Saturday, March 29, 2008

Just a Quick Hi!

We got in yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to blog. Vacation is draining. LOL

Today is another monster drive day, but I'm hoping to post the "Serial" bit late, late, late tonight. Right now, I've got to get in gear and on the road with the family. :)

I've got lots of pictures to post and some stories to tell when I get home, but I just wanted to share one quickly. 'Cuz it happened this morning. I'm going potty and the door is open to the outer room because my son is asleep and can't see the bathroom from his bed in the suite and hubby and I are chatting. So, what should happen, but the outer door opens and the maid comes in. Yep. Just comes in. "Are you checking out today?" The answer of course is yes, but we're hours from check-out and what she's doing in the room to ask, I have no idea.

Tom and I both burst out laughing after she left and said, "Remind you of something? North Carolina, maybe?" Oh, man...I'm sure it happened just to give you all a giggle, but imagine my chagrine as I'm stuck and the door is open and Tom is too stunned to move and the maid is acting like this is all perfectly normal. LOL

Hugs to you all!


Susan said...

What was that maid thinking? She could have at least knocked! It's a good thing you have a sense of humor. ;)

Amy said...

Not quite as bad as being caught in the shower with hubcap but almost. I am glad you can laught about it. You guy's have the worst luck with maid service in hotel rooms! LOL
Other than that, I hope you guy's are enjoying yourselves

lidia said...

Lucy, There's something about you and hotel rooms! LOL

I've learned that whenever I am in my room to set the deadblot -- that way they can't get in.

You would think that on the day that you are checking out they went come to your room AFTER checkout time.

Can't wait to see the pictures from your trip!

Brandy said...

OMGosh! You and hotel bathrooms!
Good luck on the long drive and be safe.

Cryna said...

You certainly seem to attract the maids when you are staying in hotels. Might have to start locking that door from the inside so they cannot get in. And what kind of question was that to ask......LOL.

Looking forward to hearing more advertures.

Judy F said...

Yikes. you sure do have strange things happen to you.

Can't wait to see the pics

Jane said...

Wish I was on vacation.

Michele L. said...

Geesh! Never a moments peace in the bathroom! My husband likes to talk to me through the door as I am doing my duty. Very annoying!

I am happy that you have an awesome sense of humor about it all!

Have fun!

Virginia said...

She must have been rushing you all. What was she thinking? I guess she wasn't.

flchen1 said...

Wow... so sorry that happened, Lucy! I'd definitely start using the deadbolt :) Welcome back!