Saturday, October 14, 2006

Yummy heroes, and other fun stuff...

Have I told you the hero inspiration for my current WIP? At first, I was going to use Raoul Bova (thank you tons Stacy for sharing this guy with me), but I REALLY want to save him for inspiration on a Harlequin Presents. He just looks like one of my sexy tycoons, you know?

But then JudyF sent me a hottie and I just KNEW he was exactly what Alan Hyatt looked like. I mean, it was like he could come right off the computer screen and start talking like a fifth generation federal agent. Wanna know who? None other than Henri Castelli. And in the way that writer's do...I've already incorporated this resemblance into the story. Won't tell you how exactly, but suffice to say that certain ladies online are not the only ones lusting after his riverstone eyes. And hopefully, you all remember what a hoot Jillian was in The Real Deal. Well, the woman hasn't changed much. :)

Some neat news? TAKE ME is on Bookscan's national bestseller's list for romance this week. I'm also the feature author on Romance Junkies and the review for TAKE ME is fabulous!

Also, I've got some REALLY cool news I can't wait to share, but until I've got firm details...I won't. Not teasing...well not too much. :)

Discussion question: who do you think would make a great hero inspiration for one of my books and why? Oh, and what type of book, single title contemporary, Presents, historical, werewolf, etc.?


Stacy~ said...

Ooooh, Henri is divine, is he not? I just did a tribute to the man at my blog: Just don't get too close - Judy is very...protective ;)

Woohoo on "Take Me", Lucy! Awesome stuff.


Clive Owen would be wonderful for a Presents. And you can never have enough Gerard Butler, maybe for a werewolf. I'm into the rugged guys. I'll be having inspiring thoughts all day now - thanx Lucy :)

Cryna said...

Oh Lucy Henri has caused a real stir on our loop.......LOL......

Great news on TAKE ME, that is awesome!!

You can be as big a tease as BB........LOL

Lucky Vanous would be great in a single contemporary as an Agent of some kind.


Jennifer Y. said...

I love Henri!

Clive Owen or Hugh Jackman would be good for your historicals or werewolf books. IMO They just scream romance hero to me when I see them in films.

Ali said...

Oooh, thank you for sharing the pics, Lucy :-)
Hm, as for a great hero inspiration, I'd pick Josh Lucas...dreamy... I just love his eyes. He'd be good in a single title contemporary, I think :-)

Kelley said...

I've been getting pics of Henri in some of the daily hotties from Judy, too. He is so gorgeous. I can't wait to read your book with his picture in my mind :)

Congrats on Take Me. Its such a wonderful book.

I can't wait to hear abot your news.

Lucy Monroe said... all have some amazing ideas for future heroes! I did image searched on the names you all suggested and wow...just WOW!

Brandy said...

That man is gorgeous! I don't believe I have been blessed with his picture before, but THANK YOU LUCY!
Hmmm, have to say I really like how Brendan Fraser came across in The Mummy and The Mummy Returns.
That's wonderful news on Take Me and the review is wonderful.

PattiF said...

You ladies are getting me all stirred up for Henri...

He looks scrumptious!

Definitely Gerard Butler or Patrick Dempsey would be great as heroes to drool over.

Judy F said...

Henri is MINE...LOL lordy don't I wish. He is like the total package, but man those eyes are something else..

I don't watch Grey's Anatomy but the guy on the cover of TV guide Eric Dane could so be an agent in one of Lucy's books.

Also Oded Fehr (I think that is the speilling) could be in a presents book. I may have a picture somewhere.

Congrats On Take Me lucy. Awesome book. Hgus

Lucy Monroe said...

Isn't it interesting how seeing someone in a certain role can make them more appealing. Before I'd seen Hugh Jackman as Wolverene...he was sort of blah to me, but now...not at all. LOL

And I meant to thank everyone before, but will do so now to EVERYONE who has posted their congrats. You are all so darn nice!

Melissa said...

Congrats Lucy! Glad that Take Me continues to do well. Henri is quite yummy. I'm definitely on board also with a vote for Clive Owen -- Presents or single contemporary either one - well, anything really I could stare into those eyes all day.

I seem to have a thing for Brit actors lately. I'd also put in votes for the lucious Sean Bean and lesser known, but just as sexy Richard Armitage (best known for the BBC series North & South). Rent North & South if you haven't seen it -- RA is oh so broody and dark. Great topic, Lucy!

Annie West said...

Lucy - thanks for posting this! I love a good drool.

Strangely I don't seem to start with a photo of someone in mind when I write but I'm sure the search for pictures of inspiring men subconsciously helps me to create. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I'll keep an eye out for any to send your way. I'm with Jennifer - Hugh Jackman is terrific, though I have to say I don't see him as a Presents hero. His personality seems more laid back.

Congratulations on Take Me hitting the bestseller list and on the great review. I'm looking forward to hearing your exciting news too!


Chantal said...

Congrats on Take Me. I am loving it!!

Wentworth Miller is uber sexy.

He is the guy who plays Michael on Prison break. I can picture him as the misunderstood bad guy who is waiting for the perfect woman to put him in his place.

I don't know who this guy is
but boy oh boy, please give him a story. Woot!

Vin Diesel.
I can see him in a paranormal, as a shape shifter of some sort.

Surprised I didn't mention Johnny Depp? I don't want to share him. The sooner people realise that he is mine all mine the better. lol

lidia said...

Doesn't surprise me that "Take Me" is doing well. It is my favorite from the trilogy.

As for "yummy heroes" -- for a historical book I choose Tyrone Power or Errol Flynn. (I know that they are deceased -- but to me they'll always be heroes -- just love watching their old films.)

Lucy Monroe said...

Oooh...some more GREAT hero ideas. The thing about the inspiration for me is that it is totally visual. I prefer not to have seen the guy in a movie (with the exception of Hugh Jackman LOL) because I don't want to borrow personality traits, just the physical embodiment of heroes that live and breathe in my head.

I didn't use to use inspiration pics, but then I discovered it was easier to write physical description and to remember to do it (not easy for me) when I had a picture in front of me.

And Lidia...with that in mind, it so does not matter to me if the hero is still living. :) It's all about the image.

And I posted my happy hope you all enjoy it!