are Las Vegas and New York City and Hawaii.

cas2ajs said...

I'd love to get to Edinburgh, Scotland someday.

Cheryl S.

robynl said...

Mount Rushmore National Memorial, near Keystone, South Dakota: I have been here many years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to go back again and explore some more.

tetewa said...

I also live in Ohio, and this gloomy day has me surfing the web and reading while lounging in my pj's all day. My favorite city to visit is San Antonio, Texas. My aunt lives in Texas and whenever I visit we always go there. You can visit the Alamo or the riverwalk which is great fun. Glad to see you here today and I'm looking forward to Fallen.

limecello said...

Hi Erin,

Thanks for visiting! I live in Ohio too, and the weather is just horrid. I'm lucky because I tend to like all the cities I've been in :) [but then I generally only hit the big ones]. Columbus, Austin, Boston, N'awlins, Vegas, DC, NYC... Taipei... Haha - I'd love to visit Rome some day. And stay there. Forever. :P

Angie-la said...

Hi Erin!
I really cannot wait to read 'Fallen". :)
Awesome cover, too!
Even though I have only been there once, I love San Francisco. I want to go back sooo badly.
It is one of my favorite book locations, too. And even though they say the weather is not
the greatest, I want to see Seattle. And New Orleans. And NYC.
And that's just the cities in the US!

Maureen said...

New York City is my favorite. I think the people there are actually friendlier than many people I come across in the suburbs. There is always something to do with the theaters, museums, shopping and wonderful restaurants.

traveler said...

I have several favorite cities, all of them located in Italy. I am in love with Venice and Florence. In Canada I find Vancouver a wonderful and fascinating city.