Friday, September 08, 2006

Final bits on Vancouver...

I couldn't finish my travelogue on Vancouver without telling you all about my interview with Mark McConchie. First of all, I recognized his face and found out later it was because I'd recently seen him in an episode of Psych (my new favorite show - okay I only watch two shows, but for it to be one? is saying something). He's a totally amazing guy. Incredibly nice and very generous with his time. The lunch interview stretched late into the afternoon and the batteries on my mini-notebook went dead taking notes. I had to switch to pen and paper. Yep...he was uber interesting all right. I could have asked him a million more questions, but I figured he deserved a break.

He was full of information on acting and the film industry itself as well as just being He knows what he wants, what he's willing to do to get it and not willing to do. Those kind of self-realized people are few and far between. Another friend of mine, JJ Massa is one of them. I can talk with her for hours too. LOL

But I'm digressing, which I'm good at but is going make this blog too long for you all. :) After interviewing Mark, my family and I went to a restaurant he recommended and it was fabulous. Went back to the hotel and saw this very interesting gay bar on the way back. Yes, I wanted to go in for research sake...yes, that's got something to do with the current I didn't go. No one to go with. Wasn't about to drag dh. He's much too good looking...I'd probably end up jealous. LOL

The next day, we did a return to the renovated section of downtown and then my daughter and I went to a spa. Research. It really was. Wait until you read the book and you'll see. I probably asked my skin therapist more questions than she's ever procedure took nearly a half an hour longer than it was supposed to. I felt badly, but she was so sweet about answering everything. And when you read about the secondary character who is a skin therapist, you'll know I did my research in real time. :)

We ate at another scrumptious restaurant or two - food is VERY good in Vancouver and then went back to our condo/suite to pack. I'm ready to go back, but think my publisher and maybe readers (yeah?) would be happier if I stuck around here and finished the book!

Discussion question: Have you ever gone someplace you wouldn't necessarily want to tell your mom about?


Vivi Anna said...

Lucy, what fun! Way to make research look so fun and interesting...I'm going to try that next time...

Hmm, no I think my mom knows all my secrets...LOL

Brandy said...

No. Um, Maybe. Okay, yes. And that's all I'm going to say!

ChristyJan said...

Well.....I did fly to Denver a couple of years ago and my best friend and I went and saw "Puppetry of the Penis" ~ I CERTAINLY don't want my Mother to know about that.

lidia said...

Lucy, I'm jealous! Your trip sounds just great. Many years ago when our dd was must younger we talked about going to western Canada to see the orcas. For a variety of reasons that didn't happen.

As for something that I didn't want my mother to know about -- I can't remember any specific.

I grew up in NYC -- drinking age was 18. I know that when I was 17 we went to places like the Hawaii Kai and had fancy drinks in fancy glasses. My mom didn't know about that -- but that is pretty "tame."

Chantal said...

It's going to be so fun reading that book after getting an account of the research you have put into it.

Not sure about my mom, but there are places I have been that I don't want my aunt to know about. I can't say anything else because I know she reads this blog, lol

Lucy Monroe said... mom too, but my older sister is another story. LOL

Oh, crack me up!

Christyjan...I've never heard of that, but it sounds too funny for words.

Lidia...I tried the same thing on my visits to Idaho when I was one year from their drinking age. I *never* got away with it and I'll tell you this, if it was my daughter it sure wouldn't seem tame to *me*. LOL

LOL she's gonna ask!

Hugs all!

Estella said...

I think my mom knew most of what I did.

lidia said...


It was pretty "tame" LOL. We would have one drink and then go to the movies, or something. It never occurred "binge or get drunk." I guess that is a good thing.

I don't want to get on a soapbox or anything -- but, I do have a problem with the drinking age being 21.

At 18 a person is considered an adult, you can vote, get drafted, get married (without parental consent), have children, etc... but you can't have a beer. Something isn't right with that picture. Just my "two cents worth."

Dannyfiredragon said...

My mom knows all my secrets, she is my best friend.

Cryna said...


I am so glad that your research went so well, and I am looking forward to reading your finished book. Especially since we were all in on the basics of the research.

My Mom knows my secrets, she is my best friend. She turns 82 today, so I am so lucky to still have her with me.

Cherie said...

Your trip sounds so great. I can't think of any place I have gone that my mother does not know about. We are really close.

Cherie Japp

Jennifer Y. said...

Sounds like a good trip. I like the show Psych.

And to answer your question...not really. I am pretty open with my mom.

catslady said...

Oh lots and lots but my lips are sealed roflmao. I married my "bad boy" at 18 and we waited 15 years before having kids so that's all I'm saying!!

Finished The Real Deal and really enjoyed it!

Kate Davies said...

LOL Lucy -- you have the most interesting research trips! And if you ever need a co-pilot on a research project that you'd rather not drag the DH to, well, you know where to find me. :)

I think my mom knows this now, but back when it happened ... no way! I was backpacking in Europe, after graduating college, and ended up at a bus stop in Loch Lomond that had apparently been dropped from the schedule. I waited for a couple of hours until a guy pulled up and asked if I needed a ride.


I hitchhiked. From Loch Lomond to Oban. (Which is a couple of hours, at least.) The guy was very nice, said his fiancee had just spent three weeks traveling alone in Turkey and was given plenty of rides over there, so he wanted to "pay it forward" as it were. But believe me when I say my mondo-huge-o backpack sat in my lap the entire time, just in case I had to take a dive out of the vehicle! :)

Maureen said...

Your trip sounds great.

My answer is yes until I got married and had kids.

Lucy Monroe said...

Estella, Dannyfiredragon, CanadianFriend, Cherie & Jennifer Y - I think it's so cool you are so close to your moms.

Lidia...I hear what you are saying, but well...I remember my teen years too well to want to see the drinking age decreased. For most of the teens I knew then and many I know now, it would not be a matter of having a single beer responsibly now and again. I think feelings on things like this are often tempered by personal experience. :)

Catslady...15 years with a bad boy before having kids? I bet you've got tons of stories. LOL

Kate...LOL If you lived closer... have a very steadying influence on most of us. I know I'd never go sky diving again now that I'm a mom. Or a host of other things I was happy to try before having little ones and deciding the thrill of risk was not even marginally as important as knowing I was there for my kids when they needed me. :)

Hugs to all!

Joyce said...

Have to admit that since I went away to college that there were some places that I went to that my mom didn't know about. I hitch-hiked with a friend and our ride gave us a lecture the entire time on how crazy we were. Did it only once. Now I think, OMG I really was crazy to do that.

Melissa said...

I can't think of anywhere off of the top of my head that I've been that I wouldn't want my mom to know about, but my dad is another story LOL! Although, I have a sneaking suspicion Mom tells him everything anyway.

I am at a conference for Speech-Pathologist's for some continuing education at the moment and I just have to testify that Lucy, my Palm and ebooks saved me from dying from complete and total boredom! I read "Willing" during a segment by a gentleman I can only describe as "Professor Monk". While extremely intelligent, he didn't have the ability to bring his subject matter to the level of us mere mortals in the real world. If I hadn't had something else to distract me I would have had been snoozing quite soundly. I can't sit still for that long without occupying my mind. Thank you Lucy!

Stacy~ said...

Not really, I've pretty much told her all the places I've been to. Figured she knows I'm an adult and even showed her pictures from when me and some friends went to the Gay 90's and watched a show. We went for my friend's bachelorette party. It was a lot of fun. Nothing really phases her anymore LOL.

Judy F said...

There are just a few things I have kept from my mom, nothing major though. Like when I was in NY with a friend and walking back to our hotel at night from the train station. Yikes.

Lucy Monroe said...

Joyce...isn't it funny to look back at stuff you've done and go, "Wow, I got away with that??" LOL

Oh, Melissa...dads are *always* another story. :) And I'm so glad that WILLING helped you while away some hours of boredom. And I'm super glad you liked it, period. :)

Stacy...what's the "Gay 90s"? There was a pizza parlor where we used to live called the Gay 90s, but it was done up like a late Victorian era restaurant. Very different, I'm guessing. ;)

JudyF...I would get in so much trouble with my little sister if I did that *now* even. She's great. Gave my girls a lecture tonight on safety. LOL

Hugs to all!