Sunday, October 29, 2006

One of those moments...

I went to watch my nephew run in the district cross country meet the other day. You know, watching a cross country race requires a lot of walking and/or jogging to get to check points to cheer the kids on, yeah? It was a beautiful day and it was wonderful watching my nephew push himself to run such a long distance and do it way faster than I ever could. LOL

So, on the way home, it's starting to get a little late. The sky is changing color and I have a moment...a writing moment, a people watching moment, whatever you want to call it. But it was cool.

All of a sudden, I check my rearview mirror and there's this guy on a motorcycle right behind me. He was wearing all black and black helment with an impenatrable visor. It really disconcerted me. Can't explain it, but this rider just seemed dangerous. Not in a bad way, but in a, "What kind of book can I write about him way?"

He passed me at the next opportunity and I followed him for two miles while traffic forced him to remain close enough for me to watch and muse...I'm glad he was wearing a helmet and lots of black and his cycle was so sleek. The fodder for my imagination? Too rich to pass up.

When you read a book with a hero that rides a killer black motorcycle and has a penchant for black leather (not kinky), you're going to know where I "met" him. On the way home from my nephew's cross country meet. :)

Discussion question: what do you think of motorcycles? Provocatively dangerous? Freeing? Not your thing?

Discussion question 2: did you/do you play sports? If so, what? Or what is your favorite sport to watch?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Yogurt covered blueberries and other forms of Ambrosia... first foray into blueberries as decadent treats happened about four years ago. Dh and I were on an overnight date away from the kids and we went to Starbucks for a drink. He bought be a box of chocolate covered blueberried. I was hooked. Hershey's later came out with a chocolate bar in extra dark with blueberries and cranberries. Can you say, "Very happy author?" I am convinced that there is no greater brainfood for a romance writer than blueberries in dark chocolate, but in a pinch...I'll settle for the healthier alternative of yogurt covered blueberries made by Archer Farms. They're not too sweet and really are healthy. Go figure.

So, my theory is that Ambrosia was really some kind of blueberry dipped in yogurt or chocolate...what do you think?

And speaking of Greek myths, several series have been written around them lately. My favorite of course is Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters. I just think someone needs to email her and explain that Ambrosia is not like jello...that couldn't be Ambrosia, yeah? It's gotta be chocolate dipped blueberries.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Book Pimping...

Ain't it grand? Well, it is to me. I love sharing with you all about books that intrigue me or that I have loved reading. So this post is going to be a total pimp.

Let's start with a book that I loved reading by one of my favorite authors and which I know you are all going to adore. It's out on Tuesday, October 24 and I *know* some of you really enjoyed the first book in the trilogy. Well, the second story is going to knock your socks off...or is that the heroine's? LOL The book is Strip Tease by Kate Davies and it rocks! I got to read an ARC and it's even more delicious that Taking the Cake.

Here's a book that totally intrigued me...okay, I admit it...the whole series intrigues me. This author is also uber talented. And Heart Quest sounds like it could very well be her best book yet. Robin D. Owens has written several books in the series and don't be surprised if you find yourself tracking down the others once you've read this one.

And now for a book that I think will intrigue many of you, particularly this time of year. It is Cheyenne McCray's Seduced by Magic, a hot paranormal romance by another extremely talented and nationally bestselling author.

And keeping in line with the rest of this post, I think it's time to ask again - what really awesome book have YOU read recently?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's all in the execution...

That's one of the HM&B editors' favorite sayings. They'll get asked about this plot idea and that plot idea, or this hero or that heroine and whether or not it could work for a line and more often than you would imagine (because don't people think there are lots of "rules" in romance?), they come back with, "It's all in the execution."

I've been thinking a fun discussion to have would be: what professions really throw you for a loop in a hero and/or heroine...or what kind of profession have you never seen and never want to? I don't like negative discussion though, but I think chatting about what might totally surprise you or disconcert you (at first anyway) could be fun. Or maybe what did surprise you and then you found yourself liking?

But let's remember that it's all in the execution and while we might chat about it here, I really *do not* want any books given as negavitve examples or plot lines given that could identify the book in a comment that might be construed as disparaging. I really want this to be fun...because I love the discussions we have on here.

I'll start. I've never been a big sports fan, so reading about athlete heroes wasn't high on my priority list. Then I discovered SEP's football heroes and not only did I LOVE the books, I ended up enjoying watching football a whole lot more than I ever had. :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Chores...chores and more chores...

Well, we had the big talk with the teens the other night about chores. There's just so much stuff competing for their time, but how can they grow into responsible adults if they don't learn how to take care of themselves, yeah? So...well, to help them along, we're turning of cable to their television. We didn't have TV for the first 15 years of our marriage and only got it when my mom had a stroke, so she could watch it while she was staying with us. We kept it because the kids enjoyed it, but now's taking too much time. And the kids get grumpy after watching too much TV too. I don't like that.

So, we're also cutting back to the basic cable for the projector screen set-up my mom uses when she's over. We're only keeping it at all for her sake and that of my b-i-l who likes to watch the superbowl on our projection screen. But obviously, lots of people love TV and I swear I would too if it wasn't such a drain on my family's time. I've got my favorite shows I'll miss if they aren't on basic cable - Psych, SG1 (which is in it's final season) and maybe Eureka. But I don't have time to watch them every week (thank goodness for re-runs, yeah?) and my was time for a change. Do you know not one of them complained about it. Weird, huh? But cool. :)

Discussion question: what are your TV viewing habits? Do you like it, or do you find it a nuisance? What's your favorite show(s)?

Prize Winner

I bet you all thought I forgot...not...just got too busy. LOL

But the prize winner for last week's blog drawing (for a grab bag of books off my prize shelves) is Kelley V!

Hon, please email me your mailing address and I'll get the books out to you soon. :)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

My News...the teasing is over...

I'm so excited, my heart is just dancing! I sold the first historical I ever wrote to Samhain Publishing and just got definitive release dates. Annabelle's Courtship (you now...Samhain lets me keep my titles...that feels so weird...) will be out in e-release August 7th, 2007 (my birthday btw) and the print release is November '07. Isn't that just like totally, totally cool???

You see, I wrote AC and sent it off to Avon and well, it got one of those really GOOD rejections, but I didn't send it anywhere else because by then I'd already written Come Up and See Me Sometime and started the T - Me trilogy and wanted to try to sell it first. And by the time I sold the third book to Berkley, I had the idea for Moon Awakening and wanted to write it and start a paranormal historical series. I was very reticent about selling AC to the same market because I felt it would confuse readers if I went from historical to historical-paranormal and then back again. I want readers to know what to expect from me and they can expect more Children of the Moon books from Berkley, yeah?

So, after some negotiations with Berkley and a nail biting submission to Samhain, it's going to happen.

So, yeah...I'm excited. But with the LC Monroe books, I've got 10 releases next year...AGAIN. LOL I've got to hope readers don't get tired of my books. And well, I really believe in all of these stories - so I'm hoping it will be a very good year for all of us. :)

Discussion question: If I were going to write a book with a character from a previous story, who do you think it should be and why? No limitations...if you think I should write a follow-up story for primary characters, don't be shy about saying so. If you want to see the story for a secondary character, let me know.

Alternate question: If you can't think of an answer to the above, or if you just want to chat about this idea as well - what kind of character would you like seen written about? What I mean is: is there a particular personality type you favor, or a profession you'd like to see explored, or something like that. Make sense?

And, okay, we all know I write the stories that come to me, but there's nothing to say that a comment you make here won't take hold of my subconscious and birth a story when I least expect it. :) Right? Besides, I love chatting with you all about this kind of stuff.

And hey, don't feel like you've got to limit yourself to my books. If there's a story by another author you'd really like to see, share.

Blog Party at Out of the Blogosphere

Out of the Blogosphere - the blog dedicated to paranormal romance - is having a two week long bash and it's going to be great. Lots of paranormal authors chatting about books, recipes, and other fun stuff and giving away prizes.

Go over and post a comment, or two...or five. LOL


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Yummy heroes, and other fun stuff...

Have I told you the hero inspiration for my current WIP? At first, I was going to use Raoul Bova (thank you tons Stacy for sharing this guy with me), but I REALLY want to save him for inspiration on a Harlequin Presents. He just looks like one of my sexy tycoons, you know?

But then JudyF sent me a hottie and I just KNEW he was exactly what Alan Hyatt looked like. I mean, it was like he could come right off the computer screen and start talking like a fifth generation federal agent. Wanna know who? None other than Henri Castelli. And in the way that writer's do...I've already incorporated this resemblance into the story. Won't tell you how exactly, but suffice to say that certain ladies online are not the only ones lusting after his riverstone eyes. And hopefully, you all remember what a hoot Jillian was in The Real Deal. Well, the woman hasn't changed much. :)

Some neat news? TAKE ME is on Bookscan's national bestseller's list for romance this week. I'm also the feature author on Romance Junkies and the review for TAKE ME is fabulous!

Also, I've got some REALLY cool news I can't wait to share, but until I've got firm details...I won't. Not teasing...well not too much. :)

Discussion question: who do you think would make a great hero inspiration for one of my books and why? Oh, and what type of book, single title contemporary, Presents, historical, werewolf, etc.?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Guest Blogging

Hey, all...I'm guest blogging at The Pink Heart Society and I really hope you'll come over and visit me there. :)


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Take Me is OUT NOW!!! all know how jazzed I am about the release of TAKE ME, the third book in my historical trilogy about the Selwyn family. Right? I mean, I make no bones about the fact that this book was my personal favorite for a long, long, long time after I wrote it. No matter how much I loved the other books I was working on, something in this story just resonated so deeply with me that Jared and Calantha always sprang to mind when I was asked, "What's your favorite book that you've written?" Even before I sold the book and knew it would be published.

Maybe it's because the story is a slight twist on the classic Beauty and the Beast theme. My beauty was married to a true beast the first time around and she's got a wounded soul and heart in hiding to prove it. She sees the man beneath Lord Beast's facade from the moment she first lays eyes on him, but his goodness terrifies her. She believes he has the power to hurt her, not heal her. He, on the other hand, thinks her beauty is only skin deep at first. Their path to finding each other is one of the most emotional journey's I've taken with the characters I write about.

So, I guess you will all understand that I'm sorta celebrating this week. I can't help it! I'll be sharing bits about neat reviews and other stuff and in general just reveling in a personal moment of triumph. With one of my special dreams coming true...the publication of *this* book.

Y'all heard the book got a 4.5 Stars Top Pick from RT, right? I think I blogged about it. Well, it got 5 Roses from A Romance Review and 4.5 Hearts from The Romance Reader's Connection too. It's the feature book and I'm the feature author with an interview on TRRC as well. Pretty nifty, huh?

Now for you...Share a moment of personal triumph. The key to living a life of celebration is learning to find joy in the little things as well as the big, so don't just think about the huge stuff. Not burning dinner can be a personal triumph for me because I find it so easy to get distracted. :)

And just because she sent it to me and I loved it so much and really thought it spoke to what we've been discussing on here lately...
The Fearful

The babe who fears drowning,
will first learn to swim
before diving into the waters
of life.

Tami Boyer
Haley's Cabin-- February 2007
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Keyboard woes...

Okay, it's time to fess up. I drink beverages (not alcohol) near my computer. Yes...really...I do. I know it's shameful and not safe computer etiquette. But it is necessary. And well...I spilled a glass of juice on my keyboard. I've had water spills before (not actually by me - but that's another story) and managed to save the hardware, but this was not to be. The keyboard got fried. Totally.

So, no big deal...I'll get a new one. Only there's the time issue of getting to the store and buying the keyboard with all the running around I'm doing for teens right now. However, I did make it Office Depot and bought a lovely new *silver* ergonomic keyboard by my favorite maker of wireless interface - Microsoft. (Trust me, I've tried most brands and Microsoft lasts the longest. I'm hard on my keyboards.)

Get the new keyboard and mouse combo home and despite the fact the computer tells me it can see the mouse, it CAN'T!!! Aargh...more time, more running of teens all over heck and gone and my town besides...and another trip to Office Depot. A replacement keyboard and mouse and with LOTS of tweaking where the receiver is at (who knew having two monitors would be such a big deal???)...I am FINALLY back on my computer. I've got so many messages in my in-box, I'm going to be buried for hours, but I really wanted to come over and let you all know this time my disappearance was totally due to technical difficulty. LOL

Oh, later the same night I spilled the juice...I dumped a glass of water, barely missing my e-reader beside the bed and I laughed hysterically, waking dh up who promptly dried the power cords (which I did manage to hit) and well, obviously I find my own clutziness way funnier than the average person might. But come on...what are the odds? The same day???

I don't really have a discussion question today because I want to go repsond to all your comments on the last blog. But hey, let's just call this free chat day. Talk about ANYTHING you want, ask any burning questions you haven't yet and well, we'll just have fun.

Lucy :)

P.S. My back is finally back to normal. And thank you to everyone who asked about it! I'm feeling much, much, much better now. :)