Friday, October 26, 2007

Mini Interview with Stephanie Rowe

I thought I'd try something different. A mini interview. Interviews are fun, but they can get long...both to read and to answer questions for. So, I got to thinking that it would be fun to ask some authors to answer a short series of questions - stuff you (and I) like to know, but maybe don't always get the chance to ask. This is my first one and if you all like it, I'll do some more down the road. :) And for this "test drive" of the new "thing" - I started with the fun and fabulous Stephanie Rowe.


Lucy: My readers are all about the characters...tell us a little about your hero. What or who inspired him?

SR: The hero in my upcoming November release, SEX & THE IMMORTAL BAD BOY, wasn’t inspired solely on his own. He was inspired by the heroine, Paige Darlington, who we met in the previous book in the series, HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME HOT. At the end of HE LOVES ME, Paige demanded the next book be about her (she wasn’t in my plans at all), and I had to come up with a hero worthy of her. Paige is facing some really tough crises (like, being cursed by Satan to become a soulless wraith who kills everything she touches), yet, she is a truly optimistic and positive person to her core. I needed to face her with her worst nightmare, which of course would be the one man who needs to kill her, a man who has been tortured for so long that he lives in the darkest place, so utterly devoid of hope and joy that even Paige can’t reach him. But for Paige to survive, she has to reach past that hellish wall Jed has erected around his heart and soul, and she has to find a way to make him believe again. If she doesn’t, they’ll both die and bring down everyone they care about with them. Paige and Jed are such opposites, at some different places on the spectrum, yet they are both so incredibly desperate that they are forced to find a way to deal with each other if they are to survive. I wanted to give each character a partner that would challenge everything they believed in, everything that made them who they are, and force them to face their worst fears and deepest hopes.

Lucy: I think we all like to get to know the woman behind the book cover sometimes, tell us a little about you. Besides writing, what other talent would you most like to have?

SR: Oh, this is sooo easy. I would love to be able to sing. I think singing in the greatest, and I would love to be that person who gets up on stage at a karayoke bar and belts out a song that makes everyone forget to drink their beer and scarf down peanuts. I always wanted to be in the high school musical, singing and dancing, and getting to kiss the hot senior on stage in front of everyone. But, alas, not only can I not sing, but I actually mutilate every song I attempt. You want to know how bad I am? Well, when I was in law school, I was talking to a gal who was a former musical child prodigy, and I was trying to convince her that I *really* couldn’t sing. She gave me this look of total disbelief, and said, “Everyone can sing at least somewhat.” And when I disagreed, she challenged me to prove it. So, she marches over to the piano and starts to whip out this great rendition of Oklahoma! off the top of her head (did I mention child prodigy?) and I leap in and start to sing with gusto, doing my absolute best to sing the song that I love. After about ten seconds, she stops playing and gives me a look of complete disgust and says, ‘Well, you have to try.” And I looked right back at her and said, “I was trying.” And she blinks and goes. “Oh.” Then she got up from the piano and didn’t bring it up again. Yeah, I’m *that* bad.

Lucy: Who is someone you admire and why?

SR: My two year old daughter is a huge inspiration, mostly because she shows me what I’ve forgotten in my cynical, old adulthood. To her, life is about laughter, it’s about being in the moment, it’s about finding joy in everything around her, it’s about hugging when you want to hug, running when you want to run, sleeping when you want to sleep. She reminds me to stop and notice the squirrels racing up a tree with acorns in his mouth, to stop and smell every flower as we walk down the street, to listen to the birds and dance to music in the car. She reminds me that something bad that happened five minutes ago is over and done, and not worthy worrying about when something better has come along, like the Wiggles or the cat (did I mention that she can’t say her “K’s” so the cat is “Titty?” She runs around the house yelling “Titty” all day. Yes, she’ll be a romance author when she grows up, but it’s looking like it may be erotic romance...).

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Stacy~ said...

Hi Stephanie! Fun interview, and it definitely makes me want to run out and go get your books, especially your upcoming one. Since it's only 5am, can't really do that...but thank God for Amazon!

Estella said...

Hi Stephanie! Love the interview. Will be on the lookout for your book.

Amy said...

Hi Stephanie, I love the interview and the book sound's great. I will keep my eyes open for it when I go book shopping.

Brandy said...

COOL INTERVIEW! The heroine and hero sound great in your new book. I can't wait to read it!

Lucy Monroe said...

Hey, all...Stephanie is attending a conference this weekend, but she'll be checking in on your comments when she gets back. So, in advance and on her behalf...THANKS!

And I'm assuming you all like this mini-interview format? Please let me know. :)

Cherie J said...

Enjoyed the interview! Stephanie, your book sounds great!

Amy said...

Love the mini-interview format.

Stephanie Rowe said...

HI Stacy! Thanks so much for your nice note. And what are you doing up at 5am? Crazy girl! :)

Estella--thanks so much for your comment. The heroine in one of my very first (unpublished) books was named Estella. Great name!

Brandy--I'm so glad you enjoyed the interview! I had fun answering the questions.

Cherie J--thanks for your note. Haven't I seen you around the boards before? Your name sounds sooo familiar.

Amy--I like the format too! I think Lucy did a great job with it.

Thanks for having me! And for the lastest on all things Stephanie, feel free to swing by my group paranormal blog, Thanks!