Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blog Winner for Monday

Like I said yesterday, we're giving away prizes daily for the next two weeks. If you're wondering who the mouse in my pocket is - or the other half of the "we" in the giveaway, it's Nicolette. Not only will she be guest blogging, but she'll be here to chat with you on all the blogs related to our book over the next two weeks. If I know her, she'll probably chat on the others as well. :) The prizes will be announced with the winners. Some will be bigger, some smaller, but I figured it would add to the fun not to know what they are until you know who won them.

The prize winner from comments made on yesterday's blog posts is:

Congratulations, hon!!!!

Brandy, you've won a copy of the book on CD, the cover signed by both Nicolette and myself, bath goodies, promo pens and bookmarks and of course my signature chocolate! Just email your info to my PA and she'll get your prize out to you early next week.


Cryna said...

Congratulations Brandy. Enjoy your prize, it sounds great.

Amy said...

Congrats Brandy!

Stacy~ said...

Congrats Brandy :)

Brandy said...

Um, there was a prize? How did I not notice that? I just commented to comment! *G*
BUT, thank you very much!

Nicolette Derens said...

Congrats, Brandy! And of course there are prizes... this is a PARTY! *G*
I've loved all your comments, everyone! Thanks for making this so much fun!