Friday, March 14, 2008

Diamonds Down Under & A Cool Contest

This month the third book in the Diamonds Down Under series for Silhouette Desire is now on the shelves. Maxine Sullivan's 'Mistress & A Million Dollars' takes the series in an evocative new direction.

Australian supermodel, Briana Davenport, isn’t for sale... until millionaire lawyer, Jarrod Hammond, offers her a million dollars to warm his bed. Yet getting involved with her dead sister’s brother-in-law might prevent Briana’s beloved father from going to jail, but can it stop her heart from being caught? And will Briana’s connection to a missing necklace prevent Jarrod from seeing the “real” diamond in his arms?

Visit the Diamonds Down Under blog and take a peek at last week's blog and see the pictures of the hero and heroine that Maxine used for inspiration. And leave a comment on the current blog hosted by new Desire author, Robyn Grady, and you may be lucky enough to win the partial critique offered by agent, Jennifer Schober of the Spencerhill Agency. Jennifer represents both Maxine and Robyn.

Good luck!


Michelle B said...

Well, I don't need the critique (unless someone wants to critique my math notes LOL), but thanks for sharing about Maxine's book. I'll have to add it to my list!

Congrats on the new release, Lucy! Sorry I'm late to the blog party:)

Amy said...

I read this book several months ago thanks to my subscription to Sil Desires. It is a really great read. All the books in the Diamonds Down Under have been really great reads.

Maxine said...

Lucy, thanks so much for telling everyone about my book. And Amy, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Michelle, Robyn Grady is also giving away 2 of her books for those who don't need an agent critique.

But be quick, ladies. The drawing is soon.

Serena said...

Hi Lucy and Maxine,
Lucky me has already read htis WONDERFUL book in what is truly a magnificent series! Everyone out there, order your copies online if you've missed any because it's FABULOUS!!!!!!

Hugs from Down Under...