Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Teaser Tuesday

Next week, I'll share a little of the book I'm working on right now, but I thought you all might enjoy a peak at ALL THE WAY (the next Goddard Project book that I just finished).

ALL THE WAY - Excerpt

The Goddard Project - Book 3

(c) Lucy Monroe


Spinning on her three inch spiked heel, Elle Gray lifted her leg and kicked her perp solidly in the gut.

The stocky, overly tattooed man, who looked more like a thug than the mastermind in one of the biggest acts of technological piracy to hit the east coast in a decade, flew backward. Elle dropped into a fighting stance as Harley hit the wall with a thud, but he just kept sliding until he was nothing but an unconscious heap of cheap leather and ratty blue jeans.

Man, you’d think with all the money he had made on his nefarious dealings, the man could afford a few nice additions to his wardrobe.

And hadn’t that been easier than she’d thought it would be? Apparently, dressing like a biker didn’t mean a man had the fighting skills to last fifteen minutes in a seedy bar much less in a physical confrontation against her.

With a cynical twist of her lips, she dusted her hands off, and then smoothed down the fabric of her short black Vera Wang. The perfect designer for a woman in Elle’s profession. If only Madame Wang knew. Elle had been happy to discover that several items in the sexy line had been designed in a way to give a girl maximum movement. In her opinion, being a federal agent didn’t mean she had to run around looking like a female version of the men in black.

Besides, she’d learned early that a heightened fashion sense coupled with the looks she’d gotten from her mother encouraged others to underestimate both her intelligence and her lethalness.

Just as Harley had done.

Looking at the ungainly mound the insensate man made, satisfaction coursed through her. Sometimes, it was nice to be underestimated.

Flipping open her phone, she called in the clean-up crew. If she hurried on the paperwork, she'd have a full week to relax before starting her new assignment in California.

As she shut the phone, her gaze snagged on the hand holding the cell – more specifically on the middle finger of that hand. Amusement turned to irritation and she glared at Harley.

As if he could feel her ire, he groaned and tried to move.

Examining the damage with annoyance, she ignored him. She'd broken a nail. Well, fudge. She'd just gotten a manicure too. This case had been one irritation after another, but this really irked her. It belied the simplicity of the collar.

She hadn't even broken a sweat taking the guy down, but she had chipped her nail and that was almost as bad as getting a substandard haircut. Elle might be a federal agent with a bad attitude and more than one black belt – not of the accessory variety, but she had her little vanities like anyone else.

Worse, the broken nail meant she had misjudged a hit. And that really pissed her off. It wreaked havoc with her perfectionist tendencies, making her question if she was off her game.

Harley chose that moment to try to crawl away. She growled.

He froze and then looked up at her with eyes still unfocused from his blackout.

"Going somewhere?" she asked.

He told her to do something anatomically impossible, if slightly intriguing. But she wasn’t in the mood to be intrigued. Or pushed.

Without another word, she stalked over to him, crouched down and flipped him on his stomach with one smooth move. To the accompaniment of another not even remotely sexy male groan, she brought his wrists together and secured them with a zip-tie.

"Bitch," he said with venom.

She frowned, considered and then shook her head. "I've always considered myself more of a cat person."

He turned his head and spat at her. Spat. At. Her.


And he’d barely missed the perfectly shined black patent leather boots that added such lovely height to her five feet, ten inches. She reined in the urge to smack his head into the floor. She? Was not an animal. And he was a lucky SOB, no doubt about it.

But at this rate? She was going to be in a bad mood until next month, which was really going to mess up that week of relaxation she had planned.

Maybe she should go ahead and spend it with her family.


Susan said...

Oh this is good, but now I want more! Being a cat person I spat right back at Harley. LOL

Cryna said...

This excerpt is so good, thank you for sharing. I can hardly wait for it to come out.

So glad your holiday is going so well.

Brandy said...

Whee! Love it! Can't wait to see it on the shelves.

Jane said...

I just finished "Deal With This" last week and I can't wait for the next installment, "All the Way."

Estella said...

Can't wait for this to come out!

Virginia said...

Great excerpt, looking forward to more.

flchen1 said...

Oh boy! Thanks, Lucy!! Hope you're having fun so far!

Amy said...

More, More, More please. LOL This is going to be a fantastic read, thanks for sharing the excerpt

Cherie J said...

Ooh! I want more!

Terri said...

Love the excerpt. Can't wait for the book to come out. I recently turned my sister onto your books. She is hooked. Keep em coming. Have a great road trip!

lidia said...


You sure love to tease us with your excerpts. Now of course I can't wait to read the book! LOL

Still can't believe that you are finding the time to write and blog while on your trip.

Assume that you are having a fabulous time!

Stacy S said...

That was great! When does it come out?

Hope you guys are having fun on your trip.

alissa said...

Thanks for this great excerpt. Hope you enjoy this wonderful trip.

Judy F said...

oh it sounds awesome... Can't wait to read this story.

Have fun on your trip

Park Avenue Princess said...


Yes! I'm SO excited...this is great. But, now I HAVE to know what happens and I need more...lol

Thank you so much for sharing.


Phyllis said...

I LOVE it!!! I see the title has been changed. Thanks for the excerpt.

I'm happy you're enjoying the vacation. Hope the family is well. Huggs, P

Lucy Monroe said...

Ooooh...I'm so glad you all enjoyed the excerpt. :) Thanks!!!!