Sunday, October 29, 2006

One of those moments...

I went to watch my nephew run in the district cross country meet the other day. You know, watching a cross country race requires a lot of walking and/or jogging to get to check points to cheer the kids on, yeah? It was a beautiful day and it was wonderful watching my nephew push himself to run such a long distance and do it way faster than I ever could. LOL

So, on the way home, it's starting to get a little late. The sky is changing color and I have a moment...a writing moment, a people watching moment, whatever you want to call it. But it was cool.

All of a sudden, I check my rearview mirror and there's this guy on a motorcycle right behind me. He was wearing all black and black helment with an impenatrable visor. It really disconcerted me. Can't explain it, but this rider just seemed dangerous. Not in a bad way, but in a, "What kind of book can I write about him way?"

He passed me at the next opportunity and I followed him for two miles while traffic forced him to remain close enough for me to watch and muse...I'm glad he was wearing a helmet and lots of black and his cycle was so sleek. The fodder for my imagination? Too rich to pass up.

When you read a book with a hero that rides a killer black motorcycle and has a penchant for black leather (not kinky), you're going to know where I "met" him. On the way home from my nephew's cross country meet. :)

Discussion question: what do you think of motorcycles? Provocatively dangerous? Freeing? Not your thing?

Discussion question 2: did you/do you play sports? If so, what? Or what is your favorite sport to watch?


lidia said...

I don't really play sports. I used to ski -- haven't done that in about 20 years -- so I guess you could say that I gave it up.

As for motorcycles -- I find them dangerous -- therefore, provacative in books! LOL

Brandy said...

Motorcycles seem dangerous and aloof and therefore mysterious. I've never ridden on one, but have secret wish to one of these years.
As for sports, I'm not coordinated enough to participate. Trust me, I can't even do step aerobics. I also find them boring to watch. But, my 4 year old has taken an interest in racing, and because of him the whole family now follows all the races! *g*.

Estella said...

Motorcycles are dangerous, especially if ridden by a 'bad boy'.
I played baseball when I was younger and I love to watch it being played.

Melissa said...

It's always made me sad that I'm not good at sports. My mind wanted to be, but my body won't cooperate. The only thing I've had any inkling of sucess with has been golf (because the ball starts in a still position -- no hope at all for me when a ball is coming at me -- in volleyball I used to always get hit in the head with the ball -- as an adult I still have volleyball phobia). Currently I most consistently follow professional baseball and college basketball.

Men on motorcycles -- sexy and mysterious -- I like (as opposed to scary motorcycle gang guys). My dad used to have a motorcycle when when I was growing up and I loved to go for rides. I've found as an adult the sensation is a little more scary (maybe because your center of balance changes?). My brother took me about five years back. He told me afterward he took me on this really curvy, dangerous road to see how I'd "react" and that I impressed him. I was really shaking by the time we hit a straight stretch. Brothers!!! Sexy, Alpha Heroes, that's another matter though (sly grin).

Lori said...

Love the motorcycles, Lucy! I would eat up a bad boy on a motorcycle! Yum. The one that screams out at me was Wilde Thing by Janelle Denison. Steve was the perfect hero. *sighing just remembering* I think I will have to go reread that...

As for sports, I love to watch football and baseball. I love to play basketball and football. All that contact is fun!

Heather said...

I've never cared for motorcycles myself. I have been on one once - which was more than enough for me and did not like it. Too fast and dangerous for me!

As for sports...I've never been into team sports. When I was younger I always wanted to take figure skating lessons, but never had the chance. Still, for many years growing up my sisters and I were on the pond behind our apartments a good part of the winter. These days most of my exercise comes from walking. Every spring I say I'm going to get the bike cleaned up and use it...but it never happens. One of these days, really!

As for watching (UW Badgers and Green Bay Packers), hockey (Badgers) and figure skating are the ones I prefer. I can fill an entire weekend with those three alone - not necessarily a good thing! lol

Kelley said...

I like reading about hero's that ride motorcyles. Its dangerous so that makes if facinating to read about. In real life, not so much. I used to work in the ER. That explains it all!!

As for sports, I've never been very good at them but I'm a huge basketball fan. I love watching it on TV. My hubby took me to a trailblazers game when we lived in Oregon. We got really good seats and it was one of the funest things I've ever done.

Chantal said...

That was really cool to read. I look forward to meeting that hero.

I looove Harley's. My dad is a biker, and I feel so free and alive while on the back of a bike.
Some of my favourite romance heros rides bikes. It has to be a Harley though. If it's a yamaha or something, then it ruins the sexy, bad boy image.

I'm not into sports all that much. I will watch Hockey, but only if the Habs are playing. I have three boys so you would think that I was drowning in sports, but my kids would rather dance and draw.

Cryna said...

I love to read about the hero on a motorcycle, but in real life I find that motorcycles are dangerous. I have never ridden on one, but I guess when the not so responsible riders cut in and out of traffic and take unnecessary risks the kind of give all motorcycle riders a bad name.

I think it is neat the way you have a new hero to write about, and I look forward to reading about him.

As for sports I have never played a sports because I just am not that good at it. I like to watch football, since my son played it throughout High School and I watched many games. So I find I still tune in football on the TV, but that would be the CFL football which is a way shorter season than your NFL football. But I love to watch hockey and will tune in a hockey game on the TV and will listen on the radio when the home team is away and it is not televised.

Carol said...

I don't like motorcycles. Too many people who ride them have been killed or seriously injured. I don't even like it when the hero in a book has one.

I've never played sports but I do like to watch baseball.

kim said...

it is pretty cool motorcylces
i do like sports and watching them
i did play them too back inschool not so much anymore

Nicole Reising said...

Oh I love hearing how you found him fascinating! Its one of the things I love about writing -- seeing the possibilities in everything around us!

I personally love cycles!


Stacy~ said...

Ah, yes, the motorcycle. Definitely dangerous, but also appealing. I've ridden on them and enjoyed it, but at the same time, feel very vulnerable to the elements. However I'm a sucker for a guy on a bike. And Shiloh Walker wrote a wicked sexy story about a guy who rode a motorcycle and I've been hooked ever since LOL.

I was a tomboy growing up - 2 brothers, my dad, neighborhood boys - so while I didn't play them too well, I played. I was also the only one who could catch the ball when my dad threw a football - put those boys to shame.

But my absolute favorite sport is hockey! I just love it. The energy, the agression, the skill. I love yelling along with the rest of the crowd. It's exhilerating.

Ali said...

The way you describe the man on the motorcycle, it sounds provocatively dangerous ;-)

As for sports, I'm terrible at that, lol...but I do enjoy running, and hopefully will be able to run the marathon in January.

Maura said...

I love my motorcycle, actually :) I've been riding motorcycles for 25+ years. I find them very freeing but also very introspective and calming. If you're riding one, you really don't have attention to spare for much else.

Sports - mostly football and some gymnastics though I play volleyball sometimes.

Madison Chase said...

In a word... HOT! But only if they're like the one you're talking about. Otherwise... noisy and annoying. ;)

Happy Halloween!

Dannyfiredragon said...

I love motorcycles! Unfortunately I am not allowed to get my driving license, because otherwise I get kicked out of my home. My mom is worried about me. One of our neighbors and a colleague of my dad had both deadly accidents.

I differentiate between real motorcycles (Harley Davidsons) and Japanese Rice balls (the high speed machines). Both accidents were high speed machines and they really loved the speed.

Sports: When I was at school I really loved to play soccer.

Today, I love to watch all kind of sports. Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Football etc.

Jennifer Y. said...

Motorcycles just seem dangerous to me. I don't mind reading about them, but I am nervous about them in real life. It has especially been true since a friend of my father's lost his son in a motorcyle accident last Thanksgiving.

I never played sports, but I grew up at the ball field thanks to an older brother who is definitely a jock...he played baseball, football, and basketball. He now coaches football at a high school. Baseball and football are probably my fave sports to watch.

Lis said...

Love motorcycles, except when you see people riding them in winter on icy streets, then its just insane. But I've always thought a nice Harley was sexy :o)

Sports, don't play much but love watching NHL hockey, pretty well the only sport I do watch

Judy F said...

I have only been on a motorcycle once. Not for me but I love reading about them books. Yummy.

I played volleyball in gradeschool. Bowled in my twenties.

Lucy Monroe said... looks like a lot of us like to read about stuff we aren't necessarily comfy with in real life. Like the ultra alpha hero, yeah? :)

I admit I've always been too klutzy for sports, but I enjoy watching tennis with my mom and football with my b-i-l and gymnastics with anyone. :)

I'd love to go to an NFL game and a real hockey game too. LOL

Judy F said...

Oh Lucy you must go to an NFL game at least once. I went Oct 1st with my sister, BIL, two nieces to see the Bengals. Though they lost its a whole diff world. We tailgated, that was a hoot. It was so much fun just being there. So much diff then watching it on tv. I love football.

Denyse said...

Aahhh, Motorcycles. Such interesting symbols of dangerous thrills and freedom, and usually thoroughly sexy guys in black leather with long hair and wild ways. It's an irresistable image, isn't it? I've never actually been on one them, and have serious reservations about whether or not I'd want to, and that's probably not the smartest thing I've ever put in print, given that I write an adventure serial for the American Motorcycle Company! Still, there's a timeless allure to the biker image we've created, and when you see guys like Lorenzo Lamas astride Harleys, how can you not fall a little bit in love with the "image"? Hey, it looks like fun. Would I do it? NO! Would I ride with someone else? Not unless I really trusted the person in control of the bike!!!

Joyce said...

My brother, father to 6 grown children, had a motorcycle for quite awhile. For him it was freeing, for everyone else it was quite a worry.

Chantal said...

Oh wait! I do like to watch ball room dancing and figure skating.

Nicola Marsh said...

I love heroes on motorcycles, so much so I had to create my own!

For my first royal prince story, I wanted the prince to be different so I had him entering the first scene on a motorbike! He's nothing what the concierge(heroine) expects! Princess Australia is out next June so it will be interested to see if readers like a bad-boy prince or prefer the more traditional?

ChristyJan said...

I don't play or participate in sports. I had heart surgery when I was 11 and I was never allowed to even take PE in school. I do remember playing some church softball and vollyball, but that was 30 years ago.
Now days riding in the golf cart while my husband golfs and POWER shopping are the top of the list for physical activity for me. lol

KimW said...

I love heroes who ride motorcycles. That bad boy kind of guy with a little bit of a shady past. sigh... Not in real life, though. I'm too big of a chicken to ride one and I wouldn't want my husband in that kind of danger.

I love watching sports. Football is my favorite.

Kathleen said...

I have been to a couple of my state's cross country meets when I was in a spectator. You definitely have to be in shape to watch these athletes at their different check points!!! It still amazes me that people can continue to run for miles and miles...LOL!!..and they enjoy it!!!LOL LOL

Babe King said...

Not all bikes are equal. :-)
Used to ride a katana, but these days it's a Burgman scooter. :-) Go ahead and make me feel old why don't ya? :-)
Sport? Anything to music. Belly dancing is good - God gave me more than adequate equipment for that. Aqua aerobics pretty good too. Tai-bo fun, but exhausting. People watching, a definite winner. That's how I get notes scribbled on the tissue box in the family car. :-)

Chantal said...

Hi Lucy, I hope all is going well.
I miss your posts.


Kelley said...

I'm thinking about you. I hope all is well.