Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Guest Blogger - Ben & Jerry

No, they're not a brand of ice cream, but a couple of highly intelligent and forward thinking book industry professionals. I was introduced to Ben & Jerry and their amazing website by Phil Harris after he interviewed me for his radio show. I wanted to share that cool online place with you all. And I do have my own page there if you want to visit...it's at:

The Changing Face of Publishing by Jerry D. Simmons

The fastest growing segment of the publishing business is Independent publishing and the single best way for these "go it alone" authors to market and sell books is via the Internet. Combine those two forces and you have a significant movement of writers beginning to change the face of publishing.

There is a new web site that was launched on September 1st, 2007, http://www.nothingbinding.com/ , that combines the growth of Independently published books and the Internet into one online destination that is creating a movement and establishing a voice for authors never before seen in the industry.

Founded by an unlikely pair, one a 25-year veteran of New York publishing and his partner a 29-year old MBA entrepreneur, both saw an opportunity to create a niche for the Independent author by combining a mature old world business, publishing, with 21st century technology, to create a unique place for authors who have made a decision to publish on their own.

The traditional world of retail bookselling, the major bookstores and mass merchants, is dominated and controlled by the big six New York based publishers, five of which are foreign owned. Less than 200 people make the majority of decisions on what books Americans read. Take into account the fact that for the past fifteen years the number of individual titles that are purchased is in deep decline, and you can see why the Independent movement is gaining momentum.
The Independent marketplace for book sales is highly fragmented making it difficult for consumers to quickly and easily find titles. Consumers are tired of the same old method of publishing, they are searching for new writers and different titles. The result, http://www.nothingbinding.com/ is introducing readers to "voices never heard and stories never told." This new web site is designed to make it quick and easy for consumers to find Independently published titles in one online destination.

Become a part of this new movement, visit http://www.nothingbinding.com/ today and create your own personal profile, it's free.