Monday, October 29, 2007

Guest Blogger - Donna Kauffman

Hi, Donna Kauffman reporting in.

Thank you, Lucy for inviting me to play in your sandbox today! Good timing, too. I am just finishing up The Black Sheep & The English Rose, which is the last of my Black Sheep: Men of Trinity, Inc. series. (See the end of the blog for the remainder of that shameless plug.)

That means I’m finally ready to tackle my towering To Be Read pile. It is time, finally, to read something written by someone other than ME. I can’t tell you how excited I am by that. I confess I’ve already peeked at Jenny Crusie and Bob Mayer’s latest, Agnes & The Hitman, and will likely devour that one first. But, after that, there are so many titles calling my name…

So, I thought I’d throw it out to you all…what are you reading? What’s fun? What’s sizzling? What is the book I simply MUST read next? I even have some additional incentive in my Help A Reader Out campaign. I’ll randomly pick one of the commenters to this blog post and send them a free book to add to their pile! (I know, I’m such an enabler!)

As it happens, my next project, before I dive into another Black Sheep adventure, is a novella that is set to appear in the Kensington Christmas anthology next season. And I was thinking maybe I should get a bit of my holiday spirit on by dipping into this season’s offerings. Any suggestions? (Okay, okay, so I’m so far behind you could probably recommend last season’s highlights and they’d be news to me!) I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but it’s been so unseasonably warm here, I need help getting my Santa buzz ready.

Okay, the rest of that plug I promised. The first Trinity book, The Black Sheep & The Princess is on the shelves right this very second. The next, The Black Sheep & The Hidden Beauty, will be out right after Santa makes his last stop this holiday season and before your New Years resolutions have to be made. And finally, the above mentioned final book in the series, The Black Sheep & The English Rose, will make it’s way to you next summer. Plug officially over.

If you’re a blog fan, or just someone who likes a shot at winning free books, you can also add my blog to your daily Must Read Blog list (right after Lucy’s of course!) and enter the weekly scavenger hunts or just dish with my fellow Blog Babes on the latest goings on. A few of them share my addiction to a handful of current television shows, which I do a running Morning After Commentary on during the week, so come join the fun, join the snark. Be a joiner.

Have a great week!



Lucy Monroe said...

Welcome, Donna! You are always welcome to come play in my sandbox. :) If you haven't read Kate Davies yet, you've got to. She writes a really sexy, emotional book - straight yummy romance. "Lessons in Love" is available in print, but she's also in Samhain's Christmas anth - so see me giving you BOTH things you asked for? LOL Hmm...lots of other yummy books lately, but I'm betting you've already heard of them. Lora Leigh's latest - so sexy you'll need an industrial fan and emotional? The woman makes me a good way. ;-) I didn't realize I didn't have your first Black Sheep book until you mentioned it here, so we know what book I'll be adding to my TBR bookcase. LOL

Donna Kauffman said...

Hi Lucy! ::Waving:: Thanks for having me over to play. I haven't read Kate Davies, so I've added that to my list. Hope you enjoy my Black Sheep. :)

Joyce said...

I highly recommend Sandra Brown's Play Dirty, it's a really powerful story.

Minna said...

Well, I recommend Vivi Anna's Blood Secrets and as for Christmas reads... I'm definitely looking forward to reading Sandy Blair's A Highlander for Christmas.

Stacy S said...

I loved The Sheep & The Princess. Looking forward to the next one. I'm reading Caine's Reckoning by Sarah McCarty right now & it's really good. Also read The Beast Within by Lisa Renee Jones, Feeling The Heat by Rhonda Nelson & One Last Breath by Laura Griffin. Those were all great books.

kim h said...

hi Donna

HOw are u . love your blog.

reading one of the bad boys antho, LOve it. keep them coming.

kim h said...

hi Donna

HOw are u . love your blog.

reading one of the bad boys antho, LOve it. keep them coming.

Kate Davies said...

Oh, Lucy, you sweet woman you! Thanks so much for the wonderful comments. I'm blushing!

(Correction, though -- Lessons In Love is currently an e-book with Samhain, though it'll be out in print next year. Smooches!)

As for my current fave reads, I finished Suz Brockmann's latest, Force of Nature, and immediately read it again because I loved it so much. Her holiday "novella" ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT is out tomorrow and I can't wait to pick it up!

I also finished LOVER UNBOUND this weekend, and though I have a few quibbles with the ending, JR Ward writes a tortured hero like no one else. :)

The Black Sheep books sound fabulous, and I've loved everything else I've read by you, Donna, so they're definitely going on my TBB list!

Laura J. said...

Hi Donna--

I would have to recommend Over Hexed by Vicki Lewis Thompson. Very funny book that I couldn't put down and am now anxiously awaiting the next one in that series!!

I have a friend who accused me and another friend of "making" her buy too many books recently. Really, we didn't, those books just fell right off the shelf into her hands.

anne said...

Great blog today. Hi, Donna.
I am reading a new novel, Garden Spells which I love.

Angie-la said...

Hi Donna!! It is so cool to see you here.
I am still reading 'The Great Scot' (or as I like to think of Dylan, "The Hot Scot"!).
Normally, I would have finished this by now, but real life keeps I just tell myself its that much longer I get to enjoy it! If you haven't read this or 'Bad Boys in Kilts', you should do so immediately!! And no, Donna didn't pay me to say that!

I am also reading 'The Blooding of Jack Absolute' by C. C. Humphries...the second in his series about Jack who has been described as an 18th Century 007. Jack rocks!! You should read these. 'Jack Absolute' is the first, 'Blooding' is the second (and is a 'pre-quel' as it begins when Jack is a boy.) and 'Absolute Honour' is the third.

And Donna's blog is great fun...especially the MAC. Y'all should come hang out. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best (IMO) because I am a Dancing with the Stars addict. I have an opinion and I'm not afraid to use it! :)
Angie T

Angie-la said...

And Kate...I agree 100% with you about the ending of 'Lover Unbound'
It was....unsatisfying, I guess is the word I am looking for.

Trish said...

Just finished Karen Marie Moning's Bloodfever. Waiting for Lori Foster,, holiday anthology, "I'm Your Santa", to arrive from the library.

Definitely stop on over at Donna's blog for the MAC. Great fun!

Susan said...

Hi Donna,

Sheep & The Princess was fabulous! I can't wait for The Black Sheep & The Hidden Beauty to come out.

Count To Ten by Karen Rose was great. I still have her latest Die For Me in my TBR pile, but it sounds good too.

I love your blog!!

Stacy~ said...

Welcome Donna! I haven't read any of your books, but I love those bad boys.

Right now I'm enamored with C.L. Wilson's series, starting with "Lord of the Fading Lands" and next is "Lady of Light and Shadows". Just wonderfully magical and romantic.

Donna Kauffman said...

My Must Read pile is towering, y'all! Wow, what a great list, with a bunch of New-to-me authors, which I love discovering.

Keep the recommended reads coming!

And thanks to you guys for all the kind words. ::blushing:: Glad you're enjoying my Black Sheep, and the MAC. It's so much more fun to share the snark, doncha know?

Estella said...

Am reading Born To Be Wilde by Janelle Denison. Great Bad Boy read.

Amy said...

Welcome Donna. I would recommend Dark Possession by Christine Feehan

Kelley Nyrae said...

If you're looking for a holiday book to read I'd go with I'm Your Santa by Lori Foster, Dianne Castell and Karen Kelley!

Your series sounds great. I haven't read any of them yet but now I have new books to add to my ever growing TBR pile!

Kelley Nyrae said...

If you're looking for a holiday book to read I'd go with I'm Your Santa by Lori Foster, Dianne Castell and Karen Kelley!

Your series sounds great. I haven't read any of them yet but now I have new books to add to my ever growing TBR pile!

Cherie J said...

Hi Donna,

If you have not read Riding the Storm by Sydney Croft then I highly recommend it. Along with the primary characters, it has some great secondary characters.

Nathalie said...

Hi Donna... I am a regular at your blog :)

Cathy said...

Hi Donna,
Had a great reading weekend. Finished Lick of Frost by LKH, Caine's Reckoning and Mane Event. All were A+. Arriving tomorrow is Lora Leigh's, Nauti Nights, oh yippee!!

Shel said...

Hi Donna -
I don't know what you like to read, but two fantastic paranormal romances just coming out are Stephanie Rowe's Sex and the Immortal Bad Boy and Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Nightby Kresley Cole.

As for chic lit or perhaps romantic suspense/mystery the latest in Gemma Halliday's High Heels series, Undercover in High Heels is fun or Meg Cabot's Big Boned will be out December 1. Oh, also Ultraviolet by Nancy Bush. I could go on and on and on...

Will you be doing any more of the Godmother books?

Donna Kauffman said...

This is how woefully out of touch I am - who is LKH? I'm compiling SUCH a list here. You all make great enablers, let me tell ya! And I like that about you. :)

Donna Kauffman said...

Hi Shel - thanks for the picks! I love Meg Cabot's latest series and have that one on my list already.

I'm knee deep in Black Sheep at the moment (and let me tell ya, it's not a bad place to be *vwg*)so no Godmother books in the works at this time. But you never know! I get a lot of requests for more from them, so we'll see!

flip said...

I just finished The Devil's Right Hand by Lilith Saintcrow. Then I read Driven by Eve Kenin. Before that I read an old Marion Chesney, Lady Lucy's Lover. I now in the midst of reading Dark, Sexy and Filthy Rich by Jill Monroe.

Lily said...

Everyone has mentionned great books... I will check them all out when I go next time to my bookstore!

Brandy said...

Hi Donna! I discovered your writing in Merry Christmas Baby and have read everything since! I especially loved Bad Boys in Kilts! For a new author I recommend Penny McCalls Tag You're It and the other book in the series. Another author would be Nina Bangs, I get a kick out of her books, especially the ones set at the Woo-Woo Inn. *G* And then, of course, there is the lovely Lucy Monroe. I am eagerly awaiting Deal With This. *G* And Lucy is right, Kate Davies writes great stories, too!

Judy F said...

Hey Donna. I can't wait to read the next black sheep book. Hurry.

I just read Lucy's The Ranchers Rules and Deal With This. Excellent books.

Julie Ortolon's Unforgettable was just wonderful

Anonymous said...

LKH= Laurell K Hamilton

I'm currently reading Hard and Fast by Lisa Renee Jones. I'm liking it. It doesn't hurt that the hero is a baseball star.

My favorite recent read was Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas. It's a little different historical and I loved the fact that ther heronine was older than the hero.

Donna Kauffman said...

Ah ha! Thanks Jen!!

It's going to take me a year just to catch up to all these great recommendations. My Barnes & Noble guy is going to love you all!!

robynl said...

Hi Donna. Love your blog and glad you came here.
I have 'Adopting Alyssa' by Denise Patrick and love it. Try 'Treasure' by Helen Brenna also-just starting this one.

RachaelfromNJ said...

Hi Donna! I JUST finished Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Jennifer Rardin and I must say it was fantastic!! I would definetely recommend it. It's the first in a new series with the next book coming out just a couple months after the first! It's completely addictive and I think you'd love it. It's fantasy and mystery and suspense and just so good!

Donna Kauffman said...

Thank you again, Lucy, for having me over to play. My Barnes & Noble salesman thanks you, too! :)

You guys rocked in helping me put together an awesome Must Read pile. A ton of new authors (to me) that I'm really looking forward to digging into.

Back on Monday I promised I'd give away a free book to one of the posters to the blog...and the moment has finally arrived!

Congratulations to Kelley Nyrae!! Just drop me a note at with a few choices from my website bookshelf (in case I'm out of your first choice) and a mailing address, and the book is yours!

I've enjoyed hanging out with you all. Thanks so much for making my stay a lot of fun!

Judy F said...

congrats Kelly woo hoo