Monday, July 17, 2006

Something way cool from Harlequin is launching something new and I think it sounds like tons of fun.  It's an opportunity for readers, authors and editors to answer questions and be part of the process of change at Harlequin.  What could be more seductive than having your voice heard?  Isabel Swift explains it beautifully at her blog.  For those of you who want to jump right in, go to
Youngest child is home from 9 day trip to California with my sister's family (got to bed about 4 a.m. last night), the nieces and nephews are here to visit and I'm working madly on one of the two sets of revisions due this week.  But have promised to get the portable S'more maker (complete with its own styro candle for roasting marshmellows) out later today so we can make one of their favorite treats.
I'm a bit rummy from lack of sleep, but I think with the help of the teens, I should be able to avoid burning the house down. LOL
Question for you today:  What's your favorite snack or treat?


Brandy said...

Favorite treat? Caramel Sundae from McDonalds. Favorite snack, right now(summer) watermelon cubed and stored in the frig so it'll be cold.

Stacy~ said...

Hey that's cool Lucy. I think I'm gonna have to put my $0.02 in - the closest I'll ever come to writing anything LOL.

Right now, with this crazy heat, my favorite treat is a Cappuccino Blast from Baskin Robbins. I definitely had one today, what with the a/c going out at work, and promptly gained back all the weight I sweated off today.

Michelle B said...

Hmmm, favorite snack or treat. I tend to go in cycles. I'd guess I'd go somewhat along Stacy's lines; depending on the weather either a Vanilla Malt from Baskin Robiins or a Hot Chocolate with the works from Borders/Seattle's Best.

Annmarie A said...

In the summer I love hand churned vanilla ice cream. And in the winter I am a maniac for hot cinnamon rolls.

Lucy Monroe said... are all making my mouth water. Maybe I should have eaten breakfast. LOL

Pam Champagne said...

I love potato chips, but I force myself to eat peanuts in a shell. I figure maybe I use extra calories getting to them.

Louise Kovacs said...

yogurt with fresh fruit