Monday, November 26, 2007

Last Week's Prize Winner, etc.

First...I had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and thank you all for your lovely comments and wishes on my T-day post. :)

Second, last week's prize winner is:


Congrats, hon...please email me with your mailing address and I'll get your prize right off to you.

Third, just wanted to remind you all that I'm guest blogging and chatting at lots and lots of places this week, so please check my Chats and Appearances page for information on where and when. Don't think I won't be around here though, 'cuz I will. I've still yet to post this week's Pressies blog and other fun stuff. So, keep an eye out.

Fourth...a quickie heads up for December. I was shopping in Costco with Hubcap and found the most gorgeous set of ornaments commemorating The Twelve Days of Christmas and that gave me an idea. We're going to have daily giveaways for 12 consecutive days in December here on the blog. Fun, huh? Winners will get a free book, chocolate and one of the beautiful ornaments.

I love this time of year!



Amy said...

Congrat's Tara.
WOW Lucy, you are very generous to give away gift's 12 day's in a role. I love Christmas too. It is my very favorite time of the year.

Dev said...

Congratulations, Tara!

Lucy, you are always so generous. The giveaways sounds like fun.

robynl said...

Congrats to Tara.
Those ornaments sound absolutely gorgeous just thinking about The 12 Days of Christmas.
One year I sent my girlfriend twelve gifts individually wrapped; each day for 12 days she opened one. It was exciting for me even.

Cryna said...

Congratulations, Tara

Lucy sounds like you have some fun things all lined up for us.

Stacy~ said...

Congratulations to Tara.

Great giveaway Lucy. Thank you for being so giving.

Was over at and saw you at Michelle's place. Love your post :)

Laura K said...

Congratulations to you, Tara, and Lucy on your new book today. I just learned about it from Author's Island. Hope you'll be able to chat with our group tomorrow! Have a great day!!

Pat Cochran said...

Great and generous giveaway! The
holidays are starting in a big way!
Congratulations on the release of
"Deal With This" from Author Island
and us,your readers!!

Pat Cochran

Angie-la said...

That is a fun idea for a contest~
I just luuurves Christmas. :P
After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year!

Wendy said...

Congrats Tara! and Lucy, I love this time of year, too! :)

Jennifer Y. said...

Congrats Tara!

That sounds like a cool giveaway Lucy!!! Congrats on the new release, btw!

Stacy S said...

Congrats Tara!

Sounds like a great giveaway!!

Cathy said...

I love your giveaway idea, and big contrats to Tara.

Lis said...

Congrats Tara!
Sound like very cute ornaments, I'll have to look for them next time I'm at Costco :)

Nathalie said...

Seems like a cool contest!

Cherie J said...

Congrats Tara! Sounds like a wonderful giveaway! You are always so generous.

Lucy Monroe said...

I'm so glad "The Twelve Days of Christmas" giveaway sounds fun to you all. I'm always trying to think of neat things to do this time of year. Hubcap put his foot down about doing an advent calendar with goodies for each of the five kids every day though. Can you imagine?

Brandy said...

Congratulations Tara! Your new giveaway sounds like fun!

Jennifer said...

Eee -- that's so fun and generous! :-P Also, it'll be something for me to look forward to during finals [=\]

Estella said...

An ornament giveaway sounds great!
Congrats Tara!

tara said...

*Waving* to all you sweet ladies!!
And Thank You LUCY!! I am so excited about winning!! You are so much fun!! The way you treat your readers***like friends**amazes me!! It shows what a tender open heart you have!!
I am so jazzed about Deal With This!! I will be picking up my copy tomorrow or on Saturday. I should be there for your signing!! A Lucy party is not to be missed, right?? What a wonderful idea with the ornaments too!! December is going to be FUN!! I will send you an email with my address!! Lots of Hugs…Tara

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks...and Jennifer, everyone needs something to look forward to during dead week. :)

Tara - congrats and I'm *so* glad you are coming to the book signing!


Lily said...

That new christmas giveaway contest looks great!