Sunday, January 20, 2008

Note from Lucy

Hey, all...I've been sitting here and debating how real I should be with you all. Yes, you are my homegirls (and guys), but still, this is a pretty public forum. But that's not a bad thing, I guess.

Here's the scoop, with my flu and then my cold, I managed to get my sleep schedule flipped again, which led to another bout of sleep deprivation. VERY frustrating and once again, I found myself behind in both my writing and keeping up with email and my blog, not to mention my promotion stuff. Thank goodness for my PA and Promotions Coordinator. :)

I have slept at night two nights in a row and written 54 pages in the last two days as well (funny how getting normal sleep is connected so closely to my ability to write), so I'm feeling good and hopeful of catching up without getting as overwhelmed as the last time my sleep pattern went cattawumpus. However, I am committed to turning my book in on time and that means I have to really limit my online activity.

I'll be posting guest blogs frequently and may post a personal note or two, but watch my progress on the book in the sidebar. It's due in a couple of weeks and then I will be back with you all on a regular basis. Please make my guest bloggers feel welcome. Trust me, I've tried to schedule people you all will find interesting and enjoy interacting with.

You all are wonderful and thanks for always being so understanding and kind!

Hugs and blessings,


P.S. A cool piece of news - The Rancher's Rules received a Reviewer's Choice Award from CataRomance!


Estella said...

Sure hope you can continue to sleep at night.

Cathy said...


Sorry to hear you were having trouble sleeping at night. I have the same issue from time to time. It is hard to get anything done when trying to switch back to a night sleeping pattern because you feel so sluggish from a lack of sleep.

Congrats on The Rancher's Rules! I loved it too.


lidia said...


Nothing worse than not being able to sleep at night. That happens to me periodically and then I'm exhausted for the next few days.

Big congratulations on "The Rancher's Rules!

Amy said...

Hi Lucy,
I am sorry to hear about your problems with sleeping at night but I can definitely identify.

Congratulations on The Ranchers Rules. I loved it.

Kelley Nyrae said...

We'll be here when you get back, Lucy. Hope your sleep stays on the right pattern.

Stacy~ said...

Lucy, I'm sorry you've had trouble sleeping. I hope you're feeling better and that you're back on track soon. We'll miss you, but we know how important it is for you to meet your deadlines. Take care.

Cryna said...

Hi Lucy

Sorry to hear that you have been having so much trouble sleeping and still have the cold/flu. Hope that now you are being able to sleep that you get back on track real quickly. Also hope that you make your deadline, we will all still be here........cyber hugs.

Contratulations on the great news about The Rancher's Rules.

Brandy said...

Lucy, the same thing has happened here, only it's not just me, it's the whole family! So, I really do understand. I hope things work out for you and Congratulations on the Award!

Kate Davies said...

Glad to hear nighttime sleeping is coming back for you, Lucy. Hugs and hopes it continues. And go go go on the book! You can do it!


Michelle B said...

Sorry to hear your sleep schedule has been off, Lucy. I'm glad to hear you're getting back to normal.

My sleep schedule is messed up too, but it's my own fault. Over the winter break, I stayed up way too late (like 4 or 5 in the morning) reading to catch up on my TBR pile and now I'm having a hard time readjusting to going to bed early enough to teach my 7am class!

Good luck finishing the new book and take care of yourself!

Chantal said...

Hi Lucy, I like that work in progress status bar. What a nifty little icon.

Glad to hear that you are sleeping better, and I can't wait for your new book!

Maureen said...

That's neat that we can see your progress. I hope your sleep patterns straighten out and the book continues to progress.

Angie-la said...

You do whatever you have to do, you know we understand.
You get better real soon! We will be here when you return.
Big Hugs!

Judy F said...

(((Hugs))) If we lived in the same time zone I say call me during the night. I have been having trouble sleeping for a while now.

Take care of you first OK> Congrats on the Ranchers Rules it was awesome.

Susan said...


I hope all of the rough patches are behind you! We'll be here when you get back.

Congratulations on "The Rancher's Rules"!

Lettetia said...

Hey Sweets,

Take care and continue to improve daily. You are always in my prayers, be assured of that. God has special plans for you and will help you take care of yourself above all.


Denysé said...

Lucy, first and foremost look after yourself, you're too special to neglect. The book is the second most important thing, and everyone who can't wait to read another of your wonderful stories knows that.

Be as kind to yourself as you are to so many others, okay? Relax and do what you need to do to make your heart smile. Everything else will follow, right?

Much Love, and HUGS ~~

Rita said...

Hope you feel better... its always a drag when you have the flu bug.

Rita said...

Hey Denyse! Lovely to see you online... its Rita from SA ;o)