Monday, March 17, 2008

Another Excerpt - Miss Fix-It

Miss Fix-It Excerpt #2
(c) LC Monroe & Nicolette Derens
March, 2008 - Samhain Publishing


Caleb stared at her, amazed. And hurt. “You think I’m taking the easy way out?”

Ginney opened her mouth, then shut it again. Caleb waited for her to deny it for another minute. She shifted from one foot to the other, then back; she stared at the floor; clearly uncomfortable.

Caleb stepped closer until he was looking down on the top of her head. The sunbeams caught the gold highlights in the auburn depths of her hair. For one more moment, while he could still hope that she thought the best of him, Caleb wished that he had the right to lift his hand and run it through the silky fullness.

Quietly he said, “Ginney.”

He waited for her to look up.

When she finally did, he said, “Do you think I’m doing this because it’s easier than preaching?”

She wet her lips before answering, haltingly, “I don’t want to think that, Caleb. But I know that preaching requires all of you—your mind, heart and spirit.”

Caleb felt his heart clench. He couldn’t be with this woman. He couldn’t make a life with her. Her opinion, her respect, shouldn’t matter so much. He wouldn’t be a preacher, anyway. But it felt like a knife to hear her say that she thought he couldn’t handle the life he’d planned for so long.

“Well, now that you’ve figured it all out, there’s nothing keeping you here with me.” He wanted to be alone.

“That’s not entirely true, Caleb.”

He looked at her. She looked determined. Even a little angry.

“What you’re not realizing is that when you deny your call, you deny someone else their call.”

Caleb crossed his arms over his chest to keep from reaching for her. She was even more beautiful when riled up and he had a very primitive urge to claim that passion for himself. But she wasn’t his to claim. She never would be.

“What are you talking about?”

“The ranch. Your brother. If God’s plan is for Beau to run this ranch, you are denying Beau his place.”

Caleb took a deep breath. That was just what he needed, more guilt. He started to reply.

But then he looked at Ginney.

There was something there. Something that made his heart beat faster, even as he felt undeniable hesitation, like his subconscious mind was warning him to not take this step, while his heart told him he’d never rest until he asked the next question.

“Who else?” he asked softly, before he could talk himself out of it.

Ginney pressed her lips together and her eyes were on the collar of his shirt. But then, she straightened her spine, lifted her chin, met his eyes and said. “Me.”

“What do you mean?” But he thought that he knew. Part of him hoped that he knew.

“We’re supposed to be together, Caleb.”

He stepped closer to her, until the tip of his boot touched the toe of her shoe. She had to tilt her head back to keep eye contact.

“We are together.”

“I mean always. In all ways. I’ve always known it and I think you do too. I’m supposed to be a preacher’s wife. I’m supposed to be your wife. Which, logically, means you have to be a preacher.”

Caleb stared at her. Thoughts jumbled in his head. He couldn’t believe she’d said it. This was bold, even for Ginney. The unspoken feelings in each letter, the connection between them that lasted even across time and miles, the dreams, had now been put to words. There was no ignoring them now. There was no denying them.

Drawn by a force he didn’t fully understand, but was disinclined to analyze at the moment, Caleb leaned in.

“I love you, Caleb,” she whispered just before his lips could meet hers.It was the only thing that could have stopped the kiss.


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