Friday, November 09, 2007

Guest Blog - Drama Queen

WOW! Life has certainly been busy this school year! Summer was fabulous but now I’m realizing that it flew by far too quickly. Now that school has started again, I am being forced to adapt to a completely different schedule. I have homework, chores and several social obligations to fulfill. All of the sudden I have dances, birthdays, holidays, parties, and sporting events that I am somehow trying to juggle with my school and family life. It’s a wonder I’ve managed to pull it off thus far without wearing the same outfit twice (thanks to the pages of Teen Vogue)...But wait, it’s only two months into sophomore year and there is still time for that to happen! LOL

A couple of weeks ago colleges from all over the state visited my high school encouraging us to think about our futures. They had representatives give presentations and speeches to provide us with an understanding of what that college offered. While I have got a fairly solid idea in my head concerning what I want to do, I felt like saying, "Hey! I've got two more years!" LOL Having just watched my sister graduate last year, I am so not looking forward to that stress just yet.

Are any of you fans of America’s Next Top Model? It is my absolute FAVORITE show! There is so much drama and I am loving it (hence my login name)! LOL I tried to convince Mom (Lucy) to watch it with me... "Come on Mom...It’ll be bonding time!"...or... "You can use the models as inspiration for your heroines." However, for some reason, she wasn’t as intrigued by the whole reality TV concept as I was. Yet, she did watch that one episode from an old season where they held a photo shoot and the models posed as women on the covers of romance novels with the well-known and attractive male: Fabio. Go figure.

I continued to include my family in my ANTM fabulousness (My newest word). As I’m sure you all know by now, my dad is a recycling FREAK (I love you Daddy but it is SO true!). When Tyra announced ANTM was turning green this season, I saw the opportunity... "Oh come on Dad...It’ll show you how other people are changing the world."...or..."You can use it as inspiration for your future recycling projects." Again, I was rejected. I finally decided maybe I should just stick to watching it with my sister for the time being, but don’t worry I’ll try again later. :) Perhaps you’re wondering, or rather laughing at, why I insist on squeezing this dramatic reality TV show into my already hectic schedule but I swear it's addicting!!! Just ask my Aunty M.

What shows do you find addicting?

So just like on Dad's blog, Mom has also informed me that her readers LOVE winning prizes so by commenting on this blog you will automatically be entered into the drawing to win the following prize. (If you do not wish to receive the prize you may simply decline and another winner will be chosen.)

The Fabulous Prize....
· A paperback signed copy of The Real Deal (My favorite book by Mommy!)
· A Camisole and Boy Shorts set: stylish and comfortable sleep attire (size L)

*Also, if you have any questions you would like me to answer in later blogs, post them here and I will try to address as many as possible...You can ask me anything, I promise I don’t bite. ;)



Jennifer Y. said...

Great post Drama Queen! Thanks for blogging and I hope things go well for you!!

I have to say that I am addicted to America’s Next Top Model as well. The Amazing Race, Project Runway and Top Chef are more faves of mine (as far as reality shows go). For some reason those are the only reality shows I can watch over and over in reruns even though I already know the outcome. To be honest, I have no idea why I am addicted to them...I just am.

As for other programs I love, well, there are just too many to name here...I think I might watch too much tv...LOL.

Kate Davies said...

Hey Drama Queen!

Great to "see" you here! And why am I not surprised that you've managed to go two months without duplicating an outfit? :) You're not just the drama queen, you're the queen of style!

(As everyone can see with the cami/boy shorts sleepwear. What a fabulous choice for a gift!)

I rarely get to watch TV because my schedule is so slammed, but I have seen a few episodes of ANTM and enjoyed them. And I am really impressed with your creative enticements in trying to get your parents to watch with you. Way to target the message to the audience!

Anyway, have a great weekend, and hope to see you on the blog again!

Estella said...

Hi Drama Queen,
I have never seen ANTM, but I don't watch much tv. I would rather read.
Sounds as if you are handling the stress of being a teenager rather well.

Judy F said...

Hey Drama Queen. Hope your school years are awesome. They go by fast,treasure them.

I love Big Brother, Amazing Race,Dancing with the stars and Survivor.

Cherie J said...

Hi Drama Queen! Enjoyed your post! I have to admit that I have never watched ANTM. Don't really watch much tv. With a 1 year old and a 4 year old I am not left with whole lot of tv time and so I use what spare time I have at night when the kids are in bed to read. Although, once in awhile I do take a peek at the Food Network to see what's cooking. I also watch some of my son's favorite preschool shows like Go Diego Go and Dora the Explorer but I am not sure that counts. :-)

Amy said...

Hi Drama Queen, Great Post. I watch America's top model sometimes. Mostly I catch it on reruns. What shows am I addicted to. Smallville, Ghost Whisper and Ghost Hunters are my very favorites. I really spend more time reading than watching TV.
I have to admit, I think The Real Deal is one of my favorite books by your mom as well. I just love Simon

LM's Drama Queen said...

Wow! Thanks for all of the awsome comments! I really enjoyed them:) I will be posting more blogs in the future so keep your eyes open!!! Don't forget to keep posting comments so that you will be entered into the contest...Good Luck to everyone!
-Lucy Monroe's Drama Queen

Chantal said...

Hi, DQ! I don't need to be entered as I already have The real deal (also my favourite book written by your mom :)

I do watch ANTM. I love it. I'm way into reality TV. The trashier the better, lol

Some others that I never miss are DIY:Births (Just like the show birth story on TLC, but all these births take place away from a hospital.) Dirty jobs (Mike Rowe is yummy) Judge Judy, Law and order:SVU, and of course Desperate housewives.

Laura K said...

I am so addicted to Survivor, The Amazing Race, Project Runway (new season starts next Wed) and now Moonlight. I am sad that Bill Maher's last show for the season is tonight. I don't necessarily agree with his viewpoints but I enjoy the varied people he has on his shows. Liked this to go and get ready for a guilty pleasure (tmz) I enjoy that they don't put on airs and kiss celebrity butt!

lidia said...

Hi there Drama Queen!

Nope, I don't watch ANTM -- but then I don't watch TV too much anyway.

For a teenager you seem to have level head on your shoulder. Both your Mom and Dad must be very proud of you.

Your Mom's books are awesome!

LM's Drama Queen said...

Haha...You guys have a LOT of favorite shows:) What would we do without reality TV? lol. I'm glad you guys all love my Mom's books as I do too and that DEFINATELY puts you on my good list!!! I'm hoping to someday inspire as many people as she does. Keep commenting, I love talking with you guys!
-Lucy Monroe's Drama Queen

Stacy S said...

Hi Drama Queen! My dh and I will watch ANTM sometimes. He likes it for the girls of course. I don't watch much tv other than Heroes & Bionic Woman.

Dena said...

Hi DQ, I watched the season of ANTM with Yaya and Eva. I was so mad Yaya wasn't picked I didn't watch the next ones. My favorite reality show is Amazing Race and my favorite new show this season is Moonlight. My other favorites are Lost and Heroes.

Virginia said...

Great post! I got addicred to Americain Idol this year for the first time. I like to watch House, Bones, Bionic Women, ER, and Grey's Anatomy all good shows.

hme said...

HI :) I'm a fan of Top Model as well, watch it every time .. loving it !

LM's Drama Queen said...

LOL I am actually surprised at how many of you watch top model and other shows that I love:) I feel like someone finally understands my obsession! Haha...Keep the comments coming!
~Lucy Monroe's Drama Queen

robynl said...

Hi Drama Queen; you are doing a great job!!!
I am addicted to The Amazing Race, Survivor, CSI:Miami, The First 48.

Minna said...

I'm addicted to Amazing Race, Bones (I wish it would back on tv here in Finland. Soon.), Numb3rs, Mythbusters and Corner Gas.

blackroze37 said...

moonlight (even though he is pussy vampire)

and my 10 yr old is doin this bonding, and it dancing with the stars then we call and vote


law and orded svu

was watching
saving grace
side order of life

lots A & E
discovery, history

tam said...

I would say I'm addicted to Romance books. I can't seem to stay away from the book isle in any store. I always have a book with me where ever I go. I love reading. I love your choice in prizes.

Dev said...

I've only watched a few bits and pieces of ANTM.

What I do watch is Dancing with the Stars, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Pushing Daisies, Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, and Moonlight ~ plus a lot of Lifetime and Food Network.

cas2ajs said...

Totally enjoyed your post Drama Queen. I don't think I've ever seen an episode of ANTM. I'm not really big into reality shows - I have too much reality in my life the way it is . That's why I read romance books . . . to escape. My one reality addiction is AI when the new season comes back on.


Joyce said...

Hi Drama Queen!

I have not watched ANTM but I did get hooked on Bravo's Top Chef which is funny since I don't like to cook.

Good luck in school and juggling your schedule.

LM's Drama Queen said...

I noticed couple of you mentioned how you like to read rather than watch TV. I think that's great!!! I am a HUGE fan of most of you, I believe romance books are a fabulous inspiration to everyone. However, romance is not the only genre out there so I'm curious to know...What other kinds of books do you enjoy?
Drama Queen

Cathy said...

My must see tv:

The Amazing Race

Amy said...

The books I read have to have Romance in them. I read the regular romances, some paranormal romances and I will read a mystery as long as there is a good romance in it
As a kid I read most of the Classics like Little Women etc, Little house on the Prarie books, Nancy Drew and Hardy boy books. But I started reading romances at age 11. That was 27 years ago.

CrystalGB said...

Hi Drama Queen! I haven't watched America's Top Model but I am a tv junkie. I love NCIS, all the CSI's, Bones, House M.D., Ghost Whisperer and Moonlight.
Good luck with school.

Jennifer said...

I love America's Next Top Model as well - it's probably the only "Reality TV Show" I got attached to. I generally hate them, but I can happily sit through ANTM marathons on Vh1. The sad thing is I don't have a TV in my apartment, so I'm stuck only with the shows posted on the internet. Therefore I've developed an attachment to ABC => I used to love Grey's Anatomy but don't like the recent seasons. Unfortunately, I formed an attachment so I can't stop watching. I sit there and think "Why am I watching this?" :-P It's like trying to end an long, unhealthy relationship. However, I like "Private Practice" and "Pushing Daisies" thus far.

LM's Drama Queen said...

You guys are so encouraging! I appreciate it soooo much...You're all fabulous! Thanks a bunch!!! I see why my Mom is so happy to have you all supporting her:) Keep commenting, I love talking to you all!

Phyllis said...

Glad to see you, Beautiful. Your guest blog is so cool and you know I love your Mom's work. I want you to get that "editor's position" on Teen Vogue. I used to mark on the calendar what I wore so there were no repeats. LOL!! Those were the days.

Sorry to say I do not watch your favorite show. My favorites are Bones, House, Law & Order: SVU and CSI: Miami and most other nights I'm on the laptop with the tv in the background and Smooth Jazz on the radio, or I'm in the recliner, reading. I know, wierd.

It was definitely a pleasure meeting you'll at RAW.

Stay the way you are...Huggs

Stacy~ said...

Hi Drama Queen :) I'm not much of a tv watcher either, but I used to be, so I know how it is to get hooked on a show - Buffy the Vampire Slayer is like that for me.

The Real Deal is one of my favorites as well. You can tell Lucy put a lot of her heart into that one, which is saying a lot because she has some fabulous books.

Well DQ, have you a burning desire to write books yourself? Have you read all your mom's books? What authors do you enjoy reading?

LM's Drama Queen said...

Well, as Phyllis mentioned, my dream job is to become the editor of Teen Vogue or a similar fashion magazine. I do love writing and reading as my Mom does but I'm more interested in the journalism side of writing. I have read a couple of her books but mostly just parts that she lets me read due to the "graphic details" LOL. However, I still know all of the plots for her books because whenever she gets a new idea she will call me into wherever she's at and tell me about it. I love being the first to know what's gonna happen:)
Keep questions coming!
Lucy Monroe's Drama Queen

Susan said...

Hi there Drama Queen!

Great blog! I don't watch ANTM. I love Big Brother, Amazing Race,Dancing with the Stars, Project Runway, Top Chef, Survivor and Moonlight.

Dena said...

Hi DQ, You asked about what we like to read and my list would be pretty long. I like all genre of books except non-fiction books on serial killers and documentaries.
There is a new Fever series from Karen Marie Moning that is really good. Bloodfever,the second book was just released and I couldn't put it down. It is written in first person,some people don't like books written like that,but I don't mind it all.
I'm really looking forward to DEAL WITH THIS,whenever I'm reading a series the next book can't get released soon enough for me,lol.

Jane said...

Hi Drama Queen,
I'm addicted to Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Best Week Ever and Man vs. Wild. I also have to catch Jeopardy every weekday.

Lucy Monroe said...

I just had to drop by and say, "Hey!" run a very FUN discussion, darlin'! And I also wanted to say that Karen MM is on my TBR list of authors...glad to hear another rec for her. :)

Hugs to you all and smooches besides,

Oh...and DQ did tell me she's gonna have big sis draw the name tonight when she gets home from work. :)