Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Happy News Post :)

I just thought I'd tell you all first! But both Meagan's Chance and Annabelle's Courtship have been selected as part of Samhain's IPS print program. What that means for me is that the books will be featured in the Ingram's Catalog and receive some targeted promotion from the publisher. What that means for readers is that both titles will be as easy to purchase and widely available as any of my other books. Cool beans, huh?

Good news is popping up all over too. Harlequin Presents titles will be increasing by 4 books a month starting in January. I'll quote Tessa Shapcott (Senior Editor) directly:

Sales of the Presents series have increased by a phenomenal fourteen per cent between July 2006 and July 2007 and The Eligible Bachelors – the August Modern Extra collection - has sold ahead of target.

And the good news doesn’t stop there! From January 2008, Harlequin Presents is to increase to twelve titles a month. In the first shipping cycle of every month, eight Harlequin Presents titles will be available in the familiar way, including two titles sourced from our Modern Extra/Heat inventory. In the second cycle of every month, readers will be able to buy those and a further four Presents titles which will be published as themed collections.

We also anticipate that Modern Romance in the UK will increase from eight to ten titles from early 2009.

I'm totally thrilled by the increase in sales and that readers (including me) are going to be getting more wonderful books by my favorite Harlequin line!

Oh, and my next two books for Presents are going to be a return to my Royal Brides mini-series. They're both ultra hot and super emotional. My favorite kind. LOL

I'm trying to think if there's any other good news to share...

Oooh...my editor at Kensington was "thrilled" (according to my agent ::g::) that I offered two more books in the The Goddard Project series. So, expect one of them out next year and the other a few months after that.

I'm definitely back in the saddle and it feels GOOD!!!

We've adopted a feral colony of cats (14 of them). Do not ask me how or why? It makes my kids happy. LOL I've got two more drivers in the house now (my daughter and one of our exchange students), which means *they* can do the errand running. LOL There are more pictures of RAW up on MySpace and um, I've gotten some really nice reviews on AC & MC. My gorgeous hubby wants a date as soon as I'm finished with my current WIP (the last of my uber tight deadlines caused by the past year's health stresses). And my mom just moved to a house within walking distance of mine!

Let's call this the "Happy News Post" and share whatever good news (big or small) you've got going on in your own life right now. And to keep things Happy...I'm going to give away some books off my prize shelf in the closet along with other goodies. Would you all think I was nuts if I drew 5 names to win off this post??? Let's do it!

So, let's hear the good stuff happening in YOUR life!


Amy said...

Wow Lucy, How exciting 12 presents each month and 5 winners from this blog. I can hardly wait. I loved both Megan's Chance and Annabell's Courtship, I have them in "e" print and I can hardly wait to get paper back copies of both.

Judy F said...

WOW that is great news Lucy. I am glad things are settling down (LOL) a bit for you. I have been worried about ya...

I can't wait to read more of your books. I bought Annabell's Courtship over the weekend. I hope to start it soon.

Stacy S said...

That's great news!! Nothing really happening here. I did buy several books this week that I've been waiting on.

Brandy said...

WOW! Wonderful news! Um, none here except that I started my Christmas shopping last week. Does that count?
I can't wait to see both of your Samhaim in print!
And Bless your family for adopting the Feral Cats!

Laurie D. said...

Glad things are rosy for you again, Lucy - we've all missed you! The biggest of hugs to you on the feral cats - my friend and I have rescued/neutered/found homes for 9 stray cats since last November; it's a good feeling! I have Annabell's Courtship in my Palm but haven't had the opportunity to read it yet.

Jen in WA said...

I love hearing good news and sharing it. So, let's see... the new job is going well, as is my diet/exercise program. I got a bunch of books in the mail today... oh, and the best news is that my birthday is this weekend!

KimW said...

WTG, Lucy!! I'm so happy for you. Oh, and for me, too, because I get to read the book.

Both my mom and my aunt were in critical condition earlier in the month. Totally unrelated medical problems that happened at the same time. It was an incredibly stressful month and I'll be happy to set this one aside. So...I'm going to say the good news is that they're both doing better and I hope that continues.

kim h said...

that is great news lucy. sharing is fun . gl all

Maura Anderson said...

Let's see....

1) Received several great reviews for my first fiction story Del Fantasma: Texas Tea.
2) Sold four more stories to Aspen Mountain Press - a stand alone coyote shifter, a holiday Yule story, a co-authored Del Fantasma and a paranormal haunted sword story.
3) Lucy reappeared and is okay :)

I caretake a feral cat colony as well and have personally paid to have 53 (yes, really) cats fixed, immunized and then either tamed those we could and found them homes or released them and we continue to feed and care for them. there's a reason we have seven pet cats.

I'm excited about the Presents, I'll have to call Reader Service and make sure I get all of them next month when I get January's books.

RachaelfromNJ said...

VERY COOL!!! YEAH! :)Congrats Lucy!

lidia said...


Wonderful news about your being back up to speed!

12 titles to choose from -- with my limited time for reading it will make my life more difficult to decide which titles to buy.

Glad to hear that you are writing more HPs! -- I love those!!!

As for my own news -- this past weekend was my birthday. It actually was a very good one. Had a good time with family and friends!

Sending many hugs and cheers your way!
Lidia :-)

Kate Davies said...

How wonderful, Lucy! I'm thrilled for you!

My good news... well, THE PERFECT GIFT was released today, and it's at #4 on the Amazon bestselling Romance Anthology list -- just behind Lori Foster and JD Robb! Cool, huh? :)

Kelley Nyrae said...

Glad to hear things are going so great for you Lucy :)

Well I have a few bits of good news.

1. I finished my first ever set of revisions and edits for my first print release.

2. My mother in law is moving down from Oregon and will be at my house this weekend (I'm one of the lucky one's who gets a long with her mother in law).

Stacy~ said...

Well this was a nice little pick-me-up post this morning :) I liked reading everyone's news.

Lucy, I am beyond thrilled to hear all your good news as well! More stories, and more time with Lucy - what more could a reader ask for? You've made my day :)

Well, me, I was really surprised to win an award at our recognition meeting at work yesterday. It's weird to win for doing something that's part of my job and that I love to do, but it was also very nice to be recognized by my co-workers, people I enjoy working with. I got a plaque and a nice $50 gift card, so that really made my day LOL.

tam said...

Wonderful news! And No, I don't think your nuts, I think your great for picking 5 winners just out of this one blog.

Angie-la said...

Well, I have to share this good news with everyone...my husband had a cancer scare last week.
Was admitted to the hospital for 3 days for extensive testing with all the symptoms of colon/liver cancer. We got the news yesterday that e is cancer free! YAY!
He does have liver disease, but it is treatable. We are so blessed!

Lucy Monroe said...

Amy...thanks tons! Smooches go to you for sure. :)

JudyF...hugs! And let me know what you think of AC. :) Pretty please?

Stacy S...buying a book you've been waiting to read is always a cause for celebration. LOL

Brandy...good for you! I bought two things of the dozens I'll need to buy for Christmas too. LOL And the cats? Oy...fixing and getting shots for them will cost a bundle, but it has to be done and they're just about getting used to us enough that my husband and son (the cat whisperers) can catch them to take them to the vets. :)

LaurieD...hey, sweetheart! What is your trick to finding homes for the cats, cuz I gotta tell you I think we're stuck with ours. LOL And special hugs to you for doing it...the feral cat population just keeps growing because so many people don't get their animals fixed, but then don't take responsibility for the offspring (which is what happened here).

Jen in WA...thanks for sharing your good news, definitely brought a smile to my face and Happy Birthday in advance. Email me off my website and we'll see about sending a pressie. :) (So, we get six "winners" off this blog post - works for me. :g:)

KimW...Boy do I understand where you are. Hospital visits for family members were a big part of the last twelve months for me. I share in your relief and pray for all of you to have some peaceful times now. :)

KimH...It is fun, isn't it??? :)

Maura, love...you rock in so many ways!!! Great news on the books and you are my hero for the cats!


Lidia...I missed your birthday? Not acceptible, dear friend. :) Will have to see what I can do to fix it. So, good to be chatting with you again. :)

Kate...oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! Way to go! Gotta buy me a copy!

Kelly...Fab news on the book and good family is *always* a blessing!

Stacy...Congrats on your award. I laughed when I read how it felt odd for you because you don't "just do" anything. You always go the extra mile and that's why your co-workers recognized you! :)


Angie-LA...Oh, hon...that is such good news! Dh and I went through something similar this last year (I said it was a VERY difficult year plus, right? LOL) and the relief you feel when you know it is not life threatening is beyond anything. {{{HUGS}}}

I am so glad I posted this blog! Your good wishes mean so much...they really do, but you know you all are my "home girls". :) And hearing your own good news, well it lifts me up too!

Want another bit of good news? Dh is home today - the why is well rather humorous if you choose to laugh at this kind of stuff and I do - but last night one of our upstairs toilets overflowed and before anyone noticed it had flooded not only my daughters room but the ceiling below it. Went straight into pot lights and onto hubby's work computer which he is drying out in hopes it is not DOA.

And yes, we did laugh. Can't believe this happened, but it was time to replace the flooring in that bathroom and his office anyway, right? LOLOL

Hugs to all,

Susan said...

I'm thrilled for you, Lucy! And I'm thrilled for us, your lucky readers. :)

My good news is I fixed my own email. I was without it for 2 days and thought what the heck I couldn't make it any worse. I ventured into the unknown and fiddled around with a few things and all of the sudden my inbox was overflowing! LOL

Cathy said...

Congratulations on all your great news. My good news is that my son will be on military leave in two weeks, and wants to spend one of those weeks at home. Yippee! I am looking forward to spoiling him tons with baked goods and homecooked meals, and will be happy just listening to him talk about anything. Heck, he could talk about the weather and I would be happy. I just can't wait to see his face and get my arms around him. I have missed him so much...

Angie-la said...

Lucy, I am so glad you did this as well. Reading evreyone's good news HAS been uplifting!
So often, we only hear the bad stuff. It is so awesome to celebrate the good things.
And {{{{hugs}}}}}} right backatcha!!
LOL at the bathroom flooding incident. We may as well laugh about it or else we'd just cry, right?

Maureen said...

Great news for the Presents line and all your other good news. Our good news is that real grass is growing in our front and back yards. My husband has been determined to have a nice lawn and has spent a bit of time working on it.

Estella said...

Wow! Twelve presentd each month . I can hardly wait.
Not much going on here.

Cherie J said...

Wow! That is great news Lucy. So happy for you. My great news is that the local library is having their semi-annual book sale. I will be looking at tons of books. I had to miss their Spring one because of my mother having a stroke and being rushed to the hospital. She is better now but it was touch or go there for awhile. Because of this, I am especially looking forward to this one. I rarely get to go book shopping because it is hard to take the baby and toddler there but hubby is going to take care of them for a couple of hours so I can have some fun.

Lily said...

I also bought Annabelle's Courtship and just by the synopsis... I can't wait to read it!

My good news... just restarted college... 4th year med school and everything is going great :)

Nathalie said...

12 books... that is a lot... don't know if someone can read that much in am onth but there will be so much to chose from :)

And, me too, not much going in here... no major news.

Sue A. said...

Harlequin Present is a line that I've followed since my teens and I'm thrilled to see it grow when so many other lines have been dropped.

Lucy thanks for sharing your good news, which is our good news too as readers of your books. It's great to see you back in the blogging world-we missed you here!

Joyce said...

Great news Lucy!!

I fell and broke my hip in Aug. but now I am HOME from the rehab. center!!

Lucy Monroe said...

WTG, Susan!!! I'm uber impressed - and I mean it. I spent hours the other day trying to figure out my PA's Outlook account. LOL

Oh, Cathy...you enjoy your boy! That's fantastic news!!!

Angie-LA...thanks! :)

Maureen...cool beans on your lawn! My hubby's pretty cute about our lawn as well. And it's a lovely thing when he's happy with it.

Estella & Nathalie...you and me both, I'm really interested to see what happens with the themed releases myself.

Oh, Cherie...hope you had fun!!! Let us know what you bought. :)

Thanks, Lily and good wishes on school. It's a challenging time, but oh so worth it, especially when you're following your dreams and it sound like you are. :)

Sue A...thanks! It's good to be wanted. LOL

Oh, welcome home, Joyce! So glad you are doing better!

Chantal said...

I'm really late getting to this post, but I wanted to offer my congrats about all your good news.
Thats great news about the Presents books!! 14 cats. Oh, my gosh! lol. I don't even know what to say. I can only laugh, lol!!

My good news, hmmmm. I can't think of anything. My life is kinda boring right now.