Monday, March 24, 2008

Guest Blogger - Denyse Bridger

First, many thanks to Lucy for having me as guest again. It’s been almost two years since I was last here as more than a fan! (Where does the time go?)

Last time I was newly signed with Liquid Silver Books and about to see the release of my first full-length erotic novel. My how things change over the course of a couple of years. After a rather extensive foray into that aspect of romance, I find myself longing for something a lot sweeter and more appealing.

So, I have gone back to where my heart really lives, the kind of romance that is the trademark of Harlequin Presents. You realize when you’re all but immune to four letter words, and graphic content that something is suffering inside you creatively. I had told Lucy a number of times that I hated everything I wrote, but she continued to have faith in me, and in time, I made the decision to do what I really wanted to do – a novel that I hope will make the grade for HQ, and the first of a series of seven short stories that will one day comprise The Italian Collection.

Each story is set in a different city in beautiful Italy, with a sexy and passionate Italian hero, and borrowing its title from a classic Italian love song. The first of the stories was released in February, and is currently the #1 Best-seller in category at The Wild Rose Press. So, I am thrilled and then some – and even more certain that I’ve made the right move back to writing stories that make the heart smile and sigh with satisfaction…

Another very special, and very personal project is currently in the works, too. Something called Amore Senza Confini, so I hope you’ll drop by my website occasionally and check on the announcement for that one. It’s again tied to the magic and beauty of Italy, but has close ties to my heart for other reasons, as well. I’d love to tell you more, but not just yet, so forgive me for teasing!

For anyone who’d like a special, sweetly sensual treat to read, pick up Bella Signorina at The Wild Rose Press. It’s a steal at $1.50, and for the first time in a long time, I am very proud of something I have created. It will give you a taste of what it to come with the other six tales. (There’s a slideshow on my website if you’re curious – The Italian Collection)

Question: Given my publishing history with erotic romance, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you think is enough, or too much, when it comes to the level of sensuality and explicitness in the romances you love?

I'll be giving away a copy of Bella Signora to two different readers chosen from the comments on this post. :)

Thank you again, Lucy, for letting me visit with your wonderful readers. Will pop in throughout the day to chat with everyone here, of course!



Ellen Ashe/Jade Jurgensen said...

I just bought your book Denyse!! My computer isn't sure how to open it yet but I'll get DH to have a go!! LOL
Can't wait to read it!!

Dr. Kelly Psychic Counselor said...

Found the comment section at last! Yay! :)

I totally agree with you Denyse. I write erotic romances too and when I started yawning while writing the sex scenes I knew something was wrong!

I have to admit that I love reading romances where the characters have a passionate kiss, lots of heated dialogue (sensual, not sexual) they bare their emotions (not their skin) and then go have sex behind closed doors.

I'm more interested in the developing relationship and story. That's me...old fashioned! lol But I do feel we're leaning more toward those romances again. People ARE too desensitized and I believe that getting our readers to fall in love right along with our characters is the main goal.

It's wonderful that you're following your heart and putting a little more sweetness back into your life.


ruth said...

Hi Denyse!
I am enthralled with your new release. It is beautiful and uniquely written. I read the excerpt posted on your website and fell in love with the story and the characters. But the biggest surprise of all is the wonderful tribute to Patrizio Buanne. I am in love with this talented and good looking young man whose voice is exceptional and whose character is lovely. I was watching a concert of his on TV earlier this year and was totally spellbound withhis looks and music. I decided that I would buy his CD which I did, for my husband's birthday, but I play it all the time. My favorite song, is Il Monde. In a novel, I appreciate relationships with depth and meaning. Without that foundation I am left wanting. Best of luck and lovely to have you here.

Colleen Love said...

I've had the pleasure of reading Bella Signorina and it's very sensual and sexy! I know the rest of your series will be a huge hit, too.

I'm so glad you've found your path and have something you believe in and can pour your heart into!! It makes all the difference in the world when you can write your heart.

I have to say, I like all different sensuality levels. The story has to definately come first though. If there is a good story and plot with explicit sex, then thats fine. But, if it's just the sex and no romance or story, I find that to be disappointing. Eh, that's my two cents.


diane said...

Hi Denyse,
What a wonderful novel you have created. Original and fascinating story and characters,with the setting in my ultimate and favorite place on earth. I love everything about Italy and this book is so compelling since it is set there. When I read that you will set each novel in another Italian city I was captivated with this concept and idea. I loved the excerpt and the story. When I read a book that resounds with me, I feel that the characters should have comething in common that attracts them to this relationship and it builds slowly to a crescendo. I look forward to your Italian Collection Series.

Lisa J said...


Bella is a fantastic story - I can tell you've fallen in love with writing again while reading this!

Raw passion doesn't *have* to be crude. Too graphic can be cold and mechanical - a little left to the imagination of the reader is far sexier and enjoyable. I'm sure the rest of the Italian Collection will be just as popular as Bella...

Looking forward to the new project you mention sounds wonderful!

Lisa xx

Denysé said...

Wow - I can't tell you all how thrilled I am, not just to be here, but with the wonderful and thoughtful comments that everyone is offering. As you noted, Ruth, part of the appeal of this particular installment of the Italian Collection is Patrizio's music. He's a wonderful man, and a special friend, and his Blessing on this one was so great. The story moves with the music, and for the first time in too long, I loved what I was doing. I can't wait to get to the rest of them, now, honestly!!

Kelly, we've discussed this before, there needs to be romance in romance, and that has to be born in the heart, not in the heat of the moment, or it just doesn't move the reader. Thanks for coming by.

Lisa - you, too, thanks for coming by, and for always being there to support me. The new project is already turning into something quite special, so I have lots to love in my work these days!

Ellen - thanks! Bella's just reclaimed the #1 spot on the Best-sellers at the WRP in category. So, to everyone who's bought it today -- THANKS!!!!

Diane - my cities are Naples, Sorrento, Rome again, Milan, Amalfi, and Venice! Lots of room for fabulous tales there. I hope the next one will be available soon, I think it's going to be Come Prima - all of these stories borrow their titles from romantic Italian love songs, too!!

Colleen, great to see you here! I know you're aware of how much this story meant to me, and your enthusiasm has been a gift from the first word!!

Will check back later, and thanks again everyone!! This IS fun!!!


jenna said...

Welcome Denyse!
What a creative and impressive website you have. I especially love the slide show showing the Italian Series Collection. It is wonderful! You chose such unforgettable locales for each title which are depicted beautifully. Your new release is so appealing and I am glad that you have concentrated upon the importance of feelings. Individuals with emotions and heart and soul are what is meaningful to me.

ellie said...

Hi Denyse!

When I read the background of your new release and impending Italian Series I was immediately transported to a dreamland which I pine for, Italy. What a remarkable talent you have. The creation of your New Italian Series will be unforgettable. I was mesmerized with your slideshow, showing all the wonderful locales, as well as your storyline which has me riveted. Thanks for this delightful glimpse into your work. I enjoy reading books that take me away with the characters on their journey of love.

Brandy said...

It sounds as though your heart was guided along with your mind, to find a new way for you to write. Good luck and your book sounds lovely!

rebekah said...

Your book sounds wonderful.

Kaz said...

Hi Denyse !

Just wanted to say Thankyou for writing Bella Signorina , its a fantastic story , it's a story that takes you away to Italy and never want to come back ! full of Love and Romance

I have read lots of love stories but this one kept me reading untill i'd finished it , couldn't put it down !!! :)

I can't wait to read the rest of the stories in the "Italian Collection", im postive they will be just as great as Bella

Congratulations on it becoming number 1 !!! Yay !

Kaz x

lainey bancroft said...

Congratulations for finding a way to please yourself and the readers, Denyse! I think you can engage body parts and that's fine, but at the end of the day it is the book that tickles you emotions, not just your 'er, um fancy, that really sticks with readers.

"Amore Senza Confini" You tease! Of course we'll be watching like hawks to hear the rest of this story.

Okay, if I can't go to Italy, can I at least get on a cruise with Lucy? =)

Estella said...

I like all levels of sexual stories, providing THERE IS a story. Not just sex.

Denysé said...

More fun, you guys are great! I can't tell you how pleased I am that this whole Italian Collection is so appealing to everyone. I had a wonderful time putting the slideshow together for it, and have since met a photographer who wants to supply the pictures of Italy for remaining covers, to that's fabulous. He's also my partner on Amore Senza Confini - the title was his, and for those who need a translation, it's Love Without Limit, I know it's a special and romantic concept, so you are bound to love it if things Italian appeal to you. That's all I can say for now, but a new website will soon be announced to tell you more and show you what it's all about!!

Jenna - Thanks, it is a special and rewarding experience to be back in a place creatively that fills me with excitement, and entertains my readers, too. As you said, it has to be meaningful to touch the soul and the heart. Thank you.

Ellie - Italy is magic, isn't it? I think my soul has been tied to that country forever, and over the past couple of years it's exerted a stronger pull than ever before. The slideshow was so much fun.

Thanks to you both for leaving such lovely comments behind there, too.

Brandy and Rebekah - again, thanks. It is lovely to know that something so special to my heart means a lot to readers like you.

Kaz - great to see you here! I know you've been cheering Bella from the start, so it feels great to see it in the #1 spot!!

Lainey - thanks for stopping in. Yes, I know, a tease, but a few more hints about Amore... not too much, I have a partner to consider on this one!! *lol*

Hey, we all want to go on a cruise with Lucy - I wonder if she can be persuaded??

Thanks to everyone again! Will check in later, and of course randomly pick a couple of winners for the ebook!!

Chat with you soon...
Hugs, Denyse

Denysé said...

Estella - didn't forget you, we were just posting at the same time! I agree 100%, the story IS the most important aspect of any romance, and its styling and genre should dictate the level of sensuality, not merely be sex for the sake of including it.

Excellent points and thoughtful observations from everyone here. Thanks!

Jane said...

With erotic romances, I don't think there is such a thing as too much sex. There are so many subcategories within the romance genre, that you will eventually find which one you like. Some will like BDSM but not menage. There's something for everyone.

Virginia said...

Hello Denyse! I haven't had the pleasure of reading your books yet but plan on it. To me the story and romance needs to come first. I don't like starting a book and the heavy sex seens start on the first few pages. I like for the story to work up to the sex scenes. I think the waiting is half the fun. Give me the story first.

Natalie said...

Hi Denyse,
Just wanted to say hi to.Your blog is going well!

Amy said...

Hi Denyse, I have never read one of your books so I will have to go and download a copy of your book.

I like all different levels of sensuality and explicitness in my romance. I read everthing from christian romances to erotica. It just depends on the storyline. I don't like books that are just full of sex but don't have any type of storyline to them.

Denysé said...

Wow - this is just going great, isn't it? So, a treat for you, ladies... anyone who knows me knows I have an absolute PASSION for Italian singers, and have I got one for you to check out this time! Young, sexy, handsome, and the voice of an angel - enjoy a moment with Riccardo Foresi here: - believe me, it's worth it!! He is incredible!!!

Jane, Virginia, Amy - thanks so very much for dropping my and offering your thoughts on things. I've just been so touched by the support and interest everyone has in this wonderful thing called ROMANCE!! Everyone's got such truly fascinating insights, and each comment reflects that diversity. I think you're all GREAT!!

Now, while you enjoy Riccardo's amazing voice, I'm off to supper, but will back shortly!!

Hi, Natalie! Thanks for coming by!!

Love to all!!

pearl said...

Your novel is heavenly and so compelling. With such wonderful characters and heartfelt emotions this story is a beauty. It is rare to find such a special writer, your choice of Italy which is utter perfection and The Italian Collection all are fabulous. Love your slideshow and website. Best wishes on your new series.

Cherie J said...

To me a good story with well developed characters is primary. Sex, whatever level, is just not essential for a story to be great.

Denysé said...

Thanks Pearl, all things Italian have a special air of romance about them. Don't know why, it's just a special passion for love and life that's part of the culture and charm of the country and its people.

Cherie J - thanks for dropping by, and right you are, STORY is everything to the experience of really enjoying a romance.

Don't forget to check out Italian romance in Riccardo Foresi's music, too, okay?

If you have a page in MySpace, feel free to send me a friend request, too, okay? You can't miss me on Riccardo's page, so just follow the link!

Back again a little later to announce some winners!!

You guys are GREAT!!

Michele L. said...

Hi Denyse!

Welcome! How nice to have you here talking about your new book! It sounds absolutely wonderful!

My tastes run the gamut when it comes to sex in a book. In some stories I would rather the sex to take a backseat to the storyline. In others where it is a romance sex is the main focal point for me.

I like sex tastefully done. I don't like raunchy sex. I am a very romantic person so the more romantic it is the better I like it. I love it when there are sex scenes that are mysterious. When a guy leads a woman on a chase with clues to lead her to the mysterious, sexy man waiting to tickly her fancy! Ooo...that is tantalizing and exciting!

Denysé said...

Okay, one last time - THANKS to everyone, and I do mean everyone, who has come by and offered such wonderful comments. I am so grateful and appreciative of your support and good wishes. Bella Signorina is the beginning of something very special, and I do hope you will all enjoy the story!

I promised two winners from the comments, so random numbers picked give me Jenna and Diane. I hope everyone else will grab a copy, and please let me know your thoughts if you do, okay?

Much love to everyone here, and to Lucy - I love you, my friend - thanks a million for letting me visit with your readers today, it's been fabulous and fun!!!

Ladies, anyone who wants to email me, the address is: -- Winners, I'll get your books to you ASAP when you get in touch.

THANKS again!!!

HUGS -- Denyse

Kathleen Grieve said...

Hope I'm not too late! Had to take a class for work today and just got home. Loved your post and I can't wait to read your book!

flchen1 said...

Denyse, I missed you earlier today, but just wanted to say that your stories sound lovely! And I haven't had the chance to visit Italy in person yet but love that I can do that through your Italian stories! As for explicitness, I don't mind it in the context of a well-developed romance and relationship, but if it's just sex, that's a lot less interesting.

Rita said...

Hello Denyse *waving* sorry I missed your live blog but we had some public holidays that made for a very long Easter weekend ;o) Just got back today - Tues 25th March. Looks like everyone had a good time.
Cheerio Rita from South Africa

Denysé said...

Hey everyone!

Thanks again for making yesterday such a fabulous success and so much fun!!

Lucy, this was a blast, I hope we can do it again sometime!!

Love to all,

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks for keeping my homegirls entertained, Denyse! We'll definitely have to do this again. :)

Denysé said...


I had a wonderful time doing this, and chatting to everyone - I would LOVE to do it again sometime.

Hope your holiday is going GREAT!!! Talk to you soon.

Love, Denyse