Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This Week's Pressies

It's time for more pressies that everyone can have, don't you think? Need to keep this party rockin' after all. :) So, I've created three fun and hopefully way cool avatars for you to download if you want them. You can find the new avatars under "Downloads" on my Fun Stuff Page. Two are for Deal With This only, but the other one is a composition of the covers from Ready, Willing, And Able, Satisfaction Guaranteed & Deal With This. I had fun making them, but I'm thinking I should have had the graphic guru do them. Maybe he can whip up something more impressive for next week. :)

Lucy :)


Amy said...

Hi Lucy, I love the avatars. Just 12 more day's until Deal With This hits store shelves! I have my copy pre-ordered at my local BAM.

Stefanie said...

Great avatars Lucy!