Monday, October 08, 2007

Guest Blogger...Vivi Anna

I was thrilled when Lucy asked me to guestblog at her place. I adore Lucy. She’s an author and woman that I truly respect and admire. When I grow up I hope to be half the person she is. I’m thrilled that she’s back and in fine form.

So, thank you Lucy!

I love October. I like the fall colors, and that Halloween is coming up, I love the creepy crawlies. I also love October because I have a new book out full of the creatures that go bump in the night…
DARK LIES, book two of the Valorian Chronicles
by Vivi Anna

What dark secret was she hiding?
When the Otherworld Crime Unit reconvenes to investigate a ritualistic murder, werewolf Jace Jericho can barely set aside his past—and his hatred of humanity—to work with the team's newest member. As far as Jace is concerned, police rookie Tala Channing has two strikes against her: one, she's human, and two, something about her drives him wild with desire.—

Forced to work side by side with Tala, deep into the witching hours, Jace struggles to keep his primal instincts in check. But when they finally succumb to wild passion, Jace realizes Tala has spun a web of lies. And Tala's secret now puts his life—and heart—on the line.—

“Any story by Vivi Anna never lets the reader down, as the plots are compelling with particularly engaging characters. This talented author knows how to create characters who are either appealing from their charming natures or despicable from the havoc they generate. A marvelous cast of characters live in the world conceived by Ms. Anna for the Valorian Chronicles series, and each one is a driving force in the telling of DARK LIES…Heart wrenching emotions and even some delightful humor interweave with chilling incidents to make DARK LIES a spellbinding story.” – Amelia, Cataromance

“If it’s a book by Vivi Anna, you just know it’s going to be good. DARK LIES is spectacular, even better than the first book in The Valorian Chronicles!” – Debbie, CK2KWIPSANDKRITIQUES

”The characters in the Valorian Chronicles are so multi-faceted and explored so thoroughly that they feel very real, very ‘human’. Dark Lies took me from the crime scene, to the lab, and into the lives and homes of this very talented Otherworld Crime Unit, as well as into those that their lives touched effortlessly and realistically. I can do nothing other than totally, Joyfully recommend Dark Lies. If you love action and emotionally packed stories, I recommend you pick up both installments of the Valorian Chronicles, you won’t be disappointed…just be prepared to lose your connection to real life for a few hours.” – Lyonene, Joyfully Reviewed

In the spirit of Halloween, I’d love to know what paranormal creature you like best. Are you a vamp groupie, totally live in the wolfie world, or is magic your forte?

I love them all personally, and I don’t think I have a favorite. That’s why I wanted to create a world for them all to live and play in. All of them deserve their fun.

Tell me who’d you love a late night visit from and I’ll put your name in a cauldron and pick two winners for a couple of prizes – a choice of any one of my books.


readingissomuchfun said...
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readingissomuchfun said...

Hello Vivi,

I am happy to see you are here guest blogging on Lucy's blog. This is wonderful. You're Dark Lies series sounds good. Look forward to reading this series. Congratulations on the great reviews :)

I love vampires and werewolves.

I would love a late night with Johnny Depp or Vin Diesel.

Here are a few more I wouldn't mind a late night with. Ellora's Cave Movels *Yummmmmy*

Lorenzo, Jason, Jordan, Michael, Rodney & Julian. I had to take my calendar down to check them out again *BG*


Cherie J said...

Hi Vivi,

Good to see you here. I love shifters and elves. A visit from Legolas from LOTR would be cool. Especially today, since it is my birthday. Can you make arrangements? A gift wrapped Logolas sure would be nice. :-)

Looking forward to reading Dark Lies. The first book of the series was really good.

Chantal said...

Hi Tala, I'd like a late night visit from Johnny Depp. My family calls the master bedroom 'The Johnny Depp room'. Many mistake it for a teenagers room because of all the JD posters.

It's hard for me to pick my fav paranormal creature. Hmmm, I do like Vampires, but a wolf shifter holds appeal as well. Can't I just have both? lol

Vivi Anna said...

Hi Linda!! A late night visit from Johnny Depp as a vampire...mmm, that would be heavenly.

Hi Cherie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A gift wrapped Legolas. Now that sounds like an amazing present.

Hi Chantal. Yup, that Johnny Depp is sure popular today! I have his beautiful mug on my wall too.

Nathalie said...

Hi Vivi,

A late night visit... I am not really sure I would want one :) I am easily frightened and I study a lot in the evenings... it would be too much on my nerves, particularly, know thta I am thinking ahead, after Halloween I have a major exam scheduled.

Lily said...

Interesting post. I have nevere read your books Vivi or any H.Nocturne book.

I love books with a bit of magic in them. So a nice witch would be welcomed if she could teach me some potions :)

Susan said...

Hi Vivi,

It's great to have you here. Love your books, all of genres you write in!

I love all of them that you listed and others mentioned. A couple of the books I have read had almost all of those paranormal creatures in the story at the same time. What a treat!

A late night visit from 'Moonlight' star Alex O'Loughlin would certainly make me happy!

Meljprincess said...

Hi Vivi,
I'd love a late night visit from a vampire. Werewolves leave behind too many hairballs and muddy footprints.


Cindy said...

Hi Vivi!

I'm not too crazy about weres, but a late night visit from a vamp could be veeeerrry interesting. ;o)

Maureen said...

It's magic I love reading about since fairy tales were always a favorite of mine.

CrystalG said...

I love vampires, werewolves and shapeshifters. :)

Angie-la said...

Hey Vivi!
I'm with you..I love them all.
But I am most partial to vampires.
I wouldn't mind a late night visit from Henry Fitzroy...the vampire from Blood Ties. The actor that plays him is niiiice!

tetewa said...

Glad to have you here today! My favorite genre to read is paranormal with the vamps being my favorite. Some of my favorite series to read are by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Christine Feehan. My favorite vampire movie is Queen of the Damned with the lovely Stuart Townsend.

Kelley Nyrae said...

I'm a vampire girl. I can't get enough of them.

Cathy said...

I love em all, though maybe more of a wolfie groupie. How about a late nite visit from a Brad Pitt vamp? Or maybe Angel?

Amy said...

Hi Vivi, I have not yet picked up Dark Lies but I have Blood Secrets (from your Valorian Chronicles) on my keeper shelf. I love Vampires, Were Wolf's and books with Magic. It really just depends on how the book is written and the author who writes the book. My favorite would probably be Vampire followed closley by Were Wolfs.

Amy said...

Forgot to add that Hugh Jackman could bite my neck any time.

kim h said...

i would love to see tom brady, mike bibby come to me .

pearl said...

Great to have your here. Your book are unique and fun. A late night visit from a vamp would be a thrill.

Estella said...

A late night visit from either a vampire or a wolf is ok with me.

Anonymous said...

I lean more towards vamps just because I haven't read as many shifter stories. And I wouldn't mind a late night visit from either... anything to keep my warm during this increasing colder nights. :)

Lucy Monroe said...

Wow...looks like you are all having fun. :) I took the day off, I mean really took it off - for the first time in forever! I'll tell you all about it tomorrow and Vivi...THANK YOU...made me smile and all I can say is I'm so GLAD we connected!

Hugs to all,

Pamk said...

I love cat shifters and vamps.

Stacy~ said...

Hey I know Vivi is gone, but I already got "Dark Lies" and I can't wait to read it.

Me, I wouldn't mind being visited by a hot and sexy vamp, and it would be fun to be a witch - what a fun combo that would be ;)

tam said...

I like the Faeries & Witches the best. I wouldn't mind having a visit from them myself for a little adventure an magic.

Vivi Anna said...

Thanks everyone for their awesome comments. By the looks of it I'm thinking vamps are the preferred night visitor.

Thanks again Lucy for inviting me.

I'm going to pick a couple of winners....let me put names in a hat....wait for it...drum roll....


Kelley Nyrae

Ladies, could you please email me to claim your prize!!!