Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Guest Blogger - Anne Frasier

I'm so excited to be guest blogging on Halloween, my favorite day ofthe year! I'm interested in the paranormal and have been on several ghost hunts, but so far I've never seen, felt, or heard anything to convince me that the unexplained is anything more than the unexplained. The nearest I've ever come to something weird, odd, freaky, scary was the night I met my brother's doppelganger.

When I was fourteen and my younger brother was eight, we lived in an isolated desert town in southern New Mexico. My brother stood out in the largely Hispanic community because he had straight white hair and pale skin.

Enter Halloween.

My brother was going as a vampire. He and my mother were in thebathroom where she was putting on his makeup. I stood watching in the doorway. We were chatting and laughing. Someone knocks at the front door. I leave the bathroom, go approximately ten steps, turn on the porchlight and open the door, expecting an early trick-or-treater. There is my brother, standing at the bottom of the steps dressed in his black cape. No bag in his hands. Nothing on his head. His white hair. No cars around. No people. No trick-or-treaters.

He looks terrified.

My mind is struggling with the impossible logistics of the situation. I'd been looking at him in the bathroom when I heard the knock. I ask how he got outside. Terror in his eyes. I ask, What's wrong? He runs beyond the circle of the porch light, into the dark where he seems to vanish. I rush those few steps to the bathroom to tell my mom. To find out how they pulled off such a trick. There they both are, just as I left them.

This is a very small, one story house - less than 1,000 square feet. The bathroom is just a few paces from the front door. It has a window above the tub, but it's one of those high, crank-out things, almost to the ceiling, and very small. If my mother had been able to stuff my brother through the window, he would have dropped six feet on the other side, then he would have had to run around the house to get to the front door. Then he would have had to run back, somehow scale the wall, squeeze through the tiny window, and return to makeup position in the middle of the bathroom. A trick that a rehearsed team could have possibly accomplished in five or ten minutes, but certainly not the seconds I'm talking about.

Over the years I've replayed the event in my mind hundreds of times, but have never been able to come up with a logical explanation. I've asked my brother if it was a trick, but he always gives me the same puzzled and confused look he and my mother gave me that night. I'm the only one who saw my brother's doppelganger.


About Anne: Anne Frasier's nineteen novels have spanned the genres of mystery,science fiction, horror, and romance. Garden of Darkness, due for release in December 2007, continues a dark tale started in Pale Immortal of a spooky Wisconsin town. In Before I Wake, a secret government medical experiment goes wrong. Play Dead plays out amid the voodoo scene in Savannah, Georgia. Sleep Tight, a traditional police procedural, is set in Minneapolis. Publishers Weekly says Frasier "has perfected the art of making a reader's skin crawl." The Minneapolis Star Tribune calls her a "master." This award-winning, USA Today bestselling author has been published since 1988, and her books have been printed in over a dozen languages in hardcover, trade, and paperback. Frasier lives in Minneapolis/St. Paul where she is workingon her twentieth novel.


Stacy~ said...

Welcome Anne! From a former Minnesotan (Iron Ranger), I hope you stay toasty warm this winter - it can get brutal.

I love Halloween, and all the spookiness that goes with it. Though I've never had a paranormal experience, I have gone on a ghost tour here in Chicago and found it fascinating. Sadly, the ghosts were not out to play.

Good luck with your books :)

Stacy~ said...

Oh and Anne, I "friended" you. I'm on a myspace binge this week.

anne frasier said...

hi stacy!
ooh, i'll bet a chicago ghost tour would be interesting! just for the history alone.

and you are so right about brutal winters in minnesota. yikes! i swore i was going to move south this year -- but it ain't happenin'.

myspace -- check! :)

diane said...

I enjoyed your story since I live in NM. Sounds strange and frightening. I have read your early books and enjoyed them greatly. I enjoy the climate here. That is why I live here.

anne frasier said...

hi diane --
i lived all over New Mexico, but the halloween incident happened in artesia, which is between roswell and carlsbad. i'd love to go back there sometime.

Joyce said...

Hi Anne, loved your story about your brother's doppelganger. Wow!

flip said...

No wonder you can write such scary stories. I love to be scared and have gone on ghost tours, but I have never had a ghostly experience.

Estella said...

Hi Anne,
You are a new author to me---can't understand how I missed you.
Will be on the lookout for your books now.

anne frasier said...

hi joyce!
i always thought my brother would one day tell me how they pulled that off, but i truly believe he's as much in the dark as i am.

hi flip! so far it seems most people haven't had any ghostly encounters! interesting! and now we have all those ghost hunting shows that make ghost hunting look so friggin' boring. :D

estella, that's okay! you aren't the only one. i tend to fly under most radar! i think that's partially because i'm not firmly locked in any specific genre.

Brandy said...

I admit, I haven't read your books, YET. I'll be on the lookout for them now though!
I have had an experience with a ghost (at least I think so) when I was 7 years old. It freaked me out and to this day I still believe in them.
Happy Halloween!

diane said...

This summer I went to see Carlsbad Caverns for a weekend away, we passed right throught Roswell and Artesia. We live in Albq. Where did you live.

anne frasier said...

ooh, okay. brandy has had a ghostly encounter! woo-hoo! glad to hear that.

diane, i lived right in artesia in a few different houses and locations. haven't been back to NM in a zillion years. I went to artesia high school. also lived in albuquerque and santa fe.

anne frasier said...

oh, and my big memory of carlsbad caverns -- an aunt and uncle came to visit and we took them there. we were sitting in one of the spots deep in the cave where they make you take a seat so they can give you their talk. my uncle asked his wife for her purse -- and he threw up in it. haha!!! he didn't want to throw up on the cave floor. turned out he'd had a migraine all day.

ellie said...

Your comments today have been entertaining and interesting. Your books sound exceptional and intriguing. Fun post which I am enjoying.

anne frasier said...

thanks so much, ellie! i was a bit worried about my cave story. heh!

Amy said...

Hi Annie, I just love ghost stories. I plan on settling down and watching the Ghost Hunter's Marathon tonight on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Lucy Monroe said...

Thank you so much for coming by, Anne! Loved your story and I'm sorry I wasn't around today. This whole having my house torn up thing - well, hopefully today we went forward a whole bunch so that the schedule of having our kitchen and at least one communal living area habitable again. :)

Hugs to all,