Friday, November 02, 2007

Guest Blogger - Sylvia Day

Hi Everyone!

First, I must thank the lovely and adorable Lucy for allowing me the opportunity to blog with you today!

Reaching out to readers is something I really love doing. I travel to as many readers' conferences/conventions as I can afford, I participate in book signings and guest blog when asked, and I try to keep my website as accessible as possible with areas like my blog and message board, an interactive Q & A section, and fun things like book trailers.

Funny thing is, when I meet up with readers at events I usually talk about anything but my books. Recent all-night reads, favorite recipes, interesting things to see and do in the area, mutual fan-girl moments for other authors... those are the topics I touch on most. I'm a shy person (though some who've met me don't believe it *g*) so focusing on other things is often more comfortable for me.

Then yesterday I tried a new way to interact with readers that I'd never attempted before -- podcasting. Have you listened to podcasts? Do you enjoy them? It was all new to me, so I was a bit apprehensive, plus I had to talk about my latest release, A PASSION FOR HIM (which released on Tuesday) since that was the whole point of the podcast. :) I admit, I was nervous. But I jumped in with both feet and thought I'd give it try.

Through the podcast readers can hear me talk about my book in my voice, with all the inflections it carries. It’s another way to interact and when the interview was over, I found I enjoyed it. So perhaps I’ll do another one. Maybe Lucy would let me interview her for one! (Lucy? *smiles*) I bet that would be fun.

How about y’all? Do you attend reader events like the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention? Are any of you going this year?



Brandy said...

I've been to one author event in the past 2 years, I would love to go to more, but most authors don't come near where I live in SC and finances play a huge role as well. I would LOVE to go to RT, but will (again) be unable to attend. Have a blast when you go! (at least I get to hear about the fun vicariously!) *G*

Judy F said...

I have been going to local booksignings. Ohio is a hotbed of romance writers. Lori Foster and Dianne Castell have a wonderful reader and writer get together in June here in Cincinnati that I have gone to every year.

Some day I would like to go to RT

Lily said...

I live in Canada... so no major book convention :(

Nathalie said...

Hi Sylvia... I would love to meet some authors, though I never went!

ellie said...

I have never attended an author event but it would be a fun idea to go to one nearby. Have fun and best of luck.

Amy said...

I take care of Diana Palmer's BB and was fortunate enough to get to go to GA and meet her this past June. Other than that I have never been to a book signing event but would love to go to more, If I could work my schedule around them. There are a lot of wonderful authors out there I would love to meet

Lucy Monroe said...

Hey, Sylvia...welcome! I've been considering the whole podcast thing for some time now. I've done a few online radio interviews, but not my own podcasts and I think it would be uber cool to do. I'd love to know what readers think of it. :)

Stacy S said...

I've been to a few book signings. That's all, not much going on where I live. And those were a 1 1/2 -3 hours away. I haven't listened to a podcast. I have trouble with my connection ( dial up).

Kelley Nyrae said...

Hey Sylvia!! You don't seem shy at all to me! I was totally nervous the first time I met you!

I've never done the podcast thing. Sounds fun though. I go to all the local events I can (which aren't too many). In 2008 I'll be going to my first RWA since its so close. I might hit Jackie up and ride with her if they drive. I'm so excited to go.

Anonymous said...

I love podcasts. I download them to my iPod and then listen while at work.

I went to my first big booksigning (meaning more than one author) this past weekend. The Seattle Romance Writers were having their annual conference and did a big bookfair. I drove 5 hours to go, but I don't regret it one bit. It was so much fun, I met some great authors (Christina Dodd and Elizabeth Boyle at the top of that list) and picked up some awesome books.

Lori said...

I've been to a few, and was fortunate enough to meet you at Celebrate Romance in Long Beach, where you gave me the background on why you wrote one of your books.

I have been to RWA and to Suz Brockmann's dinner there (what a hoot!), and I can't wait to go again this coming year in SF. And Lori Foster & Dianne Castell's get-together is always a lot of fun as well.

And, just have to add, my copy of A Passion for Him came today. Guess what tonight's activity is? Woohoo!

Sylvia Day said...

Hi everyone!

Wouldn't you know it? My cable provider had an outage today and I was without internet for many hours. :(

It's so nice to finally make it here and see you all!


Sylvia Day said...

Hi Brandy!

Celebrate Romance is going to be in Columbia, SC next year -- February 29th - March 2nd.

Is that reasonably close to you? I won't be going, I'm sad to say, but I've attended in the past and it was a lot of fun!


Sylvia Day said...

Hi Judy,

I hear such good things about Lori and Dianne's get-together!


Sylvia Day said...

Lily, Nathalie, Ellie --

Hopefully someday! I'd love to meet you. :)


Sylvia Day said...

Amy, Stacy -

A lot of the conferences and gatherings try to rotate their locations around the country, so hopefully one will work their way around you soon. :)

I'd love for one to come around Southern California, where I'm at. San Diego or Anaheim.


Sylvia Day said...


Thank you again for having me here! ((hugs))

You'd be awesome in a podcast! You're so enthusiastic and charming. (Plus they're fun. *g*)


Sylvia Day said...


We must share a drink or a meal in San Fran!

Sylvia, who really is shy... really...

Sylvia Day said...


I love to get signed books! Plus, after I talk to an author in person I can "hear" them in their books when I read them. Not through the whole thing, but with certain turns of phrase and the like. It makes the experience more personal and I enjoy it. :)


Sylvia Day said...


We talked about TSIM, right? It doesn't seem like that long ago, does it?

Talking with you is a prime example of why I like going to conferences! It gives the attendees a chance to talk about topics in depth.

I hope you enjoy APFH. Thank you for picking it up!


Laura J. said...

Hi Sylvia,

I have been going to signing and events whenever I can get to them. I would love to go to RT, but probably not for a couple more years. I'm also going to Lori and Dianne's get together. It will be my first time there and I am really looking forward to it. There is a small (but very nice) independant bookstore about an hour from my house and me and a friend try to go whenever Deb has them. Occasionally we can go to dinner with the authors afterward, which is really fun. Deb recently held a signing with 20 authors. If you ever get to the Louisville area I would love to get to meet you.

Laura J. said...

I forgot to mention, I haven't tried podcast yet, but I have participated in chat rooms with authors and those are always fun.

Joyce said...

I haven't tried a podcast yet, but I am going to try one. Would love to go to an author's book signing but I haven't had the opportunity to do so.

Kelley Nyrae said...

Sounds great Sylvia!!