Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Take Me is OUT NOW!!!

Okay...you all know how jazzed I am about the release of TAKE ME, the third book in my historical trilogy about the Selwyn family. Right? I mean, I make no bones about the fact that this book was my personal favorite for a long, long, long time after I wrote it. No matter how much I loved the other books I was working on, something in this story just resonated so deeply with me that Jared and Calantha always sprang to mind when I was asked, "What's your favorite book that you've written?" Even before I sold the book and knew it would be published.

Maybe it's because the story is a slight twist on the classic Beauty and the Beast theme. My beauty was married to a true beast the first time around and she's got a wounded soul and heart in hiding to prove it. She sees the man beneath Lord Beast's facade from the moment she first lays eyes on him, but his goodness terrifies her. She believes he has the power to hurt her, not heal her. He, on the other hand, thinks her beauty is only skin deep at first. Their path to finding each other is one of the most emotional journey's I've taken with the characters I write about.

So, I guess you will all understand that I'm sorta celebrating this week. I can't help it! I'll be sharing bits about neat reviews and other stuff and in general just reveling in a personal moment of triumph. With one of my special dreams coming true...the publication of *this* book.

Y'all heard the book got a 4.5 Stars Top Pick from RT, right? I think I blogged about it. Well, it got 5 Roses from A Romance Review and 4.5 Hearts from The Romance Reader's Connection too. It's the feature book and I'm the feature author with an interview on TRRC as well. Pretty nifty, huh?

Now for you...Share a moment of personal triumph. The key to living a life of celebration is learning to find joy in the little things as well as the big, so don't just think about the huge stuff. Not burning dinner can be a personal triumph for me because I find it so easy to get distracted. :)

And just because she sent it to me and I loved it so much and really thought it spoke to what we've been discussing on here lately...
The Fearful

The babe who fears drowning,
will first learn to swim
before diving into the waters
of life.

Tami Boyer
Haley's Cabin-- February 2007
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.


Cindy said...

WOOOHOOO!!! Congratulations, Lucy!!



Kate Davies said...

Yay Lucy!

And yay me! I picked up a copy today at Fred Meyer. :)

Kate Davies said...

Okay, a moment of personal triumph. Hmmm...most recently, it was finding out that Taking the Cake hit #4 at powells.com for e-books. And apparently I'm in good company, because it's sandwiched between Suzanne Brockmann and the Bible! LOL!

Maureen said...

Congratulations on your new book and your great reviews.

A moment of personal triumph for me a couple of weeks ago was when my son and daughter worked together to make dinner. They were talking and laughing as if they weren't usually at each others throats.

Stacy~ said...

Awesome! I waited to get all 3 books to read at one time. I plan on getting this one today :)

Melissa said...

I'm so looking forward to reading it! Will there be an ebook release to feed my ebook addiction?

Chantal said...

Ohhhh, I can't wait to go out and pick it up. I love, love, love walking into a bookstore already knowing what I want.

My personal triumph is dragging my arse out of the house every day and making it to Curves. I hate working out..I'm so lazy, lol. But I love the adult interaction.

Anne Rainey said...

Hi Lucy, first congrats...I can't wait to read it. I want that book in a bad way, but then I want all your books in a bad way...LOL.

Thanks for posting the poem, it's an honor to have something I wrote on your blog!

a moment of personal triumph for me. Well, the biggest thing I can think of to date was the day I decided to wear a tank top. Sounds silly, but I have scars up and down my left arm from a major surgery I had as a child. And they aren't very pretty to look at. Got made fun of as a child a lot, and so I had taken to wearing long sleeve or 3/4 length sleeves, and rarely (if ever) bathing suits in public. So, you can see why the day I wore that tank top was a big day for me. :-)

Jennifer Y. said...

Congrats Lucy! Can't wait to get it!

A personal triumph for me happened a few months ago. I am not much of a cook...in fact the only cooking I can really do involves pressing buttons on the microwave. However, I decided to cook dinner for my parents. I fried chicken and made the sides all by myself...it tasted good and no one got sick. I was pretty happy about that.

Kelley said...

A moment of personal triumph happened for me last February. I was able to let go of the past and forgive my dad for not being around while I was growing up. It was very hard and scary for me but I gained so much from it.I wasn't sure if I could let go or not, but I did. It made me a better person and gave me the chance to say goodbye to my daddy.

Estella said...

Congratulations Lucy!

lidia said...

Lucy, CONGRATULATIONS! I plan to read it tonight. If I don't have too many distractions/interruptions, I plan to read it in one sitting.

It doesn't surprise me that it received so many wonderful reviews. I loved the the description and excerpt when I first read them.


Cryna said...

YeeHaw!!! Congratulations, Lucy on the release......

As for a personal triumph, I will have to give a thought to that one....


Brandy said...

Yay! Take ME is out, can't wait to read it.

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks for the congrats, everyone! And to everyone who bought the book. Oh...that is so music to my ears. :) (But Melissa, alas, so far no eBook releases for my Berkley books.)

Kate - that's amazing news! Way to go. :)

Maureen - I can so identify with you. What a wonderful moment and you need those to remind you what it's going to be like when the hormones are behind them. LOL

Chantal - hon, that is a major personal triumph a lot of us would love to have the strength of purpose to share. You go, woman!

Tami - I love your poetry...that's why I posted the poem. So THANK
YOU for sharing with me. I'm hoping to convince Brandy to someday too. :) As for the tank top? Darlin' that is truly a moment of personal triumph and inspiration besides. Thanks!

JenniferY - What a great feeling of accomplishment and neat that it involved doing something for your parents too. I love when our joy comes from blessing others too. It magnifies it, yeah?

Kelley - I remember that time and well, I still really admire you and think you are so loving and just neat for how you handled it and the forgiveness you extended.

Hugs to all!
Lucy :)

Denyse said...

As always, Lucy, CONGRATS on the new release. I will be picking up the set next time I'm at the bookstore.

Personal triumph is a difficult one, because while it was a triumph, it was also the single most difficult thing I've ever done. A year and a half ago, I lost my much adored dad, three weeks before what would have been my parents 50th anniversary. Needless to say, my mother was devastated, and for me, who was always with him at the doctors appointments and clinics, it was not as shocking as it was to the other members of my family. The triumph came when I was able to pull it together, plan my dad's funeral, make the decision to turn off the machines and stay at his side as he took his last breath. I fought with the doctors for him, so they would respect what HE wanted, and I watched his incredible spirit slip into well-deserved peace. Being able to do that for him was the most difficult and rewarding thing I've ever done.

Talk to you soon, and congrats again on the fabulous new release!!


Judy F said...

Congrats Lucy. You know how much I adored this book. Its front and center as my staff pick at the book store.

Major hugs

Lori said...

Congrats Lucy! I adored the first two! I cannot wait to get this one!

Oh, and a note for Kate Davies (if you come back), since she posted a comment... I read and loved Taking the Cake :)

kim said...

that is great lucy

Cherie said...

Actually, I do have a major personal triumph coming up. On October 10th my baby girl will be born by c-section. I know that when they put that precious girl in my arms, the the sense of triumph will be great. The stretch marks, back pain etc. will all abe worth it.

Cherie Japp

Kelley said...

I picked up Take Me yesterday. I can't wait to start it!!

Anonymous said...

YAY, Lucy! I hope you get to celebrate all week :-) I can't wait to go shopping tonight :-)

Kate Davies said...

Going OT --

Thanks so much, Lori, for letting me know you liked Taking the Cake. You made my day!


Dannyfiredragon said...


congrats on the new release!

Carol said...

Congratulations on the new release, Lucy!!

Kristen Painter said...

You had me at Beauty and the Beast.

Jenn said...

Lucy, I just finished reading Take Me and I loved it. It was my favorite of the three in the series.

Thank you for writing such wonderful stories.

lidia said...


I finished reading "Take Me" -- I loved it. It is favorite from the trilogy. Both Jared and Calantha were wounded H/h for different reasons and yet both of them, in spite of those challenges, had great personalities. The spin on "the beauty and the beast" was a great twist. Callie's first husband may have been a physical "beauty" but he sure was "BEAST." On the other hand, Jared's scars did nothing to retract from his real "beauty."

Once again you have written a "winner."

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who bought TAKE ME!!! :) Unfortunately, (unless I'm mistaken) it looks like it's not getting new release placement in bookstores, which means that for it to do well will depend solely on word of mouth and my readers wanting to buy it enough to go looking. So, well, I'm SUPER touched by those of you who have and Judy's putting the book up as a staff pick. It means the world, it really does right now.

Denyse...wow...can I just be really proud of you as a friend? What a heart rending, but wonderful personal triumph!

Cherie...I'm so excited! I sure hope you'll post a link to pictures or send me a jpeg of your darling girl so I can post it to the blog. Just a couple more days!!!

Jenn and Lidia...what can I say? Your comments made my day. I just so want to hug you both right now!