Monday, October 02, 2006

Keyboard woes...

Okay, it's time to fess up. I drink beverages (not alcohol) near my computer. Yes...really...I do. I know it's shameful and not safe computer etiquette. But it is necessary. And well...I spilled a glass of juice on my keyboard. I've had water spills before (not actually by me - but that's another story) and managed to save the hardware, but this was not to be. The keyboard got fried. Totally.

So, no big deal...I'll get a new one. Only there's the time issue of getting to the store and buying the keyboard with all the running around I'm doing for teens right now. However, I did make it Office Depot and bought a lovely new *silver* ergonomic keyboard by my favorite maker of wireless interface - Microsoft. (Trust me, I've tried most brands and Microsoft lasts the longest. I'm hard on my keyboards.)

Get the new keyboard and mouse combo home and despite the fact the computer tells me it can see the mouse, it CAN'T!!! Aargh...more time, more running of teens all over heck and gone and my town besides...and another trip to Office Depot. A replacement keyboard and mouse and with LOTS of tweaking where the receiver is at (who knew having two monitors would be such a big deal???)...I am FINALLY back on my computer. I've got so many messages in my in-box, I'm going to be buried for hours, but I really wanted to come over and let you all know this time my disappearance was totally due to technical difficulty. LOL

Oh, later the same night I spilled the juice...I dumped a glass of water, barely missing my e-reader beside the bed and I laughed hysterically, waking dh up who promptly dried the power cords (which I did manage to hit) and well, obviously I find my own clutziness way funnier than the average person might. But come on...what are the odds? The same day???

I don't really have a discussion question today because I want to go repsond to all your comments on the last blog. But hey, let's just call this free chat day. Talk about ANYTHING you want, ask any burning questions you haven't yet and well, we'll just have fun.

Lucy :)

P.S. My back is finally back to normal. And thank you to everyone who asked about it! I'm feeling much, much, much better now. :)


Brandy said...

Burning question: How's your Mom doing?

Kelley said...

I drink at my computer too. I've been lucky not to have anything happen yet. Especially with my kittens jumping up on the table to visit me so often.

lidia said...

I also drink at my computer -- very carefully -- have had a few spills, thought nothing major.

This weekend I was at Borders and they have Lucy's newest "Take Me." I hope to find the time to read it this week.

Stacy~ said...

I'm glad your back is feeling better. Sorry about the liquid disasters. I'm guilty of that too.

Good question Brandy. Yeah, how's mom?

And how are the foreign exchange students doing?

What are YOU reading these days Lucy?

Jen in WA said...

I spilled a soda on my laptop once. The CD drive was never the same afterwards. Now that I've got a new computer, I'm pretty picky about drinks on and around my desk.

Estella said...

I drink coffee at my computer---so far no accidents!

Cindy said...

I found out the hard way that keyboards and Dr. Pepper don't mix well together either. LOL

I'm glad your back is better!



Jen said...

That's funny! I just had an author friend who JUST did the same thing. It's so easy to do.
I have a table next to my computer that has TONS of stuff on it. I just put my glass there.
That way if I spill, I just lose the bills and such.
Glad your back is better.

Cherie said...

Glad to hear your back is better. As for drinking by the computer, I don't. I am such a klutz and I also have 3 year old so I know one of us would either spill it on the computer or the carpet.

Cherie Japp

Cryna said...

Lucy glad that your back has mended. I drink liquids by the computer also, but where they sit, if they did get upset they would not do damage to the computer keyboard just mess up the desk.....So glad to see you back online.

Yeah, I too would like to know how your Mom is and how the exchange students are making out.


Jennifer Y. said...

I drink around my computer as well, but have been lucky so far and have had no major accidents...unless you count the time I dropped pie with whipped cream on the keyboard...what pain to clean!

Chantal said...

I drink my Pepsi next to mine too. I'm drinking one this second. Shhhhh.

Glad to hear your back is better!

Melissa said...

So glad you're feeling better! I too tend to eat and drink around the computer. Very lucky to have never had any spills, although I do occassionally have to blow out crumbs with compressed air.

Are you able to make anytime for reading for yourself at the moment? What is your favorite fall activity?

Lucy Monroe said...

My mom is not doing so great. But she keeps keeping on and that's what counts. :) Thanks for asking!

Tae Woong and Hoon Mo are doing pretty's VERY hard to adjust from learning conversational English to applying American classroom English, but we're all trudging along. I'm helping with a lot of homework lately. LOL

What am I reading? I got to read an advanced copy of JJ Massa's next Agency book. It's killer! I've got Dark Celebration on my bedside table and I've re-read a couple of Lora Leigh's Breed books this past week.

My favorite fall activity? Smelling the fresh, crisp air...I love fall for the really cold days and sunny skies. And I love the change of colors on the trees. I suppose you could say that my favorite activity is getting back into a routine though. I love long as I'm the one making them. I don't do so well with other-imposed schedules though.

Think that's it...except...Lidia...thanks for buying TAKE ME. :)

Hugs to all!

Judy F said...

Hey Lucy I am so glad you are feeling better. Will keep good thoughts for your mom. Be on the look out for something from me in the mail.