Monday, October 01, 2007

Having Your Beefcake and Nibbling On It, Too!

Welcome, guest blogger...Jacqueline Frank. This is going to be a treat for you all...I promise. :)

People always ask me the same questions, they only vary into two categories. The first category is industry. How do I get an agent? How do you write sex scenes in a book? How long does it have to be? How do I submit? Etcetera. The other questions are more craft specific and generally are asked by my drooling---err…devoted readers. What’s going to happen to so and so? When is Noah’s book coming out?? Are you doing so-and-so’s story? How do you write those sexy scenes? What inspires you and where do you get your ideas?

So I decided to pick on one that straddles both.


Yeah, baby!

I am often asked this question and often complimented on my style. But style is exactly the issue. I can’t give definitive instructions on how to write good sex because, like sex itself, no two people do it alike! So all I can advise…or rather explain…is how I do sex my way. Err…I mean write sex my way. Well, no…I guess I do mean do sex my way. The first thing they always tell you is to write what you know. Well, I know good sex when I am having it. And I know what would make sex good for me when I need it. It’s almost as if…well, if you have ever had mediocre sex (and haven’t we all?) when you were younger, before you learn how to speak your mind and demand what you want. In the process of this mediocrity, in your mind, you are trying to psychically send instructions to your clueless partner. Your brain is straining and you’re trying to mentally tell him (because you know that saying it out loud will crush the male ego to smithereens) to just do this or just touch me like that or…argh!!...just do something!!

Well, I take that little internal dialogue (it wasn’t just me was it??) and blend it with the memories of really truly awesome sex I have had, and then I mix in my style of writing and voila! Sex. Or the building blocks at least. Honestly, the characters of a story I write are very distinctive in their approach to life and in their personalities, therefore their approach to sex will follow the dynamics of who they are. My hardened warrior male will never doubt his skills in battle or in bed because it’s in his nature to see himself trained to be the very best at anything he does. Doubt only comes when he acts against his own convictions and ingrained learned habits. My Alpha ruler is used to being universally obeyed and respected but giving respect and giving cause to be deserving of his leadership role is critical to him, so as a lover he would demand what he wants and expect to get it, yet he’ll make damn sure he deserves it first.
Now, once I have all this understood I have to have the right music on (heh, puts me in the mood) and then I just write slowly or quickly depending on the type of sex. An impulsive, heated quickie…well, I write furiously using hard and fast adjectives. Slow seductive lovemaking and I choose each and every action and reaction very careful, put myself firmly in the perspective I am using at the time, imagine what every sensation would feel like and try to describe it as wholly and vividly as I can.

And there you have it. Sex. My way, that is. I can assure you that if you ask a different author you’ll get a different answer! Now I’d love to hear what your all time favorite sex scene is from any novel you have read. I will choose one of you from the comments section and send you a prize! I’ll try and keep up with you all today, but alas, my floors are getting ripped out and I might be in a dead faint if something gets broken! But I will do my very best. Promise!

Hugs and kitties,
Jacquelyn Frank


Meljprincess said...

Hi Lucy! Hi Jacquelyn!
Haven't been to Lucy's blog in a while. Thrilled I popped in today! One of the very best sex scenes I ever read was a scene from A NECESSARY HUSBAND by Debra Mullins. I haven't read your books, Jacquelyn, though I've heard EXCELLENT things about them! Think you can make me squirm more than Debra did? *g* Send me a book and we'll find out. I'd definitely let you know. I'm a visitor over at your blog as well. See ya there.
Lucy, we were supposed to talk about punk and mohawks. Remember? If you have questions please e-mail me. :-)

Meljprincess AT aol DOT com

Pamk said...

Hi jackie hope your remodeling goes smoothly. Or at least there are no broke things or people. there are lots of great sex scenes. some of my favs are in Lora leighs seal books. or her bound hearts series. The first book in this series. Can't remember the name of the book or the characters lol. But ooh la la the first sex scene in the book still has be drooling. Loved that book.

bamabelle said...

Hi Jacquelyn!

It seems like everyone has home projects going on right now, whether by necessity or choice. I hope all goes well with yours. :)

I have so many favorite sex scenes that it is hard to pick just one. I really like Sylvia Day's writing style in regards to sex scenes, and also Shelley Bradley/Shayla Black. There are many others, but those authors come to mind right off hand. Big hugs!

Suzette said...

Lora Leigh's Breeds. Those sex scenes scorch! I love those because i'll sit there and be like woah, someone get me a cigarette....and i dont even smoke. LOL

Lucy, thanks for having Jackie by

Jacquelyn Frank said...

Yes Lora Leigh is by far one of my favorite writers for steamy, smoking sex. It's funny but I am old enough to remember when they wouldn't even dare to allow us to mention genitalia except only in the purplest prose. I even remember the old 'the couple kisses--end chapter--new chapter--couple wakes up together' days. Then a hot little series line called Loveswept came out and started to push all the boundaries the tamer lines wouldn't. If memory serves, our dear Lucy Monroe was one of those Loveswept writers!

Lucy Monroe said...

Ohhh...what a great discussion. I love Lora's books too. What she has in common with the other authors that I love for writing steam is that it's not some vaporless cloud without substance. You can see the water (emotion) it came from. Love, love, love that!

You know, J...I didn't write for Loveswept, but you are so right that they and a few other rom publishers took the risks necessary to pave the way for the next generation of romance and I'm oh so grateful!

Estella said...

Hi Jacquelyn!
The best sex scenes I remember were the first ones I read. The Skye O'Malley series by Bertrice Small.Of cours, there are a lot spiceier scenes now, but I'll always remember the first ones.

joyguillot said...

Hi Jackie,
Loved meeting you at RAW.

My favorite sex scene depends on my mood. Lora Leigh's really steam things up (love them breeds). MaryJanice Davidson's and Shelly Laurenston's crack me up. Currently I've been in a "sweet" kinda mood, so right now my favorite would be from Lisa Marie Rice's Midnight Angel.

Hope your day improves and nothing gets broken or damaged.


Amy said...

Hi Jacquelyn, I am sorry to say I have never read one of your books but I will look for one next time I go book shopping. Any suggestions on which one to buy as a first time reader of your books?
I just discovered Lora Leigh a few month's ago myself and I am enjoying the books I have read by her so far.

Brandy said...

Hi Lucy! Hello Jacquelyn, and Welcome!

There is no way I can describe my favorite sex scene! (Way too shy.) But, I can tell you the first authors I read that was of the new wave of authors was Angela Knight and MaryJanice Davidson, which led me to Lucy!

Cathy said...

Lora Leigh gets my vote as well. Her Men of August series, wow. Another author who makes you sweat is Sarah McCarty.

Nathalie said...

I am like Brandy... I am bit shy, and honestly I have never real more sensual things than Harlequin Presents or Historical Romance, and I know that Virginia Henley has a way to describe her scenes, which makes it extra sensual!

Lily said...

I agree with Bertrice Small... I read the Anthology captivated and her novella in it was hot... what is nice about her books is that you feel the intense emotions.

Cherie J said...

I have read your books and the sex scenes are great! My favorite is when Jacob and Isabella first make love. Talk about tension. You really built it up and that scene fairly exploded.

Stacy~ said...

Hello Jacquelyn & Lucy. Jacquelyn, I have your first book in the tbr pile.

Oh fun topic! I think nowadays with erotic romance out there, it's a challenge to find sex scenes that are not only hot but that the reader is affected by. Being explicit is not necessarily sexy - sometimes less really is more - and what really makes a sex scene sizzle is the emotion.

I remember reading Bertrice Small in my pre-teens (whoa baby!) and then later, discovering Emma Holly. Now I really love Lacey Alexander's books.

Susan said...

Hiya Jacki!

Yep I'm Nightwalking...hehe. I'd have to say Lora Leigh, Shayla Black, and Kate Douglas have really hot and erotic love scenes. Although I have just started a book (a friend of mine suggested I read) that may just have me updating that list above..:)Sex scenes are great but I think it's the anticipation and emotions that are developed with the story that make the sex-oh soooo satisfying and the book GREAT. That said, Jacob--GREAT! Gideon--mmm mmm GREAT! Are you seeing Tony the Tiger? LOL. I'm anxious for more Demon lovers..:) Hope all is going well with the floors.

Stacy S said...

I have to agree with everyone on Lora Leigh and will add Jaci Burton.

robynl said...

I like the build up to the sex scene along with the sex scene between Danielle and Adam in 'Scent of a Woman' by Joanne Rock. It is a build up all day while they are at the coffee shop, in small galleries and in the limo ride back to the ship.

Angie-la said...

Most memorable? Hmmmm. Lora Leigh does write some good ones. I like Angela Knight as well.
Emma Holly and Virginia Henly also come to mind. And Bertrice Small.
But one that sticks in my mind was from Shelley Bradley's Naughty Little Secret..the first night that Lauren lets her "secret admirer" into her bedroom. Niiiice! LOL!

ruth said...

My ultimate favorite sex scene has to be in the novel, The Secret Gift by Jaclyn Reding. I loved this book and the characters. Everything about it ws memorable and beautiful.

Lori said...

I think some of my favorite sex scenes were from Lisa Kleypas' Worth Any Price. While they aren't as scorching as Lora Leigh's (whmom I love, BTW), it's awesome to watch Nick's defenses break down every time he has sex with Lottie - it's truly not just a physical thing, but emotional as well. (Although I gotta say, she does a great job with the physical stuff, too *g*). When he finally lets her touch him during sex, wow. Great stuff. And of course, it's Nick Gentry. Who wouldn't love a sex scene with him in it?

Jacquelyn Frank said...

Well, I have to say that you all have given me a TON of ideas as far as adding to my TBR pile (which is at least two years long already!!)

I had signed up to be notified whenever comments came on here, but never got a single heads up! So I am sorry if I lagged. I wanted to say I have chosen a winner from them. I am giving away a cute and comfy "I Spend My Nights With The Nightwalkers" nightshirt! And lucky PamK is the winner. Pam, give me your addy in a private email to

Meljprincess said...

Woohoo! Congrats, Pam!