Friday, February 23, 2007

Checking In :)

I know I've been absent for weeks and the truth is, I've taken a much needed and total sabbatical from all things online and even the phone. I didn't even read my email for something like four weeks. If you've written me, I'm not ignoring you, but I'm working my way through more than a thousand personal messages. :)

I've got tons of new books to recommend and will commence pimping this weekend. LOL

I have missed all my blogging much, but I've been dealing with really severe insomnia and sleep deprivation and it's just been really hard. It is getting better, though my sleep schedule is still backwards. Aargh!

I really want to say thank you to EVERYONE who has written me about Moon Awakening (I will answer your email, I promise). It's just been a total blessing. I've gotten more reader mail on this book already than any other. It's also gotten some amazing reviews and sales have been strong, so I'm feeling super blessed.

I've got some VERY special news I'll be announcing on March 1...but plenty of other "fun" things to tell you all about before then. :)

Know that I've been thinking of you all and I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things.

Much love and hugs,