Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Guest Blogger - Kay Stockham

Spring. It’s not here yet. But, oh, how I’m ready for it to be! Especially when I look out the window and see this.

Friday before last, southern Ohio was slammed with ice and snow and early Saturday morning ice rained down for hours on end. Now, as I type this blog the snow is flying, the cold air is seeping into the house via the windows and I’m dreaming of our upcoming and first 'grown up' vacation to Beaches Negril in Jamaica.

I’ve never been to Jamaica or any of the islands. But heat and sun and more heat (Did I mention I was cold?) sound really good right now. So good it has me thinking of the one aspect of the trip I really don’t want to think about. Care to guess what it is? What do you think of when you think of sand, sun and surf?

That’s right. My biggest dread about the fabulous trip my husband and I splurged on is *GASP* bathing suit season. Have you seen what’s out there? Yeah, I soooo look like that. *SNORT*

As a mother of two who has yet to lose the baby weight (It’s been, um, a decade or so.), I want so badly to find a cute suit. I want to walk the beach without feeling self-conscious, I want to be comfortable yet stylish without showing everything I have to show—and the things we moms all have that simply shouldn’t be shown. You know what I mean.

So, any suggestions? I could use some fashion help here.

If you can point me in the right direction, offer suggestions on styles for my pear shape, or simply add a comment about the resort and things we have to do/shouldn’t do, need to visit etc, please post. I’ll choose a winner from the comments and one lucky reader will win a copy of ANOTHER MAN’S BABY, my newest release that officially hit the shelves March 11.

For a sneak peek of ANOTHER MAN’S BABY, go to to view the trailer. While you’re there, check out the new contest to help celebrate the start of my Tulanes of Tennessee series!

So let's hear it! Help a gal out here. I need a cute suit!

ANOTHER MAN’S BABY, Harlequin Superromance, March 2008


Virginia said...

Well I have no suggestion on the fashion since. I am way over weight and do not wear a swim suit. Now if I was going to the beach I would try to pick out a suit that was sliming, they do make those and I wouldn't worry about it to much because at the beach no one would know me and there is always someone there that looks much worse then you do. That's the way I have to look at things and I am sticking to it.

flchen1 said...

Wow, Kay! Jamaica!! My husband and I just had the chance to go to Montego Bay for a couple days--it was lovely! I'm not much for sunning, but I heard that the water is really clear and if you enjoy boating or snorkeling, that's quite fun there.

For suit advice, I don't have much because I'm the least stylish mom on the planet, but I've heard good things about the tankinis by Land's End. And sarongs or pareos :) Plus, if you're really into distraction, I hear you should do that with a cowboy hat or another sort of eye-catching head covering... ;)

Amy said...

Hi Kay,
The snow looks beautiful. It is in the 70's where I live in AL. We did have thunderstroms this morning. As for sticking my fat body in a bathing suit-no way!

Another's Man Baby sounds great. I can hardly wait to get a copy

robynl said...

Wear what you feel comfy in even if it isn't a G-string(just kidding). If you feel comfy you will enjoy yourself a lot more. As suggested, sarongs are a great thing to have around the waist and to do some hiding but also for fashion.
I say go for long beach walks, maybe snorkeling and make sure to have a 'spa day' to pamper yourselves. I hear they are great.

Lucy Monroe said...

Ah, a subject near and dear to my heart as we just did the whole buy new swimsuits for the season and our upcoming cruise to Mexico thing. LOL My daughters and I all found some amazing suits at Ross. I'm no Skinny Minnie, but I love the suit I found. And, trust me, you'd look gorgeous in the Baby Phat suit DQ (my youngest daughter) found. M2B (the oldest) was just as enthralled with her two piece. She looks indecently gorgeous for a pregnant chickie. :)

Lucy Monroe said...

Oh...I'm such a dork sometimes! But have a wonderful time in Jamaica!!!!

Nathalie said...

Must be a nice vacation... I am getting of the snow here!

But I have to say I ma so shy when I buy a swimsuit and I am not a great fan of the 2 pieces :)

Judy F said...

I have on suggestion for you Kay. Take me with you... LOL

Have a great time. You will rock in a bathing suit.

I haven't been swimming in years. Not since fat girl came along... Good luck on finding the right suit.

lidia said...

Have a great time in Jamaica!

As for swimsuits, Land's End has probably one of the best selections around. They have one piece, tankinis, two piece, etc... They also have a good selection of cover-ups. The best part about their suits is that they also indicate the swim leg cut up your thigh.

Can we come with you? LOL

Brandy said...

I suggest Lands End. That's where I found mine and buying online may sound weird, but they have suit suggestions per body type AND they have a virtual model that you give your measurements for and you can see how you'd look in the different bathing suits. I'm short and well, FLUFFY *G*, and I found a suit that doesn't make me feel like throwing up wearing it out in public to the YMCA.

Estella said...

Lands End tankini---the only way to go.

Kay Stockham said...

Hi, all!

OMG! First off, my apologies to Lucy for being MIA. I've been knocked for a loop by the cold from **ll and by the time I dragged my butt off the couch to run errands that had to be taken care of (passports!), the blog slipped my drug-induced mind. I'm so sorry. :( Thank you for your suggestions. I'll definitely try Land's End. I've bought suits from them before but haven't looked recently and I definitely need one. Too many dimples showin' if you know what I mean. *sigh*


Kay Stockham said...

Lucy, do you know if Ross has a website? I'll have to check. Thanks!


Kay Stockham said...

CONGRATULATIONS, BRANDY! You've won a copy of ANOTHER MAN'S BABY. :) Please email me via my website.

Ladies, again, my apologies. I feel like an idiot for missing my day.