Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My Day Off

Started off by sleeping in...YUM! Then I got up, got ready and *straightened my hair* - I never have time to dot that. I felt like a million bucks when hubby got home to have lunch with me. Got a very sad phone call about my uncle, but had to bounce back - this was my "DAY OFF" and that hasn't happened for love or money in all too long. After lunch, leftover Thai food - to die for good - I called one of my favorite cohorts in crime, that would be my mom...and invited her on an excursion to my favorite store. Office Depot.

After a couple of side trips (Mom needed blood drawn at the hospital and a friend called me 'cuz her parents needed help using the computer to book tickets to fly back east today and she lives out of state, but I don't. Thank goodness. ::g::) we made it to my personal Disney Land. Okay, call me a geek, but I get so excited over new styles of Post-It notes (did you *know* they now have a line made out of 30% recycled paper???) and pens and computer stuff (got a new router - what fun - it's supposed to be way faster for wireless Internet). We spent a good hour picking out a new printer for my exchange students, a new router for me, and sundry other stuff. My mom laughed out loud as I trailed my fingers over the newest wireless ergonomic keyboard and moaned in delight. Wonder how long my current keyboard is going to last??? LOL

After Office Depot, I visited Mom a bit at her house and then went home with my hubby. The kids were all wondering where in the world I was and going into withdrawls or something 'cuz I wasn't here to hear about their day. So, we went out to a late dinner at the Olive Garden and had the coolest waiter on the planet. Visited, laughed and in general rounded off my day perfectly! Yes, I boxed up my dinner and got dessert. So? Now you know all my secrets...I'm a total office supply hound and I eat dessert before dinner. LOL

What's your favorite thing to do on your day off?

P.S. I'm blogging at BravaAuthors.com today and giving away a prize off that blog post. Come by and visit me over there too if you get a chance. :)


Angie-la said...

Sleep and read, baby!! Sleep and read. :)
Saturday is my only real 'day off' and most Saturdays, that is what I am doing.

Kelley Nyrae said...

Sounds like a great day!!

Amy said...

Lucy, I am glad you enjoyed your day off. My favorite thing to do when I get a day off is read, shop and sleep.

Judy F said...

Lucy sounds like a wonderful day. Yesterday I took the day off work and went to lunch with friends. It was nice to sit around and just be. No place to go and to catch up.

Ps...I read Annabelle's Courtship... LOVED IT.

Lucy Monroe said...

You know? I didn't read yesterday. Shocking, huh???

Judy...I'm so glad you enjoyed AC!!!

Hugs to all,

Brandy said...

Sounds as though you had a wonderful day off. I never thought of boxing up my dinner and eating dessert first! Thanks for the idea!

And no, I love office supply stores, so you are not alone. *g*

Jen in WA said...

Like most everyone else, I like to get some reading in on my days off. However, I usually end up doing errands or chores.

Chantal said...

Sounds like a good day.
Aren't nice waiters the best? The type of server you have can make or break a meal.

I had to laugh at how you moan over keyboards, because I do the same thing with fabric. I drool over the different prints and imagine all the nice quilts, clothes and diapers I can make out of them.

On my day off I would love to go to the store, any store, by myself. It would be so cool to put all my attention on what I am looking at in the store instead of looking at what I want with only one eye. I always have three kids trialing after me that I have to keep an eye on.

For now, I like to spend my day off baking.
Damn, I am boring.

Stacy~ said...

Oh yeah, napping and reading are definitely in my top 5 favorite things to do on my days off. Being an introvert, I need that time to re-group, re-charge, and feel like "me" again. I need that every once in awhile.

lidia said...

Lucy, you sure had a fun day on your day off.

On my days off I usually sleep in, run errands and read (when I can).

I used to knit -- but am way behind on that. I started a gorgeous sweater for my dd last year that I need to finish. That means my TBR pile will just keep on growing!!!! LOL

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks, everyone! Today was pretty nice too - putting the new book together. I'm hoping to post a blog tomorrow with not only the h/h inspiration pics from the last book I promised, but the ones from this one as well. They're perfect!

Maureen said...

I love to go shopping too!

Meljprincess said...


Dev said...

My favorite thing to do is snuggle up in a blanket with a warm mug of tea and read. That's my idea of heaven.

Estella said...

Read, read, read!