Monday, July 31, 2006

This week's Guest Blogger, etc.

Well, the Party was a total blast and I'm thinking we'll seriously have to consider doing it again. And to keep the fun going, I've booked our first regular guest blogger for this week and it is none other than Lora Leigh!!! She'll be guest blogging on Friday, so make sure you stop by to say, "Hey." Not only is she one of my all time favorite writers, but she is super nice!

And I'll draw this week's blog participant prize winner on Saturday night. :) What will you win? Hmm...what about a "Come Up and See Me Sometime" water bottle and signed copy of the book to celebrate it going back to print?

I'm well behind in my writing now because I spent so much time online last week. Go figure. LOL But today, I'm finishing up the revisions on my first Twins book. It's funny how going back into the book makes me even more eager to finish the second one. Amber and Miguel have had plenty of time to breathe, now they'll be immersed in more emotion than we can all probably deal with as I try to get caught up on page count. :)

Two of the teens have taken off for a youth conference, so maybe...just maybe...I'll get a little extra writing time in.

Hugs to all,


Kate Davies said...

Hey -- nice way to slip inthat tidbit of news. :) Congrats on going back to print with Come Up And See Me Sometime!

And if anyone hasn't read it yet, DO. It's a great book!

Looking forward to Friday -- I love Lora Leigh, too!


Kelley said...

Congrats on Come Up And See Me Sometime.
Last week was really fun, wasn't it? Hope you get caught up on your writing.

Judy F said...

congrats Lucy. I am going to try to rememmber to come to your blog more often.
HI Lora Leigh

Cheryl said...

Last week was SO much fun, Lucy. I'll be checking in regularly and I'll even try to comment once in a while.

Cryna said...

Congratulations on Come Up And See Me Sometime going back to print. And I second the motion from Kate if you haven't read it, it is a great book.

Glad you survived the party, LOL and are able to get back to your writing..........


Stacy~ said...

Lora Leigh is very sweet, and so shy for writing those steamy stories of hers, which I love. I just re-read the August men - wow, I think I'm too young to read those. My mother is too young to read those! God bless her.

Lucy, congrats on the back-to-print of CUASMS. That's great it the fact you're getting some writing done this week. Amber and Miguel need you ;)

Marcy said...

Sorry you're beind in your writing but it was great to play with you last week, Lucy. ;-)

I'll try to remember to say HI to Lora on Friday. :-)

Estella said...

Last week was fun. I'll try to come back amd say hi to Lora leigh.

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks, everyone! Don't know where the blog post I just deleted came's originally from almost two weeks ago. Weird!

Brandy said...

Congratulations on going back to print!! It's a wonderful book adn brought tears to my eyes in several places.
Had a great time last week, but am sorry to hear we set you back. (Need new Lucy Books!!!) can't wait to see the guest blog.

Lori said...

It sounds like it going to be fun. I will definitely stop by and check it out.
Congrats on your book coming back into print. How exciting.

readingissomuchfun said...

Hello Lucy,

I am Ss you are behind on your writing but it was so much fun to have party with you and the guest authors you had invited. I am looking forward to more fun like that :)

YaY!!! For our guest blogger can't wait ;) Congrad's on Come Up And See Me Sometime :)

I hope you get caught up on your writing ;) Happy Writing :)


Jodi said...

Congrats on your book going back to print! It was a great book, so I'm not surprised!
The guest bloggers will be fun.

bluecitybabe said...

Lora Leigh was a great hit when she visited one of my groups a few weeks ago. I've added your site to my favourites, as last week was such fun.congratulations on the book too :)

ShelMel said...

I'm glad you're back to writing. It's always refreshing to take a break sometimes and come back full of fire for your WIP, isn't it?

I'm going to try and check in on your blog as much as possible. I've learned so much in the last week and had soooo much fun. Blessings!!

Chantal said...

I was thinking about you and wondering if you were having any time to write, lol
Blogs are so addictive. Especially when you have a cool party going on.

Meljprincess said...

More fun! How very nice, Lucy. It will be fun to chat with Lora on Fri. Good luck with revisions. We did keep you pretty busy last week, eh? *g* "Come Up and See Me Sometime" Love the quote. Would love to read the book. :-)

Dannyfiredragon said...


congrats on "Come up and see me sometime"

Great that you got Lora as your first regula guest blogger. That will be fun. She is such a nice and funny person!

Ali said...

Lora Leigh? YAY! Good going Lucy :-) I just love Lora's books. Her book, Marly's Choice, first introduced me to erotic romance :-)

I do hope you get some more writing done, Lucy. How am I supposed to buy your books, otherwise? lol

Debbie E said...


I had a blast posting and reading the posts.

Since blogging with you last week I have added to my library (this is the authors we blogged with)

The Antonakos Marriage by Kate Walker (which I met at RJ group)

Not So Snow White by Donna Kauffman
Come UP and See Me Sometime by you (the only reason I didn't aready own this book is because I'm a wimp at suspense)


Debbie E said...

Oh and going back to print is only for BIG SHOTS!!!!

That's you!

I can't wait to chat with Lora! She is one of my fav authors and I buy all her books.

In my eyes she is the Queen of Sexual Tension. I was ready to scream if they didn't get together! hehe!!!

Maureen said...

Enjoy your quiet time. We have two teenagers and when they are away it is so quiet. Unfortunately, when they're not here I worry so I just can't win.

Lucy Monroe said...

Oooh...I'm so glad you're Lora Leigh fans too! She *is* uber nice and a fantastically talented writer.

I got my revisions turned in last night (via email) at 11:50 p.m. Talk about cutting to the wire...they were due on the 31st. :)

Last week was so fun I can't even begin to regret the loss of writing time. It was well worth it to get to know people better and meet so many new ones!

Hugs to you all,

P.S. Maureen...worry? What me? Yes! Unfortunately, that is exactly right. And one teen is still home, so I'm trying not to leave her totally on her own, but she's traveled so much already this summer, I said no to the youth camp. Mean mom wanted to spend some time with her. Actually, she didn't mind at all.

Love being a mom...most days. :)

Kathleen said...

I'll be back again tomorrow for Lora Leigh!!! I enjoy her books too! Your blog party was great Lucy and congrats about Come Up And See Me Sometime :)