Friday, November 17, 2006

Guest Author and Really Cool Prize :)

Hi everyone on Lucy's Blog!

I'm thrilled to be here. Lucy and I have known each other for years and first hooked up when we did Star Quality (BRAVA 5/05) with Lori Foster. We had so much fun with the stories happening in the same town and our characters running into each other when a blue moon caused havoc and romance. Funny how those two always run together! We're trying to cook up another anthology but Lucy is one busy lady. We'll get there one of these days.

I love Lucy's heroes. Her alpha guys are the best. I thought about them when I wrote my O'Fallon series. I wanted my men to be hunky guys and no one does hunky better than Lucy.

With Ryan, Keefe and Quaid's story there's a lot of humor and lot of heart. Setting it in fictional O'Fallon's Landing on the Mississippi makes the focus on the family and how all the sons come together to help their dad find the woman who left a baby on his doorstep. And it is his baby, not one of his sons.

The heroines in the series are a good match for the guys. They give as good as they get in solving the mystery and in the bedroom. A visit now and then by General Grant kicks things up a notch.

The paranormal side is something new fore me and I love the ghostly appearances when they are least expected. Do you all have a favorite paranormal element you love to read? Vampires, voodoo, shape-shifters? Are there some you won’t read at all?

Let me know. I'm starting a new series and open to all suggestions, especially from the readers.

If you want to know more about the O'Fallon series visit my website at

Thanks, Lucy, for letting me gab with your wonderful readers. I'll give away an I'll Be Seeing U tote bag from the responses.

Hugs to you all


Lucy Monroe said...

Welcome to the blog, Dianne! I can't imagine anything I'd like more than to write another anth with you and Lori. I just need to free up 3 weeks...I can do that...can't I???

Can I just be a fangirl for a moment and say that I love the humor and sexiness in your writing? I can't wait to read "I'll Be Seeing U", but my TBR pile is longer than my To Do list and that's REALLY saying something. :)


Jennifer Y. said...

I have not read that many paranormals, but I enjoy clairvoyance (sp?), werewolves, vampires, wizards, ghosts, time travel, and witch craft. I like fun or light paranormals. However, I have not read that many dark ones (but will give anything a chance). I tend to enjoy the ones laced with humor more. However, I will pretty much read anything...I love books.

I love your books Dianne...your "U" books are great! I love your sense of humor in the books.

Kelley said...

Welcome Dianne!!! I'll start by saying I really love your O'fallon series. I can't wait to read Quaid's story. Its on my list!! You have a unique humor and I really like that.

As for paranormal. I'm a huge vampire fan. I love those vamps. They are super sexy in my opinion.

Kelley said...

I forgot to mention, I already won an I'll be seeing U tote from Scamps and Vamps loop so there is no need to enter me in the contest. I want to leave it open for everyone else.

Maureen said...

In paranormal novels I enjoy ghosts most of all.

Brandy said...

Welcome Dianne!! I enjoyed reading the first in your O'Fallon series, my list of books TBR is long, but I'm sure I'll get to the others soon!! Your characters are great and really draw the reader in.
As for paranormal, I too, tend to keep to the light/fun side. I enjoy a vampire book now and then, and any other type of paranormal. Good luck with the new book!!

Estella said...

Welcome Dianne! I enjoyed I'll Be Seeing You.
I enjoy paranormal romances---my favories are werewolves, vampires and shapeshifters.

Melissa said...

Welcome Dianne! I've got "I'll Be Seeing U" on my TBR wishlist too like many others. I'm pretty tame when it comes to my paranormal tastes -- light, fun ghosts, psychics a la Kay Hooper, occassional time travel.

Cathy said...

I am still hooked on all the paranormal stories out there, the darker the better. Shapeshifters, werewolves, definitely, anything magical, and sometimes vamps if the story is good. Plus I love an erotic romance with humor. It can be subtle or sardonic, butI always enjoy a good chuckle.

ChristyJan said...

Hi Dianne,

I'm easy ~ I'll read just about anything. As far as paranormal goes I guess I lean more towards vampires and witches. And, like the others have mentioned already I too like humor.

DianneCastell said...

Hi, all!
Sorry I'm late getting here. Thanks for the warm welcome!
So glad you all enjoy the O'Fallons! You made my day!
And that you like the funny stuff is terrific. I can't write any other way. I try and write serious and it just doesn't work. I read it and thin, who wrote this? Jerry Seinfield is my hero!
I have a book signing tomorrow but I'll check back in here as soon as I get home.
Have a great Saturday!
Hugs, Dianne

Sue A. said...

Hi Dianne! I enjoy time travel, clairvoyance, werewolves and the occasional vampire story. Pretty much anything as long as there's a good romantic story interweaved within the book.

robynl said...

I, too, love the O'Fallons; yummy. I really like the humor you 'do' in your writing; I love a good laugh now and then and it sure helps with making one feel good after a laugh or two. Keep up the good work, Dianne.
I'm not into paranormals; time travel would be most to my liking.

Joyce said...

I'm no longer for the most part into vampires but I do enjoy the psychic elements. But yet I enjoyed N. Roberts Circle trilogy and Marjorie Liu's Red Heart of Jade. So I guess it's how it is written.

Jennifer Y. said...

I forgot to say that I have a tote as well, so you don't have to include me in the drawing for one.

Lucy Monroe said...

You know, Dianne...your comment that you couldn't leave the humor out if you tried was a lightbulb moment for me as a reader.

You are one of a handful of authors I enjoy who write with humor. It's not that I don't like to laugh or smile when I'm reading. I do. I love it, actually. But a lot of authors...I don't know...try too hard and whenever I feel like I'm *supposed* to laugh, I get pulled out of the story. Now, when I just end up laughing...that's pure pleasure. A real treat. That's how your stories are. Your humor is always so natural and such an integral part of the story. I never feel like you set up scenes just with the intent purpose of being funny, but that everything really evolves from the characters and the plot they're living out. Does that make sense?

As for what kind of paranormal do I like best? Shapeshifters without a bunch of woo-woo stuff going on to make it happen. The "earthier" the edge of the paranormal aspect, the more I like it. :)

Minna said...

Hi Dianne! Shapeshifters are definitely my favourites. And I like withes, sorcerers and magicians, too.

Cryna said...

Hi Dianne

I too have to say I really enjoyed your O'Fallon series.

As for paranormal, I like the light side of it, and enjoy the shapeshifters, I also like the clairvoyant.

Lori said...

Hi Dianne,

I'm a huge fan, too :) And thanks for showing everyone such a great time at the get-together in June!

As for paranormals, I'm just really not a huge fan. If I had to say that there was one aspect I can almost always enjoy, it would be clairvoyance in an otherwise "normal" story.

I'm very picky about reading other types of paranormals, and will only read those written by authors whom I completely, totally trust to deliver a book with fully fleshed-out characters (pardon the pun given the topic *g*) and great storylines.

Lately I'm finding that shapeshifters are getting kinda out there - having sex without fully shifting (ick), and I'm overloaded on vampires.

Rachael said...

Hi Dianne!
I haven't ever read a paranormal book but I do have quite a few on my bookshelf. Vampires interest me but I'm not too sure what a shape shifter is. If wizards count, then I've read the Harry Potter books but I dont think they count as paranormal. Any suggestions on a great paranormal book to start with as my first?

Dannyfiredragon said...

Welcome Dianne,

I am a paranormal junkie. No matter if shifter, vampires, witches etc. I just have to get the book.

readingissomuchfun said...

Hello Dianne,

Glad to see you are here YaY!

I just started to get into vampire books love them. I am looking for more authors who write vampire books. Any suggestions?

Dianne I am looking forward to reading your books they sound very good :-)


DianneCastell said...

I think I'm more into the ghost, voodoo, psychic,clairvoyance side of paranormal. I love the move Ghost. Sigh! It has it all with humor, paramormal, mystery, action.

Any of you ever had cards read for you or gone to a psychic? I did once and it was so "on" it was scary. Lori Foster had it done at our June event (thanks for mentioning it!) and it was so right on I though Lori's hair would stand on end.

How do they do that??
I have no powers at all. Blank, Zip!

Chantal said...

Welcome Dianne!

Gotta say that I am a sucker for a vampire. Dragons are hot too!

Judy F said...

HI Dianne, thanks for writing such great stories. The O'Fallon series is very special to me. Dianne used my cats name Dusty in the 2nd story. That was so sweet, I still miss her. Thanks

I love funny vampire stories, don't really care for the gory ones. I like werewolfs and shapeshifters too. Lucy upcoming story was great.

Kathleen said...

HI Dianne!

I enjoy reading many different paranormals! However, the difference for me is the style in which the author writes the book. I think I may be more selective in choosing a paranormal :) Ideas for paranormals that I have not seen a lot of include ghosts and witch craft.

Your new series is GREAT Dianne!!!

DianneCastell said...

So glad you all like the O'Fallons! You all really make my day. :-)

Witchcraft is one I haven't thought about and know nothing about it. Should be fun finding out! I think Savannah is loaded with all stuff like that.

kim said...

hi dianne
glad to see you. come back again

DianneCastell said...

Sorry I was gone...again!
I work on Monday nights. wow, are the holidays as nutty for you as they are for me??
I always thing things will be quiet and they never wind up being that way. My two daughters come home tomorrow. Yippeeeeeee! Can't wait to see them. But somebody better clean this house. Gee, I wonder who that's going to be. :-)
Is everyone doing Turkey??? I had to get salmon as my one daughter is on a no-meat kick. It's their life's mission to drive parents nuts no matter how old they are.

Back to paranormal... What are your fav paranormal shows on TV? Sometimes I wish I could see into the future but then remind myself just doing the present it tough enough.

Brandy said...

Paranormal tv shows are fun to watch. I like Supernatural (although I spend alot of my time jumping up to do things when it gets scarey (I'm a wuss)). I also love the OLD Nightstalker because it was so campy and the new Nightstalker because the stories are unusual and intersting (but I do alot of jumping up for that one too).
As for the turkey, we're cooking one for the first time in over 7 years (I'm not a turkey fan). And the whole kid driving you batty thing? Hahaha! My oldest (Daughter) is 11 and entering the "fun" adolescent stage. Luckily my 4 year old Son is still sweet.

Lucy Monroe said...

Oooh...Dianne...I love SG1. It's both Sci Fi and paranormal. Um...can't think of any other para shows that I like. They need a good series about uber sexy werewolves. Yeah?


DianneCastell said...

Oh, Brandy, your kids are a perfect age...old enough to know what's going on but not too obnoxious. :-)
Enjoy the holidays everyone!
When does everyone start putting up their Christmas tree???
Now I just have to go shopping so there's something under that tree. :-)

Dannyfiredragon said...

Hi Dianne,

I don't watch so much TV, I really prefer to read a good book. I will put up my Christmas tree (an artifical) next week. That's really early because normally you don't put the tree up till a few days before Christmas here in Germany.

Melissa said...

I really enjoy The Dead Zone on USA with Anthony Michael Hall (he has grown up so yummy!). The character Johnny Smith on the show is very appealing -- somewhat of a tortured loner with a mission, but human with a good sense of humor. I live alone, so I usually don't watch anything more suspenseful than that or I'd be up looking under the bed all night!

Brandy said...

Dianne, I'm a bit weird about the tree. We don't get ours until 2 weeks before Christmas (the needles, but must have live tree!)(this is the way it was done when I was little). I DO let DH put up the outside lights December 1st. But, not before that. *g*