Monday, December 04, 2006

You need to visit this blog...

This week. Okay, you all know how much I love, love, love Romance by the Blog with Michele Buonfoglio? Well, this week she is hosting a series of discussions on the concept of erotica versus erotic romance. The first guest speaker is none other than my editor Kate Duffy, an extraordinarily talented woman with a gift for long term vision. The week promises to be absolutely fantastic and if I wasn't fighting this nasty, horrible cold virus on top of getting my computer back up to par, well I'd be there with lots of chatting. Not saying even that will keep me completely away. So, go, go, GO to Romance by the Blog and talk about a subject dear to many of our hearts, yeah?

And on other stuff...

You know, I've decided I'm glad I got sick at the same time as my computer crash. Just one bout of downtime instead of two. That's a blessing, isn't it? And I'm in total awe of the computer guru at CWB. Not only did he save 99.9% of all my data, but he reinstalled my email with all its subfolders. It took some time to get everything running again and I've still got a couple of programs to load onto my new PC (decided to upgrade if I was going to have to reload it all anyway, yeah?), but I'm so relieved! I may have trouble staying awake and um breathing at the moment and my temperature is a bit spikey, but I'm still in bliss. My new computer is so pretty! LOL

And another neat bit of news? Pregnancy of Passion is on the Borders Group National Bestseller's List for the THIRD week. Yahoo!!! And speaking of December books, want to read another really nifty advanced review of "Come Moonrise" in Unleashed? Click here.

Discussion question: Okay, yes, it's going to smack of self-interest, but what can I say? You all are smart cookies. No doubt you've got the goods on the best remedies? But what is your favorite way to treat a cold? Or what do you like to do to make being sick not such a drag?


Stacy~ said...

Michelle B is the coolest. Fun topic, and oh Lucy, what a pretty picture of one of your books. Satisfaction guaranteed *g*

Cool news on the computer. What a relief you didn't lose all that stuff. And it's always nice to get a new version.

Woo hoo on the books! Love those stories of yours :)

Hmmm, when I'm sick, I love to sleep. Can't really do that when I have to work, and now that Theraflu (the tablets, not the drink) has been diluted, it's not so much fun being sick anymore. (That was good stuff, that Theraflu). So if I can't have the drugs, I'll take the sleep.

Michele said...

Stacy~ knows where the action is and it usually IS at Michelle B's site.

So relieved to hear good news about your computer!

As for how to treat being sick?
Oh easy one. Chicken Noodle Soup.
Seriously, I make my own (not noodles though, I'm sick) and put in lots and lots of onions and garlic plus carrots and thyme, tarragon, a clove or two, basil and a couple of leaves of bay.
Oh, and fresh ground pepper, but not too much salt. Not big on salt.

Onions and Garlic have healing properties all by themselves so that's why I put so many in.
Add a nice warm loaf of Italian bread or Vienna Bread with melted butter...*sigh*

For me, it's the ultimate comfort food.
Hope you feel better soon, Lucy!!

Brandy said...

Sorry to hear you're unwell. But, glad to know that your computer issues have been solved! When I'm sick I drink ginger-ale, and eat whatever won't make me sick. I don't get time to really be unwell though. I just kind of suffer through it, since I homeschool and my 4 year old is very active.

Vivi Anna said...

Peppermint oil, Lucy.

Diffuse it. Or drop some in your hands rub them together, then inhale the fumes.

I NEVER use cold medicines. I only use peppermint oil. It's also good for any digestive problems, gas, and pain.

Also oil of oregeno works like a charm. Put a drop of it under your tongue...burns the cold right out of you...LOL

catslady said...

Thank goodness about the computer!

Hot tea with honey. It's great for the throat too. The only times I drink tea are when I'm sick or in a Chinese restaurant lol.

I'm enjoying all these other tips too.

Hope you feel well soon.

Stacy~ said...

LOL, Michele. Yep, I'm a MB stalker. And where have you been, young lady???? Miss seeing you over there and your contagious enthusiasm. Don't be a stranger.

Hi again Lucy! *g*

Michele said...

Thanks, Stacy~! I've been **ahem/cough** , Lurking.
I visited last week and I fully intend to be a gush-puppy for Wednesday- EVEN while at work.
Thanks for the compliment, Stacy~, hugs back at ya!

Cryna said...

Lucy really glad about the computer. Sorry that you have such a cold.

My remedy when I have a really bad cold is a hot toddy. It usually helps soothe the throat and also helps you sleep.

Joyce said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Isn't it a bummer when you are sick AND can't breathe!!

Thank goodness your computer info was saved.

Annie West said...

Lucy, congratulations on 'Pregnancy of Passion' doing so well!

Your story of the computer crash send a trickle of horror down my spine. I'd better work harder at backing up.

Sorry to hear you're unwell. As for remedies - I wish I knew one that got rid of colds - I'd make a fortune. But to ease the symptoms we use hot lemon and honey drinks. A bowl of steaming water with a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil is great to inhale and clear a stuffy head. And, when you're getting better - try an hour or two with some glossy magazines! I find that's a real treat that I don't usually have time for and it makes me feel much better (G)!


Kelley said...

I bought Pregnancy of Passion but haven't had the chance to read it yet. I can't wait!! Things have been crazy for me.

Sorry you aren't feeling well but like you said, at least you will only have one down time rather than two!!

As for what I do when I have a cold, I drink lots of hot tea. I can always remember my mom making me hot tea to help soothe me when I was sick. I still do it to this day because of that.

Estella said...

Sorry you are not feeling well.
I get a cup of hot tea and a good book and curl up by the fire when I an ailing.

Melissa said...

Awesome news about the computer and bestseller Lucy! I'm going to go online and buy the ebook version as soon as I know I'll have time to read it -- don't want to give myself a temptation to procrastinate before then because I will!
I followed your link to MB's blog several months ago and have really enjoyed following it. I keep finding more blogs to follow from other blogs. My blog list is getting as out of control as my TBR pile!
Just being able to stay home and sleep is such as blessing when I'm sick (I usually have to go to work anyway), if for no other reason than you can never sleep at night, you always start to drift off just as the sun comes up. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Serena said...

Ciao stella,
I didn't realize you were ill! (Have been too busy to check in) I hope you get better very soon. And glad you got your puter up and running again. What a massive pain!

Maureen said...

So sorry you're not feeling well but at least your computer is feeling better.

Make sure you have a humidifier on, it will help you breathe better as you sleep.

Lucy Monroe said...

Thank you, everyone!!! I'm trying some of your suggestions and getting better slowly. Yikes, how lowering to be knocked out so completely by a COLD!

Lucy :)

lidia said...

{{{Lucy}}},sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.

I am not big on taking medicine.

Usually drink lots of hot tea -- at night -- add a little blackberry brandy to the tea. It also helps for "upset" stomachs!