Monday, March 17, 2008

Guest Blogger - Trish Morey

It takes a sheikh...

Many thanks Lucy, for inviting me along to visit your blog, it’s so great to be here! And if you’re anything like me, it’s also great to read a desert romance.

My second Harlequin Presents sheikh romance, The Sheikh’s Convenient Virgin, is on the shelves now and already it’s been three weeks in the Borders/Waldenbooks Bestsellers list. Many thanks to those who have helped make it so!

It just goes to show that the desert romance is alive and well, almost a century after EM Hull penned her very famous “The Sheik”, the same story that in film version made Rudolph Valentino a screen legend. Those flashing eyes, that atmospheric setting - the wild untamed wilderness and the wild untamed hero that ruled it – nothing has really changed in all this time. Why is that so?

I think there’s a lot of reasons. There’s an appeal about sheikh stories that transcends time and today’s political correctness. There’s a fascination with the desert prince, something forbidden about this untamed man in his untamed, exotic wilderness. And there’s something about the heroine being caught way out of her comfort zone, where the normal social mores don’t exist and where she has to rely on her own resources to survive. And maybe her own passion. And in the end, where she doesn’t just survive, but she brings this supreme desert ruler to his knees, figuratively, if not literally.

Is that sheikh the quintessential alpha hero? Or is he just one of many supreme examples of the breed that makes romance heroes so strong+? Like Lucy, I’ve penned stories featuring sheikhs, along with Greeks and Italians and more besides.

Which are your favourites and why? I’d love to hear your responses. I have a signed copy of my first sheikh romance to give away (The Sheikh’s Stolen Bride), along with its partner in The Arranged Brides duo, The Mancini Marriage Bargain. I’m looking forward to hearing your responses!



Amy said...

Hi Trish, Thanks to my subscription to the HP line I have just received my June books. I read The Sheikh's Convenient Virgin a few months ago and it was fantastic. It is on my keeper shelves.
I love all kinds of heroes. Sheikh, Cowboy, Italian, Greek etc... A must for me is that the hero has to be a Alpha male hero. I just love seeing those stubborn, strong sexy men fall for their women and how they become tender loving men with their wives and children. While still remaining the strong alpha males they are.

CrystalGB said...

Hi Trish. I love an alpha hero. I agree with your description of why sheik romance is so appealing. They are exotic, unpredictable and they keep you on the edge of your seat.

Brandy said...

Welcome Trish! I have to admit to liking Alpha Men as well. I think part of it is that Alpha Men protect and treasure their families. *g* (Not to mention when the AM ends up having to apologize/grovel, it makes it even better.)

Virginia said...

Hi Trish, I think I like all hero wheather they are Sheikh's to the highlanders they all seem to be sexy. I do tend to switch around alot on my reading, to keep from getting bord.

Cherie J said...

I love sheikh stories and Greek heroes are another favorite. I just love the idea of a foreign hero. However, it is also exciting reading about cajun heroes here in the USA. I guess it is the accent. Very sexy!

Estella said...

I love all kinds of heroes. Sheiks, cowboys, government men, firemen,Greek men, etc.

Trish Morey said...

Hi Amy and thanks! I can't believe you have your June books already, it pays to be a subscriber, doesn't it.

And I"m so with you on wanting an alpha hero every time. There's something wonderful about that transformation from alpha male to alpha male in love!

Trish Morey said...

Crystalgb, hi to you! Exotic and unpredictable - I'm nodding here. And a little bit dangerous too. Lovely!

Hi Brandy. I love your comment about alpha men protecting their families - that's so true! Even when they're the strongest of the strong, they're good men at heart and will do their utmost to protect their families. Good point!

Hi Virginia and Estella, I like the way you guys think - heroes come in all different flavours. I was thinking nationalities, but highlanders and firemen - yummo!

cherie, I'm going to have to check out some Cajun heroes! That accent sounds intriguing (and very exotic for me from Downunder!)

flchen1 said...

Hi, Trish,

I do like sheikhs, possibly because they seem so exotic to me (probably less so for people with a Middle-Eastern background!) and I do love strong heroes, which they also tend to be. I also recently been enjoying some military romances, and those men in uniform are pretty appealing, too!

Lucy Monroe said...

Yes, yes, yes! Give me an alpha hero in pretty much any guise and I'll be a happy reader. LOL

Thanks for coming by, Trish! As always, it's a major pleasure to have you visit!

limecello said...

Hi Trish!
Thanks for sharing about your book. I love shiekh books too, I think because a) they're alpha, and b) generally so primal. I love heroes that are urbane and sexy - but generally it's his personality and competence that really gets me.
All the other "stuff" is [very enjoyable] dressing.
Happy St. Patty's day, everyone!

Trish Morey said...

flchen, thanks for adding military men to the mix. You're so right, there is definitely something about a man in uniform!

limecello, great to see you here. Yeah, primal, excellent description. And I just love that the heroine is taken so far out of her comfort zone, both physically and emotionally, she's really at his mercy, and that ultimately brings out the best in her. Sometimes it brings out the worst in him before we see the best, but that's the fun of the journey:)

Trish Morey said...

Hey Lucy, thanks for letting me come play with your friends:-))

And everyone, if you love gorgeous heroes (and who doesn't), watch out for an anthology out in the UK in September this year (US release tba) called Her Latin Lover. Lucy's dishing up a gorgeous Greek, I believe and I've had fun with a gorgeous Spaniard called Alejandro. Ole!

lidia said...

Hi there Trish! Nice to see you on Lucy's blog.

I love alpha heroes -- doesn't matter their nationality. What I love about them is that are not afraid to show their nurturing tendencies -- be it to their mothers, grandmothers, wives or children. While we don't get too see that often -- since without some sort of strife/misconception, etc... there would be no story, when we finally get to see the "real" hero -- no one can beat that.

I firmly believe that an alpha hero, is the best hero around!

Trish Morey said...

Lidia, how lovely you dropped by!

And what a great point you raise. The alpha hero as nurturer. We don't often get to see that in short category romance, you're right, and most times I suspect that's because the focus has to be on the hero and the heroine interacting, and the heroine can't see that side of the hero -not at first - and this aspect will only gradually be revealed, glimpse by glimpse.

I had a nurturing hero in my The Boss's Christmas Baby where the hero's mum suffers from Altzheimers. She drove him to distraction but he loved her dearly. It was nice to be able to show a different side to him, to balance his corporate tough guy persona. Good call!

Laurie said...

f the earliest alpha heroes that I read about were Diana Palmer's solitary, mercenaries. Followed by Elizabeth Lowell's strong, ornary, almost misogenic males. I loved many earlier Presents writers Sara Craven, Helen Biachin, Margaret Way, Lyndsey Stephens, Penny Jordan to today's Susan Stephens, Jane Porter etc... Alpha's have it all: intelligence, power, drive, personality and finally with the love and strength of a woman compassion and love.

Trish Morey said...

laurie, we have a lot of favourite authors in common. I love your list of faves. So many of them on mine too! Alphas do have it all - and once they find the love of their life they have even more. Just love writing alpha men.

(blissful sigh)

Maureen said...

Hi Trish!
I love all those alpha heroes. They have such commitment to their families and will do anything for the heroine but can get very grumpy about that.

Nathalie said...

I also loved a strong alpha male... and my 2 favorites are oldies.

The Sheikh by Edith Hull and Charles Rex by Ethel Dell... I am not sure how many times I have re-read them!

Denysé said...

Hi, Trish! I've been reading Presents titles for over twenty years, my first purchased by me romance book was an Anne Mather Presents called "Moon Witch" and I've read them ever since. See, it was so memorable, my ancient self remembers the title and the book number!

Alpha males... I write them, read them, and adore them in all the temperamental guises they show up in. My personal favourites are the Italian heroes, but that's personal life spilling into professional life, as well. I've heard is said that to know true passion, one needs to know and Italian man on some level - might be more truth in that than a lot of us think! *lol*

Sheikhs, cowboys, Mediterranean heroes, they're all fabulous, exciting, passionate men, and the lovely heroines who fall for them are the heroines in all of us!

Viva la dolce vita!
And hello and hugs to you, Lucy, and all the other wonderful folks here!!

Trish Morey said...

Hi Maureen! I love it when that heroine gets under the hero's skin so much he gets grumpy. Makes for some wonderful exchanges.

And Nathalie, I've read The Sheik - isn't it fabulous - no wonder it became a sensation. I'll definitely look out for Charles Rex. Thanks for the recommendation.

Hi Denyse and thanks for dropping by. Love your theory on passion - definitely works for this little black duck:-)

Serena said...

Hi Trish!
Oh I love the dark, sensuous eyes, the commanding actions. There's something soooo sexy about a Rudolf-Valentino-like alpha male that just makes my toes curl up!

Hugs to you and Lucy (Serena waves)

Melbourne, Australia

Trish Morey said...

Serena, it's so lovely to see you here! Great to see you're another sheikh fan.

And gosh, it's way past the 17th now, but all the answers have been so fabulous, all of them touching on something that makes alpha heroes special, in whatever guise. Which means I'll have to draw a winner!

Stay tuned...

Trish Morey said...

And the winner is...

(drumroll please)

... crystalgb!

Thanks so much to everyone who commented and made my stay at Lucy's blog so much fun. And thanks Lucy for inviting me!

crystalgb, if you'd like to email me, I'll get you out those signed books.

All best from downunder,

Trish Morey

CrystalGB said...

Thank you so much. :) I have emailed you.

Amy said...

Congrats Crystal!

flchen1 said...

Congrats, Crystal! And thanks for the fun topic, Trish! Congrats on your success!

Lucy Monroe said... are always such a pleasure to have on my blog! Thank you SO much for coming!!!