Friday, March 21, 2008

On the Road - Day 1

Well, we're at our first stop (about a third of the way to LA). Man, what a trip. The teens were great and M2B only whined for food and pee breaks every hour, or so. LOL But seriously, after leaving an hour late (yes, it was my fault - I had to organize some last minute stuff) we met major taffic jams getting out of Beaverton, then getting out of Portland and even once we hit Medford. Yikes, what a mess.

But we're here and the trip was both beautiful and fruitful. I got about 3,000 words added to my newest book. We're printing them off so I can do paper edits tomorrow before adding more. :) I absolutely love Southern Oregon. I mean the trip down I-5 is gorgeous! You know how I adore trees and the ones down here are to die for beautiful. Lots of character, lots of texture with both moss and lichen as well as ferns growing at the base of most of them. The shades of green, the rocky's all too delicious for my eyes to handle. And then we got a rising moon that was a Heavenly gift. It was huge and full and just so beautiful, it gave me all kinds of thoughts about my sexy werewolves waiting for me to get back to them.

Speaking of characters...I saw the most amazing cowboy while we were stopped in traffic today. He was uber studly and could have been the Marlboro man without the cigaretter or the mustache. His black Stetson (it had to be a Stetson, it was *nice*) fit him perfectly and he kept it and the boots on while...get this...riding a ten-speed bike. Talk about a strange and thought provoking sight. What was the ultimate cowboy doing on the spindly looking bike?

I think that's an answer I may just have to give you on Serial Saturday, 'cuz it immediately got me thinking about Jake (of Jake and Bella from "Merry Christmas, Baby") and maybe how this possibly might be his b-i-l's fault. Anybody remember who that is?


Stacy~ said...

Sounds like you're have a great time already. Looking forward to those pictures, especially of the cowboy ;)

Hmmm, I am looking right at "Merry Christmas, Baby". I think this calls for a re-read...

Brandy said...

It does sound as though your trip is going well. Continued wishes for more of that!
Okay, now I'm off to pervue my bookshelves and look this up!

Amy said...

um-mm could it be his brother in law Joshua from Ready who married Jake's sister Lise.

It sounds like you guys are having a great time. I am looking forward to your next installment of your adventure.

lidia said...

Can't believe that you are finding time to write in a car full of teenagers!

It sounds that so far at least everyone is having a great time.

Looking forward to seeing pictures and reading more about your adventures!

Judy F said...

Glad you are having a great time. You deserve it.

Happy Easter... Hugs

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Stacy...I wasn't expecting to see him, so my camera wasn't ready. But I've got a great idea for a uber short "What are they doing now?" snipped for Bella, Jake and (Yes, Amy got it right! [g]) Joshua/Wolf and Lise and their little ones. I hope to get it written on the cruise. :) But if not, I'll do it when I get back.

Lidia...the teens have been total troupers, which makes it a lot easier, but writing while so much else is going on *is* hard. However, we perservere for the stories/stuff that mean enough, yeah?

Happy Easter to you too JudyF and thanks to both you and Brandy. :)

Amy said...

Sounds great Lucy. It is fun getting to see what the characters are up to now.