Monday, April 28, 2008

Mystery Monday - Guest Blogger: Drama Queen

Hello everyone! Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a chance to chat with you guys! Life has been getting more and more busy. It’s been absolutely crazy here. I decided it’s time to cool down and get my life back in order. I believe everyone deserves a little “me time.” Yet, for some of us that can be really hard to do because we place ourselves near to the bottom of our priority list and don’t take care of ourselves. I realized with little baby steps I can take care of myself. My first step...going to the gym.

Now it may sound simple, “Go to the gym once a day, five times a week,” but it’s not always that easy. Often times I found myself in “crunch-time” trying to fit it into my schedule with school, home, and friends. It was really hard to push myself to go to the gym because I had so much going on. I quickly got discouraged. But my spirits were lifted again when my good friend, whose nickname is Strawberry Shortcake, agreed to be my workout buddy. Together we encouraged each other to schedule time for the gym, push our bodies to the fullest workout, and make healthy eating choices.

We became so excited about our new lifestyle that we started shopping at Vitamin World and drinking protein shakes. Call me crazy, but I think they taste fabulous! In addition, we were found browsing the active-wear section in clothing stores and buying cute new gym outfits. Haha, one of my best friends jokingly made the comment, “Ew. You’re turning into one of those gym people,” but I’m happy about it! Not only is my body healthier but I have so much more energy and a positive attitude.

I know going to the gym isn’t the only change I have to make but I do believe it’s a step in the right direction. So here’s cheers to a healthy body!

Drama Queen

What are some changes you want to make?

Answer and be automatically entered in a chance to win a free “Pamper Yourself” goody bag, including bath soaps, candle, and lotions.


robynl said...

some changes I am making and want to make are as follows:
--- eating less salt and substituting sea salt
--- healthier snacks
--- starting again on treadmill
--- starting my a.m. out with a coffee and looking out the window at nature

Virginia said...

Changes I need to make. I need to quit smoking. I need to start exercising more and eating healthyer. Most of all I need to loose weight. I just hate being over weight and alway have been. I guess I just don't have the will power.

anne said...

I am impressed with your discipline and interest regarding your healthy lifestyle. This is wonderful to hear about.
I continue to be careful about my eating habits and going to the gym, but I will increase the frequency of workouts and go for walks which are great now that Spring is here.

ruth said...

I enjoyed your photos which give me motivation. I don't workout often enough due to my job, but I will start going after work and I plan to continue throughout the summer since I have summer's to devote to this healthy and necessary activity. Portion control as well as healthier foods.

diane said...

You ladies are looking good! Keep it up.
My changes will be permanent since I consider quality of life important and want to experience prime health for my entire life.
No sugar at all.
Protein and veggies, salads and daily walks each morning.

nicki72182 said...

Here's the changes I would like to make: Quit smoking. Eat healthier(remove the word fried from anything I eat:) and add more veggies and seriously cut back on anything with sugar). Overcome my anxiety. Exercise. And of course, lose my last 20ish pounds of baby weight (my youngest is 2 lol). I wish I had a workout buddy too :)

Jane said...

I try to walk as much as possible. Walking is about the only exercise I can do. I need to stop eating late at night and drink less soda. I can't give up soda altogether.

pearl said...

Thanks for this timely reminder since summer is fast approaching and I want to look healthy and good. I enjoy the outdoors so I will ride my bike and walk daily. That is not a difficult goal. Eating well, meaning avoiding junk and concentrating on well balanced meals.

Brandy said...

Good job Drama Queen! I, too am trying to find time to make it to the gym regularly (at least 3 times a week). It's hard to do though! And I am trying to get my hubs to eat better.

Cryna said...

Changes I would like to make is to lose weight. I need to start a workout program, but can relate to having to make yourself go to the gym. I admire that you are able to do it, and your pictures are an inspiration.

Judy F said...

DQ you and your friend look great.

I need to lose weight and get in shape. I plan to start walking as soon as it warms up a bit.

Amy said...

Way to go DQ! I think you are doing a very good thing for yourself. Keep it up. You and your friend look great.
Some changes I need to make
1. Exercise more
2. Eat Healthier
3. Lose Weight
4. Get more sleep at night

Nathalie said...

I also should start doing some exercise... I have begun walking outside, which is a nice step!

Lily said...

I have decided to cut on sweets in general, especially chocolate!

Drama Queen ;-) Good luck with the gym!

LM's Drama Queen said...

It looks like you guys have several great aspirations! Good luck and keep up the good work! Remember, even if you slip up a couple times, you can always try again. Trust me, I know it's hard to get motivated and easy to get discouraged but you can do it!

Kammie said...

Congrats on your new lifestyle! I try to take a walk or go bike riding at least three times a week. The food though is a little tougher to control. Somehow those cookies keep finding there way into my house. lol

Changes for me are:

Eat less cookies and brownies
Bike ride a little farther
Choose meals that are a little healthier
Oh, and smile more.

Maureen said...

Congratulations to you! I have just started using a DVD I bought a while ago which is working out with weights. In the morning I use the treadmill and then in the afternoon I do DVD. Now I just have to keep to a better diet.

lidia said...

DQ -- you never cease to amaze me.

I need to focus on a few things, mainly:
eating healthier
getting more exercise
getting some "me" time

As for you, it seems that you have a great support "system" that should definitely help you in achieving your goal!

Kate Davies said...

DQ, you and Strawberry Shortcake look great! (Love her nickname, BTW...) :D

I'm forever promising to cut out fried foods and increase the exercise, but it hasn't taken yet. Hopefully, with a trip to Hawaii in the offing for next spring break, I'll stay motivated!

acdaisy95 said...

Some changes I need to drink at least 8 cups of water and sleep earlier and wake up earlier.

CrystalGB said...

Changes I want to make:
Lose weight by:
Cutting out high fat/sugar snacks
Portion control
Drinking lots of water.

limecello said...

DQ -
Wow, working out 5x a week? I'm very impressed - go you!
I need to work out more. As in, I need to start. In undergrad there was a period I was working out 6-7 days a week [although that wasn't necessarily healthy either.]
I can't fit into my jeans from hs anymore, and that just makes me sad. Hopefully I can exercise this summer and stay with it! That and eat regular meals. :X I should probably stress a lot less too.
Great post!

jenna said...

I regard staying healthy and eating well a priority in my life. In order to continue on a healthy regime I walk everywhere and avoid sugar, all sweets, and eat healthy, well balanced choices. Best of luck and you look great.

kim h said...

sleep more and drink more water.

u go girl

Cherie J said...

I would like to get back to my aerobics workouts 3-4 times a week. I also want to cut back on my portions.

Michele L. said...

Wow! You go girls! You all have wonderful apirations to greatness!

The change I need to make is to stop eating so much! For some reason I have a very healthy appetite anymore! Yeah, good right? Well, no. I gained 10 pounds this last winter. I have never weighed this much before,190lbs. So, my big aspiration is to curb my eating habits.

Also, I to kick my butt into gear and exercise! Last year I was into ZUMBA at the Y but I fell out of the mode. So I need to get back into the swing of things and exercise!

You all are doing great! Keep up the awesome work girls!

Michele L.

traveler said...

What drive and discipline you possess. How wonderful and keep up the good work. You look great! I have to start a new program in earnest this Spring since I need more energy. Workout at the gym and better good habits.

LM's Drama Queen said...

Hey ya'll! Sorry I posted so's been busy:/ The winner of the constest is....(drum roll)....Ruth!!! Congrats Ruth!