Sunday, April 13, 2008

Confessions Sunday :)

Okay, maybe not confessions so much as just plain old storytellin'. But here's the deal. We had a GREAT vacation and I have yet to post additional pictures (I will get to it, I promise)! But when we got home, both my hubby and one our exchange students had a run in with Vertigo. No, not the Jimmy Stewart movie, the dizzy disease. It was mild at first, but still I knew you all wouldn't begrudge me focusing mostly on them and doing my writing - something had to give and online stuff was it. Family has to come first, right? And the way I gather people to me, living in my house, I've got a big one. LOL

Besides which, I got Jury duty and they wouldn't let me postpone. I didn't get picked as a Juror, I never do, but I had to be there just in case. Sigh...

Anyway, Hoon Mo overcame his vertigo after only a couple of days, but Hubcap's only got worse and worse and worse... Until one day, he was totally laid up in bed. I asked him if he wanted to go to urgent care (he'd already been to the doctor and the meds prescribed made the vertigo beyond debilitating). He said no. I said, "Hm..."

But I was committed to taking my niece and nephew to watch my other nephew's track meet, so I went rushing down the stairs in flip-flops (they were orange which means they were cute, but they were dangerous - it was not one of my more intelligent moments, you know?) and fell. Down the stairs with a crash, bang, boom and blood curdling screech.

Now, you know Hubcap was totally laid up, because he didn't come running. Everyone else did, though. And thankfully, got me to the Emergency Room, where I was diagnosed with a severe sprain. The doctors and nurses kept repeating how a sprain can be worse than a break for pain and I'm pretty sure that was to make me feel better about the shock shakes I was having and my utterly pathetic attempt to control how much it freaking HURT. :)

So, you all should have been there to see me crawling in the front door (I couldn't figure out how to make it up the steps otherwise) and then bump-thumping up the stairs to our room on my behind. I am too short to do a single bump per step and had to lift with my undamaged foot then scoot back, then lift again, etc. I got quite the workout every time I went up and down the stairs, let me tell you.

Anyway, back to that night...I got up the stairs, crawled to the bed (I still wasn't hot at going vertical) and was uber concerned for Hubcap. He just was not getting better. He was so dizzy, he had to pee into a water bottle rather than go to the bathroom and he was throwing up. Not good. So, I made an executive decision. It was his turn for Emergency. Only he couldn't stand - not even if my son carried him. We had to call 911. The ambulence came and so did the firetruck. It was a good thing, because it took six of them to carry him down the stairs on this handled sheet the gurney. They had to give him an I.V. first with antinausea meds because he threw up horribly just from being rolled onto the handled sheet thingy.

They gave him Valium and more antinausea meds in the ER (he was there for HOURS) and when he got home, he literally crashed on the couch downstairs. Face first, fell down. He only made it into the house with the help of M2B and our new Live-In. Both are tiny compared to him, but my son was sleeping and I wasn't able to get myself standing, much less someone else.

The good news was that since it was a sprain, I should be walking in a week and able to remove the brace in 3 or 4 days. Well, not in my universe. LOL First, no way could I take off the brace for at least a week and second, I got an infection in my foot (apparently common when you bend your foot a way it's really not supposed to go and fluids get released that aren't supposed to be) and I'm still recovering from that. Can you say, "Ouch?" I mean really, this infection thing hurts as bad/worse than the sprain. Crazy.

But I'm back to say, hey and promise not to disappear again, well as long as I don't break anything or you know have anything else really weird happen.

So, um, Hubcap's gotten better, but it took a long time. He's still taking the Valium on and off and hasn't been able to spend an entire day at work, but he's a trooper for sure.

Just to let you know what else is going on right now, M2B is showing finally. She's so cute! DQ is getting courted by several colleges because her national test scores were so high. My darling son is doing great some days and struggling with depression on others. It's so hard to be a teenager. And chemical imbalances don't help anybody. One of our exchange students moved out (he is 19) with some roommates into an apartment. Our part-time housekeeper/office helper and full-time friend has agreed to a live-in arrangement, but that means tons of moving and reorganizing. Which she is helping with, thank goodness. LOL My mom is doing well, but my sister who had breast cancer has lumps in her lymph nodes, so we're all praying for further healing.

Lots of other family and adopted family stuff going on, but it's just you all have. Sometimes it's harder than other times, but it's always a gift. :)

Hugs and blessings,


Amy said...

Oh my goodness Lucy! I don't know what to say, your family has had more than its share of sickness and injuries. I am glad everyone is on the road to recovery. Just make sure to take care of your foot, I had something similar happen to mine a few years ago and it took a while to get back to normal. I will be praying for your sister.

I wanted to let you know how much I loved The Billionaire's Virgin Princess. I received it in my April shipment of Presents. Hawk (Sebastian) is another wonderful alpha male hero and Lina is his perfect match. I don't think there is anything that girl would not try! The chemistry between them was wonderful. I was pulled into the story from the first page. Another 5***** read. I am now looking forward to getting Shikh Amir story The Sheikh's Secretary Mistress next month.

Again, I hope everyone in your family makes a very speedy recovery!

Kelley Nyrae said...

Oh my. You've had a lot going on. I'm glad your hubby is better and hope he contiues to get better. Its no fun being dizzy.

Ouch about your foot. I hope you heal quickly and your infection goes away.

When is M2b due? How exciting.

And yes, it is hard to be a teenager. I hope things go well for him.

Joni said...

Oh lord have had a heck of a lot more going on when you fell than when I did...geesh. Now I know why God doesn't give us more than we can handle. I wouldn't have been able to handle what you did on top of my fall. I did well with taking care of the one daycare baby when I fell and broke my toe and sprained my ankle. My ankle is still not 100% healed due to what you got infection, and can't wear my shoes yet because it rubs under the ankle bone, so I look kind of funny with one shoe and a houseslipper when I go out in public. Your poor hubby...the affects that vertigo can have truly are debilitating. I suffer this whenever I have to go into an elevator or be put in the nose-bleed section at concerts, messes with balance and everything, which leads to suffering from nausea too. But I'm sure glad to hear everyone is recovering if not as fast as one would like. I, too, finished Hawk's story. It seemed sooo different from your other HP that I thought someone else wrote it for a minute there....Lina couldn't have been more perfect for Hawk. He needed someone who could keep him on his toes..hahaha! Take care and don't do anymore Joni's, k? I want you completely functional come June when I see you again :-)

Cryna said...

Oh Heavan's Lucy - you have had a real go of it the last week or so.

I am so glad that hubby is starting to feel better and the rest of the family is doing okay. I sure hope that you take care of that foot. That can be so painful and then the infection on top does not help. (((((Cyber hugs))))))

Take care, but good to see you back online.

Angie-la said...

My goodness, woman! When you do it, you do it up right! :P

I am sending my prayers to your entire family. Vertigo is horrible. I hope the hubcap is back to cruising speed real soon. You take care of that ankle and take the sandals off before tearing down the steps next time! And special prayers to your son. It’s hard enough to deal with the everyday uncertainties of being a teen these days.
When things like this happen, I always tell myself "There are people much worse off than I am. Thank God it wasn't worse!"
It seems to help, although I also recommend massive pain-killers for the throbbing in the foot!
May this all pass quickly and everything be back to normal real soon.
And the bright side is being a G2B (grandmother to be!) and having that to look forward to.
Congrats to's a real rush when everyone wants you like that!

Brandy said...

Gah! You've had a heck of a week! Prayers for you and your family for good health and healing!

Virginia said...

Wow! It sound like it have been hitting you hard lately. Its like they always say when it rains it pores. It come all at once. Thats the way things always go for me too.

Lettetia said...

God bless you and your household dear friend. Though He never gives us more than we can handle, one has to wonder what His plans are...

I am glad to hear everyone in the household is getting better, Hubcap and you in particular. I am relieved to hear things may settle down soon and life get back to normal for you and yours.

Take care and keep safe.
Love ya!

Stacy~ said...

Lucy, of course family comes first, and no one blames you for focusing on them, or yourself. You wouldn't be the Lucy we know and love if you ignored what was really important. We'll always be here when you come back.

Hope everyone is doing better. Take care of yourself young lady.

wolfpackgirl said...

My Goodness!!! What craziness. I'm glad that everyone is getting better.

lidia said...


WOW! I don't even know where to begin. Sending extra many (((HUGS))) your way -- to share with your family!!!

At least everyone is finally beginning to feel better.

Lucy, between your escapades while on vacation and now this -- your life sure been full of ups and downs.

Take care of yourself and your family. We will be here when you ready to post again -- FAMILY COMES FIRST!!!

Michelle B said...

Holy cow! I'm glad you and your hubby are on the mend. What an ordeal!

I'll keep your sister in my thoughts.

Maureen said...

What an awful time you've had. I'm glad you and your husband are doing better.

flchen1 said...

Whoa! You just take care of yourself and your family! Congrats to DQ! And thanks for the update :)

Lori T said...

Holy smokes Lucy...things are very very busy around your house. I am glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better and OUCH!! Your poor there a reason that they think he got such a bad case of it? That is just scary.

I am glad to hear all your good news! I am keeping your sister in my thoughts and prayers and am glad to hear that your son is doing well.

We are glad you are back and take care of yourself!

Judy F said...

Lucy ((((((HUGS))))))) sending you and yours a tone of hugs. Goodness girlie. I was reading and kept saying OMG. Then OMGG etc.

I hope you all are getting better soon.

Kate Davies said...

Oh, poor Lucy! And poor Lucy's family! Hugs all around, m'dear. Hope everyone is feeling well soon.

limecello said...

Oh. My. Gosh, Lucy!!!! I hope everyone's better now - or at least as much as can be hoped for. You definitely have proven the saying "It never rains, it only pours" here in spades. That's a lot of visits to the hospital! And 6 guys?!?! Wow.
*hugs* And you deserve a cookie too. I'll keep your sister, and all of you in my prayers.