Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A truly fabulous book...

You all know I'm a big fan of Jane Porter's books, right?  Well, her newest "literary chick lit" is out in bookstores now and it's a keeper for sure!
Flirting with Forty is witty and poignant and a lot of stuff in between.
Here's the back cover copy:  I'm Jacqueline Laurens--Jack to all my friends--and eighteen months ago if you looked at my life on paper you'd think it was fabulous: gorgeous husband Daniel, venture capitalist, eleven years married, two kids, big house. The not so good part? I discovered Daniel's affair at the worst possible time.

Now Jack's ex-husband has the second house and the Porsche, while she's got the two kids and a whopping broken heart. Her best friend's antidote: a spontaneous girl's weekend to Hawaii. But when the flu ruins their plans, Jack finds herself facing her 40th birthday in paradise--alone. Then she meets Kai, a sexy, much much-younger surf instructor, who reawakens her fun side. Surprisingly, after their sizzling weekend ends, the calls continue, making everyone back home wonder what Jack's gotten herself into. Now, pulled in all directions, a surprise forces her to reevaluate her life, but will she sacrifice her happy new relationship for what other people think is right?

Obviously, I think the whole older woman-younger man thing can work, or I wouldn't be rooting for Jack.  I remember reading an interview with Demi Moore after she hooked up with her soul mate (post BW) and he turned out to be a good decade younger.  Loved the interview, loved Demi's attitude...but tell me...what do you think about this phenomenon?


Vivi Anna said...

After a certain point, age really is irrelevant. I love the older women/younger man I am on the lookout for my own young stud...LOL

When you connect, you connect. My sister is a good example...she was looking to date a younger man, she's 40, and she met this guy who was perfect for her, they really connected, have tons of fun together, and it turned out the guy was 14 years older than her...

Age is really a state of mind.

Melissa said...

I agree that after a certain point age is not important. As a recently turned 40 still single woman I'm certainly rooting for those younger guys as I don't meet many my age or older that are available :). I think to certain degree it would definitely take a more alpha guy with a strong sense of identity and what he wants to make it work. Vivi Anna's sister gives me hope.

I almost picked the book that you mentioned up in the bookstore this weekend, Lucy. Think I'll have to go back for it now ;).

Brandy said...

Men have been datinf younger women for years. Granted their reasoning is different (if at all). So I see no problem with a woman dating a younger man. Even though I am happily married, a younger man just recently found out my age and could not believe it! (and not because he thought I was older than he believed!)

Michelle B said...

I have no problem with age differences as long as the couple fits well together and both are mature enough to handle it. I do get a bit creeped out when the age difference is over 20 years sometimes, but I try to be open minded.

As for older women/younger men, I find myself attracted to younger men quite often. I sometimes wonder if it is because my mom is 5 years older than my dad:) I definitely don't have a problem with it.

Stacy~ said...

I agree. After a certain point, when a person is more settled and comfortable with who they are, age is really just a state of mind. I mean, it seems a little unbelievable to have an 18-year old with a 40-year old, but once someone is 25 or 30, to me it doesn't make a difference. You pretty much know, or should know, who you are by that point. And it's how you connect with the other person. I've been attracted to guys who have been anywhere from 15 to 20 years older than me, but I've also felt that way for a guy who was about 10 years younger than me. In each case, I never was conscious of the age thing. I just got along so well with the other person and felt a connection that had nothing to do with age. I think it's good to keep an open mind because you never know what it could bring into your life.

Mailyn said...

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Lucy Monroe said...

Yes...I definitely agree that there comes a point when age ceases to matter. But also that when it does matter (i.e. the two people not matched maturity wise) there can be a real ick factor - even if they are relatively close in chronological age. Thanks everyone for posting!

And Maillyn...went to your blog. Not sure why you or readers who like my work would want me to read that particular post, but okay.

What can I say? We're going to have to agree to disagree on what makes a website look professional. Though I did just do a major overhaul on mine which will go live when I launch my Children of the Moon website. Thought the timing was synergistic anyway.

But since you're new here, you don't know me well enough to know that snark with an "I'm the only with a valid opinion" overtone just leaves me cold. Even if you hadn't mentioned my site in your rant, I wouldn't have enjoyed reading it. No surprise that I disagreed with lots of your opinions. :) At least to me anyway. But one thing I do agree've got a right to them.

'Nough said.

Lucy :)