Sunday, November 11, 2007

Special Guest Blogger

Oh...I'm here! How, fabulous. Really. I'd thank Lucy for inviting me, but she didn't. Not that she wouldn't have, I'm sure...given enough time to think on the rightness of doing so, but well...why wait for an invitation, when you can make one yourself? That's my motto. I wouldn't get far in my business if I spent my time waiting around for someone to notice me. There is a reason I like the pink hair, yeah?

What, you're wondering who I am? You don't recognize my pic? Excuse me, people, but is there a problem here??? You read the excerpt of my story right? Okay, technically, it's not my sory. It's Jill-baby's, but I play an important supporting role. Just like on our Sci-Fi show. I even have a love interest. Come on, I'm surrounded by studs...of course I get the occasional crush. Drives Jill batty, but the woman needs to learn to loosen up a little.

I've got some ideas for that, but if I tell them to you, you'll probably tell her and then she'll get all mother-lecture on me. So not my favorite thing. She is a sweetheart though. Truly.

If I was straight, I'd go for her big time. But then where would that leave Alan? With me in the running, the competition would be hopelessly outclassed. Are you laughing??? Please...people, I am so not a princess. Just because Jillian (that gorgeous hunk of man flesh) call me one doesn't make it true.

Speaking of my pic...even if we weren't...don't I have the most kissable lips? They're one of my best features. I won't mention the other. I've been informed by Lucy that this is a PG blog. Sheesh...maybe she needs to learn to loosen up.

I see that Lucy likes to ask questions of you all...hmm...what would I like to know? I suppose first and foremost, would you all like me to come back? This guesting gig is kinda nice. Second, do you watch Sci-Fi shows? Have you seen mine? (Please, if you haven't - don't tell me, it's so lowering and I'm all about being happy.) Do you think I'd make a good Hamlet? I can hear Jill laughing her heiny off - she's so going to get it. I think I could pull it off. Can't you see the great play done with a vibrant color haired hero? I so can! I just haven't been able to convince anyone else that it's a good idea. Oh, I know - last question, really. Who am I? I love these kinds of games.

Hmm...I could give something away. Never let it be said that Lucy is the only one who likes to give away pressies! I know I'll give away a signed picture of ME! Click here for it. Be honest, isn't it gorgeous?

Air kisses to you all!


Amy said...

Would you happen to be Gavin. I love your post by the way. ~~BG~~

Amy said...

forgot to say, I love your picture.

Brandy said...

Love the pink hair!

Jennifer Y. said...

Lovely pic...and I have to say I think you are Gavin.

Of course, I'd love for you to come back as a guest...hmmm...maybe you can get your friends to come as guests too!

Stacy~ said...

LOL, what a pleasure to have you guest-blogging. Yes, I'd love to have you post more in the offense to Lucy *g* Cuz we love her too.

Chantal said...

What a very interesting guest post.
I'm as confused and intrigued as I have ever been, lol

Susan said...

Hi there Gavin! I love your post and you are so photogenic it makes me jealous!

I'd love for you to come back as a guest.

Estella said...

Love the pink hair, Gavin!

lrwirum said...

love the blog. funny. :-) Love to see more. :-)

tara said...

Very funny!! Who would not LOVE to have you guest blogging, Gavin?? But come on ..Red is the new Pink!!
as my daughter says XOXO..tara

tara said... that was a backo-typo
Pink is the new Red ..I think I should have typed!! great now it just all sounds wrong!! A head cold will do that to a person!!

Special Guest said...

Oh, aren't you all just too sweet?!! Soooo nice of you to take the time to chat. Really. Jill says I tend to be a bit too chatty sometimes, but I can't help it. She's usually smiling, so I'm not taking that as a serious complaint. Would you?

I'm positively thrilled you know who I am. I suppose my signature on the publicity pic gave me away, huh? Though really, it *could* have been the hair.

What a lovely surprise not to be asked for all the dirt on Jill-baby or her new boarder and...ahem...maybe other things...that's usually what happens. Not that I don't have my own following you know, but Jillian is the tops and not just in my books.

Smooches until next time!