Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Guest Blogger - Melissa Lopez

Boomerang Love’s inspiration.

Our muses can be influenced by a song lyric. A favorite quote. A women’s magazine survey. A Hollywood entertainment show. A sporting event. A too-die action hero. Even another author’s story. Absolutely anything can jump start our muses. That’s what is so great about being an author. You never know what will tickle a muse’s fancy.

Boomerang Love’s inspiration was a combination of things.

More than a year ago Samhain Publishing put out a call for sun, sand, and sex anthology stories. I’d grinned in delight as I read the theme. Beaches! Exotic locations! Authors love the travel channel, especially me. I starting thinking of all the beaches I’d yet to visit, including those in Australia.

Ever since watching "Crocodile Dundee” an Australian comedy set in the Australian Outback I’ve been fascinated by the country. Yes, my fascination goes back that far. The country has such an allure for me, its beauty, the men, and the accents. I didn’t have to give it a second thought. I knew I wanted to try for a story slot. And so did my muse. Through the weaving of a story I knew where my muse was taking me.

The actual concept inspiration for Boomerang Love sprang from the relationship of my youngest son’s favorite hero and his wife. Steve and Terri Irwin.


Some mothers watch hours on end of cartoons with their little boys, not me. Mine still wants to grow up to be a crocodile hunter. And then one day I listened as the couple shared their “love at first sight” tale. The couple married within a few short months of meeting one another.

Almost immediately my muse asked me…what if a heroine left, instead of staying? Would she return? Did she dare? What about the hero? Would he be able to work her out of his system? The plot to Boomerang Love fell into place as I drafted a short premise up.

In those minutes the Thorn brothers were born.

I invite you to…Take a walkabout on the wild side.

To read an excerpt, follow the link and click on Boomerang Love’s cover.


Thanks so much for having me Lucy!
Melissa Lopez
JOURNEYS OF LOVE every woman needs to take.


Amy said...

Boomerang Love sounds like a great read.

Lucy Monroe said...

Coming out of my cave just long enough to say I agree! I can't wait to buy and read this book. Just gotta finish the one *I'm* working on first. :)

Stacy~ said...

Sounds interesting Melissa. Good luck with it :)

Brandy said...

Sounds like an interesting read!

Cryna said...

This sounds like a really fun read....

Melissa Lopez said...

Hiya, ladies.

Sorry about my slow response. I missed this going up.

Thanks Amy!

Appreciate it Lucy! :) Good luck with yours!

Thanks a bunch Stacy & Brandy!

Hey, that's my hope Cryna. :)